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August 2, 2022

The Shield of Love

August 2nd, 2022

Lord Jesus, in this season of trials and heat, please teach us how to disarm anger and show Your love to souls. Amen.

Jesus began, "Put your hearts and minds on the wedding and be happy with accomplishing only that, for now."

This community, we have been blessed with a couple of marriages, which is really wonderful. Holy people being called here, meeting, and then the Lord puts them together. That is beautiful. So, so far, we have had two weddings, right, and another one is coming up and it is beautiful. And then, you know, very often what happens is that they go out on assignment, and mostly how that works out. So, the Lord brought that right away.

He said, "Put your hearts and minds on the wedding and be happy with accomplishing only that, for now. The heat is very oppressive, so going slowly without all kinds of pressures is the best approach. I am watching over the health of the community, and you all are learning how to get along."

"Continue on with your messages and the work I have given you to do, but it will take time to get used to the heat. Just go on as if nothing is unusual and take in the joy of this event and be welcoming to guests. It is a beautiful time of the year for the perfect wedding. Enjoy."

Lord, please protect us from the diseases they are releasing into the world. Please, put an end to the trafficking.

Jesus replied, "Pray for both of those things, and because you will know how these things weigh on My Heart. I need comfort from My Bride, please take the time to distract Me from this pain. Truly I covet your loving presence, the world is a powder keg, and all it needs is one spark. On the other hand, it could be your one prayer that puts that spark out. Nothing is at it seems and things will get more and more strange, especially as food supplies dwindle."

I asked Him, is there anything else we need to prepare for?

And He replied, "You all need to cleave to Me, more closely than you are now. I want you to remember that I am your source, not the world. I have the power to heal, I have the power to multiply, especially for the unselfish, and those who are concerned about the little ones. Keep your hands on My Heart and you will know what to do. And remember that love is what conquers evil. Exercise more brotherly love towards others, that will draw you closer to Me, because it is from the wellsprings of My Heart that you draw all the graces this twisted world needs. You carry My Heart within you, the graces are readily available.

"Try to keep a shield of LOVE before you at all times, when it is lacking go back to your heart, go deeper with Me and your storehouse will be replenished. Love is the commodity most needed now, it neutralizes the hate that is being released in the world, deliberately.

"Understand that these plans to cause chaos in your country have long been planned are a deliberate part of the agenda to overthrow the government. America's enemies want to weaken her from the inside out so she will not be able to defend herself. Knowing all this, that hatred will spread like wildfire, is a warning to pray for the healing waters of grace to cool down the people and put an end to the criminals of this country. That is what has been going on all this time since President Trump has been out of office as far as the public is concerned.

"Prepare yourselves for personal trials, My Bride, and see to it that you do not fall into the many traps that have been set to cause your demise. The enemy will always strike in the midst of chaos. I am with you, you have only to turn your heart towards Mine, and we will pull through this together."

Amen. Thank You, Lord.