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July 22, 2022

BE WARNED! Sensitive Content!

Dear Lord, help us to realize we will pay every farthing or every penny for choosing to indulge ourselves when others are suffering from poverty, and we have not done our part. Amen.

I am here Lord, are You with me?

He answered, "I have never been absent from you not you know this yet?"

Ok. Well, where do I stand with You?

And I got some kind of nebulous answer from the Bible Promises.

Well, actually, when I said, where do I stand with You?

He said, "Repentance."

And I did say, well, I am sending some things back.

Now the story behind this is that I got some winter clothes that I needed and in the process of doing that, I saw a couple of fascinating books on the Bible, things- Information about -well, it does not really matter, but there are books that Zondervan put out that have to do with explaining to people more about the culture and more about the use of things in the culture. And I thought wow, that is really valuable, because I like to use metaphors. So, I went ahead and ordered those and a couple of other things with the clothing. And, I had a feeling that I had not done the right thing and I got 'Repentance.'

From the Lord, just now, He said "Repentance. That is where you stand with Me."

I went to the Bible Promises and got 'Holy Spirit' and 'Repentance.' So, that was a strong confirmation that this, indeed, is the Lord.

And I said Well, I am sending some things back.

He said, "That is good, it should be done. Please re-assess what you really need and use that as your guide. Can you do that for Me?"

Yes Lord.

"Then you shall have peace between us."

I made some mistakes, for sure, Lord.

"You can still rectify them."

What is on your heart Lord?

He said, "I forgive you."

Thank you. There is nothing worse than feeling distant from You. When will I ever learn this enough to stop myself from spending money that should go to the poor? Or for other things?

Legitimate question. His answer?

"In purgatory. Or you can embrace that lesson now."

"This is no time to play around with your salvation, the need for holiness is very great. Especially if you want to see healings and My Spirit move. That means the enemy will tempt you with things that will cause you to lose your standing, so that your prayers are not answered."

And, I have known that for a while, just subliminally I felt that. I was wishing it were not true, but it is true.

So, I said, I really do not want to go to purgatory.

He answered, "Then you should handle these issues now, while you have time and are alive."


"Yes, that is what I am here for Beloved, to sober all of you up. Sin is still sin, even if you are favored with My presence and words of knowledge. There are many in Purgatory just like you, that is why I am telling this. I do not want you to go there, but unless you REALLY get a handle on yourself, you will.

At that point, my heart dropped.

Now for some of you who do not know about Purgatory, it is a place of purification before we go to Heaven, and the Scripture- One of the Scriptures that backs it up is Some will be saved but as -as if going through a fire, and that fire is a purifying fire so that we show up in Heaven, we do not have dirt all over ourselves. Better to get rid of the dirt now than have to go through that purifying fire.

Then the Lord answered me and said, "Better now than later My Love, better that you should recognize your sins and vices now than to have to go there. Ask Ezekiel to pray for you in this regard. This is very much on My mind because time is so short. Do not imagine that you can presume on the Rapture, every farthing must be paid."

That is what the Scriptures say.

"For now, you are mostly good, but these lapses will cost you, not just My company and clarity, but terrible suffering in the fires of Purgatory. I want you to think more about the poor and about everything going to them and understand that I have entrusted you with My resource. It is not yours to squander, it is Mine and the sin is against Me and the poor."

At that point, I felt horrible.

He continued, "Therefore, I need you to be much more serious about these things. This reality that I am imparting to you, will help. Do you know I hate to have to correct you this way, but it is better than allowing you to continue to rack up a debt? Turn now and all will go well for you. Continue to ignore these warnings and you will be very, very sorry."

Lord I am already very, very sorry.

He answered, "Well, let us see what you put back in that box and we will go from there. I do love you, and I am sorry I have to be so strong with you, but understand, you are influencing others with your vice and that is really not good.

"Do not collapse under the rod of correction, just do what is right, My Love, and your peace will return."

I must uphold this standard-this is me now, I was thinking, I have to uphold this standard, "If the Lord does not want me to have it, it would not do me any good, it will be harmful."

And, you know, that is the way it is, The book- I started reading the books last night and they were very, very interesting and really clarified for me in the culture, you know, there were some things that were brought up, some of these things I never thought of, you know, they were clarified and I was getting quite a bit out of it, but if He did not want me to have that book, then I was wasting my time on it. He is always able to impart knowledge to us that we need at the time. Then the Lord continued,

"Moving forward, this is a good message for everyone."

Oh, boy. I was not in a hurry to share it with everybody.

"So, I am telling you, you are not the only one who needs to reexamine your priorities. There are many who are still indulging in what they do not need and are not sharing with the poor.

Heart Dwellers, how can you dwell in My Heart and not feel compunction for the homeless? When you recognize them in their poverty, what is stopping you from giving? Do you know that I bring those to you in your day so that you will share? How important is this to Me? More than you will ever know. Those of you who have sufficient income, remember the poor around you. Even the elderly that might need a ride or something from the store. I have put you there to share with them your time, your resource, your love and caring. Please be alert to this challenge, they need you, I need you to be My hands and feet.

"Some that you pass by are angels, did you know that? They are there to awaken your conscience to be more like Me in your giving. Now that you know this, beloved ones, you will do well to practice it. Go out of your way for Me living in the distressing disguise of the poor."

That is an expression Mother Theresa used, serving the Lord, who is there in that soul with their distressing disguise of being extremely poor.

So, I was sliding down the self-pity hill at this point, and the Lord said,

"Please do not crash on Me Clare, just get ahold of yourself and be very, very strict. You do not need more books; I can infuse the knowledge you need without you filling up on knowledge that you do not need. So very often when you follow the fancies of your curiosity, you are adding clutter to your minds which affects your ability to do what I have called you to do."

Yes, it uses up time, it changes your focus, I can- I can see that.

"Dear ones, dear ones, toss out all your 'needs to know' and follow Me naked and unencumbered by worldly knowledge. The less you indulge in these things, the more I will allow you to understand, wisdom beyond your peers and publishers. But first you must forsake these sources and come to Me very, very, poor.

"And if you want more of Me...this is the path you must take."

And that was the end of His message.