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July 14, 2022

The Lord was just having me to understand what He is doing here, is, He deliberately chose the littlest of the littles because He wants to rebuild His church in a way that He wants it rebuilt, not with royalty and, you know, courts, and all the things that go with wealth and influence. And He is mentioning a grass roots movement that is going to put the church in the hands of the poor, and the people who are very simple and just love Him.

Yeah, He is going to take all the craziness of what is going on now in the Vatican, you know, and the Vatican is extremely powerful in the world, and that is not Jesus, that is the dark people, New World Order, it is not Jesus at all. He is going to bring the whole thing down and start over again, from scratch.

So, He was saying, "You are doing here what could not be done."

In another place that He had chosen-

"And you understand why."

Yes Lord.

And He said,

"That is why I wish to begin with the littlest ones, those who know they cannot do anything on their own. Truly, I am the cornerstone."

I asked about Rainbow and Max, and He said, "This is something they have to go through."

Lord, please what can be done. Please do not allow my flesh or a demon to get involved in your answers.

I am so attached to that; I am afraid to even hear what He has to say.

He said, "You are covered, but thank you for being open. They need to stay in Trinidad, they cannot seek asylum, it will not be granted them. Let them walk through the fire."

Lord this does not sound like You.

And He said, "It will bring a certain party to their senses."

Then I said, ok, what is on Your heart?

"My Beloved there are still so many suffering in Ukraine and now in Poland. The situation is chaotic, and traffickers are taking advantage of the circumstances to abduct more children and even women, it is very dangerous. Pray that they will be found out, arrested, and prosecuted, pray for the safety of women and children."

And I asked Him, Is president Trump in danger?

And He said, "He is ALWAYS in danger. Cover him with prayer, you have been lax in this, please step up your prayers for him. Things are changing for the better in the world on a grass roots level, but the dark ones are still numerous because they have recruited young people who are very impressionable. Now they are fully grown and fully committed to the system. They have been promised much but have no idea how evil these people truly are. There has been a deep indoctrination and forms of mind control used on them.

"It seems that every time one is taken out, two replace them, so it is a very difficult job. But war is being postponed and many other evil things have been intercepted. Yes, Beloved, pray for the forces being used to capture these people."

It is a group that he set up, that President Trump set up, to bring down child trafficking and other things as well.

"And at the same time, pray for their conversion."

The traffickers.

"Pray that the web of lies that they are caught in will be torn apart and allow them to go free. There is much work to do on these souls because of the depth of their indoctrination."

And here He is referring to the young people that have been conscripted into the change in the world government.

"Heart Dwellers, you are a prayer force to be reckoned with. There is much hope if you will pray fervently to put an end to child trafficking and the evil one world government that is rising up. Pray that the convincing facade will be removed, and they will see the truth. There are thousands caught up in this web, prayer will turn the tide. Once the truth breaks out and they see it, they will scatter and remove themselves from these evil ones. But there have been massive indoctrination events and many educators, teachers, etc. are embedded in the school system as a recruiting force under the guise of being good Americans."

And I wrote this in caps because He really emphasized this.

"THIS IS A MAJOR PRAYER REQUEST OF YOU MY LOVED ONES, to pray for the youth who have been indoctrinated and made ready to be an active part in the New World Order.

"And on the other side, pray for the white hats, all the programs they have going to reeducate those who do not see the truth. Many times, people overlook the force of young people which are so important to the continuation of life. The evil ones do not overlook them, they enlist them."

Is there anything else You want to say Lord?


And now He is referring to you.

"Tell them for Me that certain desires in their hearts which go against the grain of society and established Christianity, are from Me. Do not be afraid to follow your hearts, I am with you, and I will help you. I will make provision and you will be set free from all the tentacles of this world. Only be advised, you will have opposition on every front. I am not an easy catch and I require much of those who truly desire to follow Me.

"Remember the story of the rich young ruler, he just could not see himself without all his riches and approval from his family. He loved those things more than he loved Me. Be strengthened and encouraged, I am with you. Do not fear anything, for I will make a way for you."


Thank You, Lord.

"Beloved, I have many plans for you, and they will unfold like a priceless rose, just continue to cleave to Me and all will be well. By the way, I am sorry about your music library. It will get resolved."

Yes, my music library is scattered all over kingdom come. We tried to get rid of duplicates and it made an absolute mess. So, pray for my music library, guys, please that it will come back.

And thank you so much for following us, we love you and we pray for you daily.

The Lord bless you and keep you and give you strength of heart to follow Him. Amen.