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March 20, 2015

President Putin Takes Aim, Prophetic Message & Vision from Jesus

March 20, 2015

Hi, Youtube family. It's been a few days since we've posted. The Lord has had us in intercession. Last night I did receive a vision and a word, basically.

Last night in prayer, the Lord invited me to dance with Him - as He usually does - in a large ballroom filled with brides. And I saw that I was in my bridal gown.

A few minutes after that, I saw President Putin loading a revolver, bullet by bullet, putting bullets in the chamber. And then he lifted it up and he aimed at the heart of the Statue of Liberty. And there was an American flag flying in front of the statue. I didn't see anything beyond that - that's exactly what I saw.

I asked the Lord, "Lord, how can you be here in this beautiful and joyous setting, dancing and enjoying Your Bride when the terrors of war are approaching?"

And this is something that I really haven't understood for a while - so it was a nice opportunity for me to ask Him about this.

He looked deeply into my eyes, so there was no mistaking who I was dancing with or talking to, and He said,

"Because I am undiminished. I can be fully present in both places because I am not diminished in any way, ever. I am in the fullness of My Godhead dancing with you and in the fullness of My Godhead preparing for war." And that was the extent of His spoken message.

Certainly, we are finite human creatures, we really can't understand how this could happen. I guess you could say God "multi-tasks." He has the capability to do everything, and have His full attention on everything - and to be fully engaged in everything that He's doing. Because He's omnipotent - everywhere all at once without being undiminished in any way.

So, He didn't give me any timing on any of this - that was the extent of the vision. And in the meantime, I pray that the Lord keeps your heart and mind in Peace. Be Ready! Because we don't know the day or the hour. But I am believing, continue to believe in the previous words that there will be an incident in Miami. There will be a nuclear event in Miami and that will be the signaling of the Day of the Rapture.

Just to make one thing clear: we don't know the day or the hour - I don't think the enemy even knows the day or the hour of the incident in Miami - because that can change from second to second.

I do want to share with you the Scripture the Lord gave me, because I did go to a Scripture in my Bible, asking Him for verification of message. And of course, my husband went through it thoroughly.

Not one of all the oracles shall be unfulfilled. Everything shall take place in the time appointed for it. For I know and believe, that whatever God has spoken, it will be accomplished. It shall happen, and not a single word of the prophecies shall prove false. Tobit 14:4 From the New Jerusalem Bible (I really enjoy that version.)

So, the Lord bless you all. Please pray for us. We do need your prayers, that we can stay on target and stay accurate. The reason it took me a few days to get this out is, I was under correction for something - living situations and what have you. I've got my faults, just like everyone else, and He tends not to talk to me when I'm doing something that isn't pleasing to Him, to get my attention.

So, I've repented, I've been restored and this is the message. So...if you want to hear uninterrupted messages...I DO need your prayers!

The Lord bless you and keep you in His perfect peace until that Day.