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March 17, 2022

Lord Jesus, please help suffering souls to realize the great gift that is theirs in their pain, and that they can unite their sufferings to Jesus who continues to suffer until all are saved. Amen.

And I would like to explain that many times we have seen Jesus sweating great drops of blood and even agonizing on the cross because of the suffering in the world.-- -- There are even those who carry the wounds of Christ in their bodies, as a living witness and there are others who carry those wounds that are not seen as a suffering, uniting them to the Lord. And I believe that He is going to have suffering until the very day that there are no more souls to save, because He will not be happy until everyone is saved, but of course that is not possible as we know, so, here is the message.

Our Lady began, "Tragedy after tragedy after tragedy, and suffering beyond anything experienced in the history of the Earth."

She is talking about the Ukraine right now.

"This is what is going to bring souls to their knees, finally, not being consumed with their possessions.-- -- It is not His will that anyone should suffer these calamities, but it takes actions so tragic to shake their attention off acquiring, protecting and climbing the social ladder.

"None the less, the Lord is so very sensitive that He suffers with them in ways you could never approach or understand because of your humanity.-- -- You see there is no human that could handle this, God alone can survive this kind of suffering, the suffering of all creation.-- -- All of you also participate in His agonies with the little sufferings He allows in your lives.-- -- Each suffering when offered to God becomes a golden chalice, capable of holding the blood of all creation.-- -- Nothing is wasted.-- -- Just as I went from spot to spot, recovering--His precious Blood after His Crucifixion, so do the angels collect your tears and your blood to offer to the Father.

"You see, you and I are co-redeemers participating in His sufferings. He alone paid the price and redeemed us, but time goes on, many people and prayers are needed to bring this grace to the lost, so they will recognize what He has done for them.-- -- That is where we come in to pray for hearts to be softened and repent.-- -- So do not despair if you are sick or tired or have some other debilitating illness, every bit of suffering offered to God is doing what you could never do even if you were in perfect health.

"This is a wonderful truth which makes provision for every soul to participate in union with Jesus, in His sufferings.-- -- He totally understands the feelings of helplessness that you experience when you cannot be up and active on His behalf.-- -- You see my children there is greater grace released through prayer than any other activity.-- -- Your world teaches you the opposite so many never learn the truth of this grace until they reach Heaven and the fruit of all their prayers is revealed to them.

"To pray and suffer is the most powerful thing you can do with your mind and body. And those who minister always count on backup prayers to keep them in action to release the anointing. So, you see your prayers obtain innumerable graces for those who have the commission of bringing the Word of God to the unsaved.-- -- Without your prayers they could in no way be so effective.

"Take courage from these truths, cherish them in your hearts and revisit them when life seems to get so touch you just cannot go on.-- -- In those times avail yourself of my intercession.-- -- I promise you will receive relief as I bring you before my Holy Son and His Father.-- -- Rejoice my intercessors, great is you reward in Heaven.-- -- You labored in secret but shall be openly rewarded so that Heaven may rejoice with you."

And I would like to add here that even if you are dying you can offer your death to the Lord for sinners. There is so many things you can do with the life that has been given you. So, in extreme circumstances, do not give up, offer yourself to the Lord and be united to Him. Amen.