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March 22, 2015

First of all I want to thank you for your prayers, and for those of you who have be led to send us donations, I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness to this ministry.

Well, You Tube family, I am coming to you tonight with a very heavy heart. The reason being that for all intents and purposes I am beginning to think that we have only till April 2-4 before this world is going to fall apart.

Several things have come across my desk, including the whole fiasco with our nuclear communications Commander Captain Heather Cole who the Kremlin's Ministry of defense MoD has made public the findings that she denied president Obama access to the PAL code so he could push the nuclear button on a pre-emptive attack on Russia on March the 16th. She has been arrested by our government and is in jail. In the meantime, Russia is preparing its citizens for an all- out nuclear war as Moscow bomb shelters begin to fill as Russia prepares for war and is strategically moving all their forces to stage an invasion in our country states the European Union Times

And our government? Sending troops overseas so we will be completely uncovered and not a word in the public media about preparing to be nuked. Rather, DOS is collecting thousands of body bags near New York for what is going to be a nuclear holocaust in our country as several cities go down in flames.

All this because of abortion, abandoning and dividing Israel, moral decline and suppression of the Christian faith and same sex marriages. The Lord is about to destroy America as a world power. And of course I am sure when the communists invaded our churches and schools designing Godless programs in the late 50's they knew, this was the way to defeat America. Moral decline.

I continue to believe what the Lord has told me all along, that when Miami falls, keep your eyes Heavenward. There may be a chance that this will blow over because of intercessory prayer as people in our nation gather to forestall such a catastrophe. But, if the Lord does not intervene, I believe we will be in all- out war by the first week in April. When Miami will be hit? I doubt that any man knows the day or the hour.

My heart was very heavy as I came into prayer praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet in my heart, and I could not rest during nap time, I kept feeling such deep sorrow. So I got up and went to my prayer space and soon found myself holding Jesus, in the same way the famous picture of the angel in the Garden of Olives was holding Him.

As I pondered the fates of millions of Americans, Russians and Europeans, I sank deeper into sorrow. I whispered to the Lord, "I'm scared, Lord."

He answered me, "I am too."

How did He mean that... God, be scared? Surely not.

I believe that He meant it in the sense that He will have to decide the fate of millions who will be victims of horrendous and painful burns and radiation. This is something in His God-hood, that recoils at the suffering of any human being, let alone innocent children and Christians. I didn't even try to hide my apprehension, He knows everything, and I believe His confession was not one of FEAR but one of repulsion to the suffering the victims of war will pass through and the loss of souls to Hell for eternity, these are things that He alone knows, and how heavily they weight upon His Sacred Heart!

After quite a while of comforting Him, I saw Him stand to His feet and He was wearing a baby blue robe. His arms were outstretched to me, in an invitation to dance a Hebrew type dance with Him. So I put my hands on His and we swayed back and forth to "Praise Him" by Terry MacAlmon, that I loaded in last night's message.

Finally we sat and rested. "Lord do you have a word for us?"

He replied, "What is in your heart, our hearts are one, just share from your heart."

I am anxious for my own children, one is in Colorado Springs and one in Phoenix, and we have seen in the spirit nuclear explosions in both places. The dream I had in Phoenix was a bomb between Scottsdale and Phoenix in the open desert, right near the airport. Of course, that would have to be where my son lives.

But the Lord said, "Take care of our children first. Then yours."

So, here I am sharing my heart with you. I know we are all anxious for the Rapture, but the events preceding it? How can we be anxious for it, knowing that? I believe the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church and while Our Lord has not explained to me why He is allowing millions to die before the Rapture, I can only imagine it is the blood of the martyrs and innocents that will be sown into the deeply plowed soils of war, after we are gone, and they will be the first to rise.

Can you imagine that? Thousands of body bags suddenly coming to life as Christians who were killed in the holocaust rise from the dead right before the eyes of Homeland Security employees? WOW! That has to be a witness. They will see that and hear the prepared propaganda that aliens not a 'Rapture' took people from the earth. But they will be witnesses that no aliens were present at their resurrection! And as I shared in an earlier video these souls will shoot up to the Throne Room like Fourth of July fireworks!

So here we are, almost a full two weeks from the very day on which the Crucifixion is commemorated and would you believe, it is the very same day of the calendar that Jesus was crucified in 33 A.D.? Well, truly it is, this year Good Friday falls on April 3, the very same date that He was crucified - April 3, 33 A.D., according to those who have researched this subject thoroughly.

And of course the blood moon and Passover the next day.

Unless God is moved to mercy again, I believe we are facing our last days on earth, two weeks. What are we to do during this time? All I can think about right now are the people who are sound asleep, the walking dead that have no idea that Putin is going to pull the trigger. People who will go to Hell for eternity, that's where our focus is. And preparing our children whom we hope will make it here to Taos because this, we have been told, will be one of the few safe places. And their packages are outdated, I've got a lot of work to do. And keeping all of you up to date when the Lord shares with me, and of course spending my days repenting of my own sins.

This is no time to be judging others. This is no time to be stingy. This is no time to be slipping around in sin, this is no time for drinking and debauchery. This is no time for lying, hating, backbiting and gossip. God help us if we think we can attack one another and still be a spotless Bride.

It is a time of prayer for others, works of mercy, prayer for the world, sacrificial giving, sharing the shortness of time, even with scoffers. Our reality is NOT their reality! Our reality is JESUS IS COMING FOR HIS BRIDE AND THE TRIBULATION IS ABOUT TO BEGIN! Getting our house in order and leaving instructions behind for the unsaved.

Well, what if all this doesn't come down in the next two weeks?

Then we will be more prepared than ever for that day. Our lamps will have more oil than they have ever had. We will know we have done everything in our power for the Lord and His kingdom to come.

If God has mercy and does not allow this attack from Russia, then this is a dry run that brings us to an even greater state of readiness for the inevitable fulfillment of Scripture. But if we scoff and don't do all in our power to prepare, and the war to end all wars begins, we will be the virgins whose lamps have run out of oil. So I say, better to believe and prepare others and ourselves. Be sure to forgive, leave no stone unturned in your hearts, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what remains for you to do.

Then Obey.