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March 22, 2022

"We all gathered to take a trip to Heaven and the music we used was so anointed," Mother Clare began. Transported by Kimberly and Alberto Rivera.

I heard shouts from the ground in Heaven, "Here they come!" After I landed, I saw my angel guardian Misheal in that very distinctive nose. He was holding both my hands and looking into my eyes, smiling, "Yes, I am your angel." Jesus has come and is taking me by my right hand. The whole environment is one of celebration. "They are preparing for the day you arrive here."

I was wondering what I should be seeing, but I felt drawn to His heart and He said, "Just rest here, do you feel your heart."


"Good, stay here. REST in My Heart."

I saw a long banqueting table and Angels waiting on it. Jesus said, "They are so ready. As we all are in anticipation of your liberation; from darkness into the loving arms of the citizens of Heaven. Yes, Beloved you, all of you are greatly loved, admired and so very respected--for your faithfulness. You know the last quarter of the journey is always the hardest so we are all here in anticipation, cheering you on, encouraging and telling you well done."

-- -- --

"Can I scratch that part out?"

"No, My love, this is what all Heartdwellers need to hear now. This is the time to tell them to prepare them. I am granting all who believe and come to Me seeking a vision of Heaven, I am imparting this to you if you sincerely seek this in faith.

"I want you to prepare them with chronicles and expectation that they too can come to Heaven ahead of their time, for strength. I want them to know the treasures laid up for them, how much I appreciate their endurance and faithfulness. This will give you all hope. They are going to need this supernatural infusion because times are about to get darker."


"With copious tears, "Really. But you needn't worry, I will keep you in the palm of My hand. And nothing by any means will hurt you. You are covered." He glanced over at the world and copious tears flowed from His cheeks. "Terrible, so terrible...I would not be crying if I were not devastated in My Heart over the events to come."

"Lord, why did you give me that card? "Get rid of the gottas??? I'm running out of time.-- LIE." That would infer more time, say it isn't so please."

Jesus continued, "Everything is coming to a head. Of that you can be sure. It is not about time, it is about putting things off that you should be doing, and not allowing distractions to pull you out of what is important. You don't "gotta" do anything but stay in My will. I know you have such a hard time doing this with all the demands that are really only repurposed demonic rush, rush devices. Scrape them away like so much filth, which is what they are. DO WHAT IS IMPORTANT, not what you are being bullied with.

"My Mother said, Tell Little Leo that I love him and am so happy for him to have my rosary." And that was the end of my heavenly trip.