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March 26, 2015

Clare: Tonight in prayer time, the Lord was very... somber, I guess you could say. He seemed to be very quiet. I was playing worship songs, dancing with Him and I could feel that my love for Him was bringing Him comfort; like a refuge for Him. It was a place that He could go to in my heart. I didn't realize that the message was going to be about that, but when I was ready to write, this is what He said:

Jesus began, "My dearest, just as you brought Me comfort tonight there are many that are not convinced that I need their affections. You know how hard it was for you. You were so caught up in your unworthiness you could not accept that I wanted to be with you. Even though you are mostly over that, you still go there sometimes. It's a very hard place to leave, because the devils have been conditioning you since you were little and you have a mountain of condemnation over your head. There's no condemnation in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1) and that is true - but getting a vessel to receive and agree with that, well... that's another matter.

"The only way this will happen is by experiencing My love. You must all take a chance and come here in My arms and be with Me. Soon you will be soaring with Me in My heart. I died to set you free from that condemnation. Must I die again? Please, My Bride, come out from under this condemnation - do not reject My love any longer. It is very painful for Me. Do you understand what I'm facing right now? What is to come and how I dread it? Do you know how much scorn, contempt, rejection, persecution, and hatred I face everyday? You were called to be My Brides.

"When a man comes home from work, beaten to a pulp by the situations at work, the one thing he has to look forward to is the loving arms of his wife. This is who you are to Me. I need your comfort. I need your sweet embrace from the souls who appreciate Me, who honor Me, who have nothing in their lives more important to do than to be with Me and to express their love for Me. Do you see? I don't care what sins you've committed, how low you are?

"I've created souls to love Me. The ones who do are a priceless treasure to Me. That's you! You are My priceless treasure. I long for the comfort of your worship, your praise, and holding Me tenderly in your arms. I long for this. How many ways do I have to tell you before you believe Me? So, I'm asking you once again: put on some good praise music, something deep and tender. Embrace Me without guilt or shame and just comfort My heart that is so bruised and bleeding right now.

"Please, please... will you do that, My Brides?"

"Now I will tell you, things are coming to a head very quickly in your world. At any moment it could break loose. Although I am God, the pressure is tremendous on Me. I'm so torn between punishing the evil and hurting the innocent and knowing that simple souls - most of humanity - is going to perish in this war and go to hell. Do you know what that means to Me? It means I will never, ever again have the opportunity to enjoy the company of these souls; to bless these that I have created. Never again to hear their laughter or see them smile, to see them deeply happy and satisfied.

"I did not create Hell for them. Never, never was that My intention. But they have chosen this place, because they're deceived in thinking I am bad and Satan is good. By the time they find out... it is too late. Something in their conscious is telling them, "Don't go there, don't go there!" But their habitual pride has erected a wall of their foolishness. They feel they must defend, so in no way do they want anything to do with Me. Oh, how I grieve for them. This pain is nothing like what you could ever experience. Perhaps only a fleeting glimpse would be accord for you.

"If your child turned on you, even after all you've done for them - and they said, "I hate you. I don't want to have anything to do with you and I'm not ever coming back!" she takes but a part of your heart with her. That's but a fleeting taste of what I get day and night around the world of those who do not know Me and who don't wish to know Me. In fact, they consciously choose Hell over Heaven with Me. That's why I need your love. I want to fellowship with you. I created beauty for you and oh, how it pleases Me when you enjoy My gifts! So many are ungrateful and take them for granted; but you, My Brides, are grateful for My love and for My gifts. So, please spend time with Me and My heart.


"Hold Me, sing to Me, dance with Me, skate with Me, and release your cares to Me. Wipe the tears from My eyes and the blood from My brow. This love moves My heart more than any prayer you can pray. You're taking My mind off the horrors of this world. You're giving Me a moment of rest from the storm. Doubtless some will say, 'God has no need of anything - He HAS everything.' Oh, how wrong you are. I created you for love and appreciation and fellowship with you; to see your joy over My gifts, created just for you to enjoy. To watch you become like Me as you grow and love others unconditionally, reaching out and caring. I derive so much happiness from My children as they reach out and care for others, as I care for them. So, go now. Enjoy the wonderful worship sent from Heaven to bring you into My presence and even deeper into the garden of My heart - and bring Me joy, My Bride. Comfort, console, and repair the damage done by the ungrateful. Comfort and strengthen Me with the sweet raisin cakes of your love."

Clare: I just want to let you know that I will do a playlist for you and try to pull together the songs that I have found that link us into the garden of his heart. Coming out of worship last night, I spoke with Ezekiel and he had a similar experience. Would you share that with us, Honey?

Ezekiel: You don't hear this a lot from men, but I just went to sit in a quiet place in my vehicle. I put on Swan Lake. I like to ice skate with the Lord to Swan Lake. It gives me the feeling of the wind in my hair and sometimes we're in the meadows on horses. The music is so perfect for whatever we seem to be doing. The Lord danced with me for some time and then we skated. As I stepped out onto the grass, I could see God the Father. He looked much taller and then I realized I was just a little boy. I ran and I jumped on Him. He took His outer robe off and put His hair back somehow. He was wearing just a tunic. He girded His tunic up so that He could run with me.

Here he was: my Daddy running, tumbling, and playing with me in the meadow! All of a sudden, other little children came into the picture to play with Daddy God. I turned around to look back at a pond and there is a big, beautiful dove in front of me. Even though I was just a toddler here, I knew that was the Holy Spirit and I climbed up His wing and onto His back. He looked like He was smiling and happy. He began to fly with me and I'm holding on to His beautiful feathers saying, "Wheee, wheee." I came out of the vision for a minute and here was my wife walking out to check on me.

Tonight when I went to be with the Lord I thought, 'Well, I'll picture the pond or the meadow again.' For some reason, this day the Lord had me have two services with a time for repentance and reading of Scriptures, which He's never done before. It was a day He had told us, "Don't leave the house and stay home and pray." Something important was going on that had to be averted.

I came out of that service and the Scriptures were all about repentance and how God's will had been offended and He had to judge the nations. I came out of these services feeling like I need to accompany Him in the midst of this "something serious." I came to the part where they laid the Cross on His shoulders. It's like I was there! I was trying to hold the Cross up and keep it from being too heavy on Him and keep Him from getting whipped with the whips. It just didn't develop and connect. It's not that we have to literally walk the road of crucifixion with Him, because He's already done that. But He still experiences that pain and we have to come to Him with that childlike innocence and just be there for Him. You may be well surprised that Abba Daddy might show up and want to take His little girl or little boy in His arms and dance or skate or ride a horse or walk across a meadow.

Clare: So, what happened when you couldn't connect? By the way, that's how you know that you're really there in that vision. You'll start out in your sanctified imagination and then you'll see a scene and then it will catch and then the Lord will be there. Then He will take it from there. You made the initiative to find Him and then He'll take it. So, that night Ezekiel couldn't connect to the original place he was imagining."

Ezekiel: Right, I had pictured Him in a place that I read about and it just didn't take. These places that the Lord is taking us to are new places or heavenly places. I'm going to go back in to some time with Him and try not to be so mechanical and control the situation and just give it to Him. He wants us to take His heart and mind off those painful things and be His innocent Bride right there in His arms.

Clare: The important thing here is the fruits and you'll know it by the fruits and what this prayer does for you. Ezekiel, what was your day like for you yesterday?

Ezekiel: It was a horrendous day, from the time I woke up all the way until last night. I kept hearing all this condemnation and memories. I was just getting pelted by the enemy with thoughts into my head like, "He's not really coming," or "You're not worthy," or "Your wife is going to die and you'll be here all by yourself". The enemy was even bringing up things from the past that was hurtful to me as a young person.

By the end of the day, I was exhausted. So, when I went in to be with the Lord, I felt like - well, I might as well try because there's not much of me left. It's amazing, because afterward (I had skated and danced with Him) I instantly didn't feel tired anymore. I felt a supernatural peace and supernaturally light, free, and easy. This feeling lasted through the rest of the night until I went to sleep.

Clare: I know you were going through a crisis of faith and you really needed to get in touch with the Lord. But instead of getting you in touch with Scriptures, the Lord just loved on you and played with you. You came out of your time with Him feeling like a new man.

Ezekiel: There's something about being natural and approachable and being together with the Lord. I can be myself. He's so wonderful; and you'll begin to experience it more and more as you put yourself in that special place in your mind's eye; a meadow, a lake.