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July 15, 2022

Lord, please teach us how to draw deeper into intimacy with You. Amen.

Mother Clare began, "I see Jesus on the Cross suffering greatly, and there is a stream of people coming towards Him and entering heaven.... thousands. They are not stopping to get books or materials; they were just empty handed coming to Jesus and passing into eternal life. Bravo! Thank you, Lord.

"Lord what would You like to say to us today?"

Jesus began, "Press in on the deliverance for Ezekiel. It is true that you are in training right now. It is a challenge to focus on Me, Clare. I understand that, just keep trying. I am with you beloved spouse of My heart, how I approve of the crosses you have chosen. They say so much. You are My comfort. Cleave to Me even more and more each day."-- --

"Lord, can you help me with suggestions?"

"I love it when you collapse at your altar and just start speaking to Me from your heart. This is My favorite form of prayer, it is so real, so raw and you immediately connect with Me. Why? Because I am waiting for you. I know everything you are going through and I can't wait to hear you speak your heart to Me.

"The organized prayers are good when your heart is truly in them. But there is nothing quite like My Spouse believing so fully that I am there for them, when you collapse before Me with your troubles.

"I rush to meet you Clare. I rush to comfort you and all My Brides and hold you. I bring life into your failing heart and restore hope through our fellowship. Please do not put as much weight on the written prayers as you do just being one on one with Me. This is where we connect on a deeply intimate level. This is where you believe that truly I am with you and interested in every word you speak. This is where We come together nose to nose, so to speak, and your sweet breath mingles with Mine. Oh, how I long to infuse you with My tenderness, power, and faithfulness.

"Usually, you quickly see Me and begin to relax in My presence. I love when you gaze into My eyes, uninterrupted. Yes, they are the window to My soul, and I long to fling open the door so you will come in and rest with Me a while. These are the suggestions I have for all My Brides to attain to a deeper level of intimacy with Me.

"Come believing, come expecting, open your eyes and see Me, feel My hand on your cheek, and drink in the wonder and compassion of Our love. Yes, this is where all the walls come down and we meld into one another, in the purest way. Your thoughts become Mine, My feelings become yours, and My response guarantees the solution to all your woes.

My mind drifted to a conversation. Before I knew it, I was judging, I renounced it.

He said, "If you come to a conclusion about something without any kind of blame or judgment, you have not sinned. It is only when you draw a conclusion and assign guilt that you have sinned. You do not know the heart of another, I do. Therefore, never judge, especially because your judgment is like an arrow in another's back. That is when you lose ground with Me.

"However, if I allow you to see something about the soul, and you pray for them and think of how you can help them, you lose no ground with Me. Rather I am proud of you that you care for them as much as you care for yourself, not allowing any personal slights to detract from their stature.

"Go now in peace My Beloveds and practice what you have learned. Share it with everyone, for it will quickly bring them into the wedding chamber...and in the background of the Rosary, I heard, "This day you will be with Me in Paradise." Yes, to live and think and pray this way will quickly take you to Paradise." Amen!