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March 30, 2015

Tonight in prayer the Lord was on the cross, one mass of bloody flesh. I was beside Him like being on the cross on His left. He is always on my right. After a very long time He was standing on the ground and I was in His arms. Both of us were wearing crowns of thorns, and He was sobbing.

"Bitter, bitter, bitter, what I must do, is so bitter. Oh comfort Me, Clare, I really needed you to stay with Me today." I am so sorry Lord, please help me be more obedient. "Well, you are here now, and I am glad - stay with Me." Tomorrow, can I Lord, You know how hard it is.

"Don't let Me out of your sight, especially not now."

He began the message:

"As the time grows nearer there will be more and more attacks against faith and hope and attacks will get more viscous. The lie about tongues was only a murmur compared to what Satan has prepared to unleash. The attacks against faith will be ferocious. I want you all to prepare to stand. Insist that your God is right, stand by Me, insist that your God is right.

"By that I mean to nail all attacks to the wall of lies and do not allow them to linger in your minds. Do not entertain them, put them to flight with Scripture;

"No weapon that has been made to be used against you will succeed. You will have an answer for anyone who accuses you. This is the inheritance of the LORD's servants. Their victory comes from me," declares the LORD. Isaiah 54:17 God's Word Translation"

"No weapon forged to be used against you will succeed; you will refute everyone who tries to accuse you. This is what the LORD will do for his servants--I will vindicate them," says the LORD. NET Bible

"DEFEND My honor My Brides, defend Me before the accuser. I have told you what will take place, I have told you I am taking you to Myself. The enemy will make one last series of attempts to make you fall into unbelief and despair that he may snatch your soul away from Me.

"In no way are you to believe anything that causes doubt, fear, calumny of Me or My vessels unto honor. It is in moments of extreme fear and confusion that the enemy takes advantage and tries to destroy your faith. When you feel these things you are dealing with a demon. I know how hard it is for you to detach yourself from the emotional state you are in and call down the oppressor. That is why I am warning you, that is why I am telling you, call on Me for help, do not try to fight these things alone, they can overpower you, that is why you must call on Me.

"Defend My honor, hold fast to what you have discerned to be true, don't let the enemy pry you loose from what you already know to be true, don't listen to clever arguments and reason with him, when you feel the reality I have given you threatened, raise a standard and fight. Do not allow it to sink into your heart and mind.

"We are in a war here, and this is his last chance to take captives. Forewarned is forearmed. Pray frequently, 'Lord, deliver us from evil.'

At this point Ezekiel wanted me to add something and the Lord said, "He is right."

"Any disturbance of peace and joy is the work of a demon. When you feel fear, stop. Use My word and destroy that lie. Fear, anxiety, insecurity, doubt, panic, all of these are weapons of warfare used to disable and destroy you. Doubt, Fear and Confusion, are signs of demonic intervention. Take up your sword and destroy them, before they get a stronger foot hold.

"They will try, but when they come at you from one direction, I will help you fight them off in seven directions, I will scatter them and put them on the run, but I need your cooperation.

"Clare, try to rest in Me, try to acknowledge that I am indeed speaking to you. Please, this is so important, don't allow your mind to drift, not even for a moment. OK?"

Yes, I started to waver while I was listening to Him. I said, "Help me, Lord."

"I will, I am. This message is so important to preserve peace, you can already see how the enemy has been at work trying to undo the good that we have done together. Trying to steal joy, plant rumors, denigrate you and all the prophets I have given wisdom of these hours to. You mustn't let them succeed, defend Me defend and My honor. My faithfulness, My commitment to My Bride to bring her joyfully, whole and happy into My kingdom."

I think we should exclaim, "Jesus, I trust in You."

"These things have already sullied My last message to you. By the affects you can see that you are under attack, My Brides. When you feel any disquiet in your spirit, you are under attack. Do not let the enemy get away with robbing your joy, your peace; take up the sword and do battle. This interval will not last long, but it will be intense. Forewarned is forearmed."

Lord? (I didn't speak the question, but He answered it.) "Have I not told you I would protect communications? "

But they say that an EMP attack the first line of offense before any other move? (Electro Magnetic Pulse attack to knock out all communication electronically, internet, computers, etc.)

"What they say and what I can do, well, My Love there is no comparison. I am above their ways and I intend to use the internet to connect my children until the very last moment. Yes, there will be power outages and that will affect communications, but I am not allowing it to go down completely. It will only be temporary. Can't you trust Me Clare? See, there goes your pride again. You can't defend it so you don't accept it. Shame on you."

I'm sorry. Just trying to be sure the enemy hasn't gotten in here.

"Well, I commend you for that, but I see more than that, some of it is really your human reasoning. But I love you. I'm not abandoning you even when you call your God into question. In essence, you are saying, 'Are You sure Lord? I mean that's the first thing they take out, it's hard to believe that they won't do that. Are You sure?' Do you see how utterly ridiculous your reasoning's are?"

Yes, Lord. Guilty as charged. I'm sorry, please help me.

"Isn't that what I'm doing right now?"

Yes, but I mean, when it first begins to manifest, please, remind me of my pride. Please?

"Yes. I will. But were I to remind you of your pride every time your pride comes up, well, We'd hardly get anything done. Would we?"

If you say so Jesus...

"I do say so. Come on now, let's have a little laugh. I love to play with you and say the unexpected, it's just fun to see you work it out in your mind. Besides, what I am working out in your mind is in the mind of those who listen to you anyway, so they can see what is affecting their faith as well."

You mean I'm not alone in this?

"Do monkeys swing in trees?"

I think that's about all they ever do.

"Right. I've been dealing with Israel for how many hundreds of years, and still they are an obstinate unbelieving people, so I know a thing or two about human nature, wouldn't you say?"

Uh Huh.

"Very good, let's move on."

Oh thank you Lord, this was getting a bit embarrassing.

"My love, your faults are common to all mankind, and did I not tell you before, I looked about for the least qualified candidate to serve Me in this capacity and I found you. Now what's to be embarrassed about? Do you see how singularly special you are?"

Giggles, ah gee, ah, thank you Lord. Yes, I am indeed blessed by my singularity.

"Don't think for one moment that I love you any less for it. In fact, it endears Me to you, and all My Brides who see their littleness. This is the robe of humility Rick Joyner talks about. And Paul as well when he talks about boasting in his weaknesses. It is a mark of predestination to be so empty, poor and frail that in order to succeed you must have My Grace. In Heaven it is a great distinction. I wish that all My Brides would see things that way.

"It would close a major door of attack against you. You see, the enemy is always downgrading and lying, 'You are so stupid, what do you know, who do you think you are? God speak to you -LOL you've got to be kidding. You're a failure, you'll never amount to anything.' Then he loves to stir you to sin through jealousy, 'Look at so and so over there. Now they are something, they are brilliant and qualified, but you? LOL You'll never amount to anything. Everything you believe is a lie anyway. You'll see.'

"So My Brides, do you see how wide open this door of insecurity is? Do you want to shut it? Say: "Yes, all of that is true, but I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me!" End of argument, shut those voices down! And "My God is faithful to protect and instruct me."

"Now if the voice tries to slander My Character, I do expect you to defend Me, dear ones. Rise up and defend My honor. How blessed I am when you shut them down that way! You see, I'm giving you a few lessons in fighting off the attacks the oppressor has planned against you. Please pay closer attention."

"My Bride has something to say to you, don't you Clare?"


"What did you tell Me earlier?"

I forgot.

"About lots of teachers and voices?"

Oh. Right.

Well I did do a video on this before and I'll try to remember to put the link at the end of this video, but we've been getting letters galore from Brides who have been badly shaken by lies that cause them to believe they will not be Raptured. I guess what I want to say guys is, Be Careful! I know how strong curiosity is, you're listening to someone who has that vice in spades...but Jesus is bringing it under control.

We all want reassurances that God is Good and we're going to be taken. We all want to know that it's coming right now! We all want reassurance about so many things pertaining to the Rapture. But this can lead to spiritual indigestion and confusion. When you listen to a lot of people you have to sort out all the things they say.

Sometimes we search out of insecurity, and the Lord has told me more than once, when your spirit bears witness that you've been given the truth, and it is anointed, don't continue to search. This is a sign of weak faith and unbelief. Rather meditate on what you've been given, hold onto it and don't let curiosity draw you into a trap, because it surely will.

The enemy uses curiosity for just about every sin he wants you to commit. He knows that good people will not listen to evil things, but if he can get you to be curious and looking into various sources he can cause confusion which will can lead to unbelief and a crisis in faith. Especially right now with the Lord warning us that the enemy has planned to derail our faith. Let's be very, very careful who we listen to.

If we have found sources we know to be sound, and they've contributed to our understanding, consider being very careful not to drink from the questionable waters of other sources. I am reminded of a Scripture the Lord frequently gives me to warn me that I'm wandering out of restlessness and curiosity, "Drink water from your own cistern and fresh water from your own well." Proverbs 5:15 And while this Scripture is addressing immorality, it also applies to teachers and sources of information. Let's be careful not to catch a bug from infected waters, especially now when the stakes are so high.

My thought is that if you are getting restless, watch a good holy movie like God's Not Dead, Jesus of Nazareth or your favorite Jesus movie, or even something like Princess Diaries 2 that is about the transformation of an ordinary girl into a princess and queen...this is what we are all looking forward to after all.

Well I think that's enough to chew on for now.

"Except I would like to add, My Brides - if you are faithful to take this word to heart and be obedient, I will be faithful to protect you from the traps of the enemy to lead you into fear."

"My blessing is upon all of you, let nothing frighten or disturb you, I am Your God, You are My Bride." Confusion-Listening To Too Many Prophets on the Rapture