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March 18, 2022

Dear Lord, we cannot do any of this without Your help, please remind us to call for help when things are so difficult.-- -- Amen.

Blessed Mother, you know how bad I have been. And I have been having a lot of trouble with prayer.

She answered me and said, "You are getting opposition, which you must overcome, through prayer.-- -- You have been targeted with a Martha spirit, take authority over that my dear one and try not to beat yourself so severely. You have been praying every time you think of it, but the kind of prayer that you want to get into has alluded you, so now it is time to take authority. --

"Jesus and I are standing by to help you overcome this. You are too easily overcome; you give in to pressure and self-condemnation.-- -- Do you know that the whole body is going through this right now? I want all of you to arm yourselves with "resoluteness", an addition to your armor.

"I do not condemn you".

My legs were tensing up. I felt like I was getting a Charley horse, and I had to stop and put some cream on them.

She said, "I do not condemn you for the oxygen or the cream, please ignore that and come back to where we were.-- -- Children, it is so easy to write off prayer for something you deem more important. It is easy to avoid prayer because you feel you are not right with God.-- -- Get right and pray.-- -- The Lord will accept a simple, "I'm sorry,"--until you can get with Him later.-- --

"Satan is opposing this group.-- -- Many more of you could get messages so the weight is not always on Mother who is under constant undermining attack.-- -- Please come forward with your gifts and do not allow Satan to muzzle you with self-condemnation.

"So, the three points you need to build up are: Resoluteness, no matter how you feel.-- -- Americans are some of the least disciplined people in the world, they rely way too much on feelings.-- -- "I do not feel like it."-- -- How many times a day do you buckle under that?"

I know I do.

"Do not fool yourselves, you ALL do this, not just Clare.-- -- But thanks be to God's grace she has overcome so much laziness in her life, but it is many times a real struggle that tires her out.-- -- And for you too dear ones, you also avoid what you do not feel like doing.

"So, number one is resoluteness: To overcome it with prayer, and vehemently putting down distractions, which are served up to you by demons.-- -- Take authority over them.

"Self-Condemnation, number two: Overcome it with confession, even if it is only a short confession, and draw closer to the Lord.-- -- Know that you have a duty to perform and carry through.-- -- He is always with you to help you no matter how badly you feel.

"And faith, number three: Faith, in His Mercy know that we do not condemn you and we are quick to help you to get over it and keep moving forward.-- -- Call on me, call on Jesus and Holy Spirit. By the way, He loves to help you.

"Some of you have struggled in prayer because of these three dynamics, and remember, you do not have to feel the anointing, it is real and always present when you are obedient."