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May 1, 2015

I've had a few people ask us about our method of prayer, and how we've gotten so close to the Lord. We've done a whole playlist on that, with a bunch of teachings on it. The longest one is basically Scripture to establish the precedent through Scripture for the kind of prayer that we do pray.

But, just to clarify something - this is not soaking prayer. This is what we call Dwelling Prayer. The prayer that we specially do and get so close to the Lord through is called Dwelling Prayer. That's a term that I basically coined to clarify the difference between that and different types of prayer and soaking prayer, and so on.

So, this is what Dwelling Prayer is. Based on the Scriptures, the Lord lives in our hearts. He is the entrance, the gateway to Heaven. And so, what we do, we come into His presence with thanksgiving and praise, as is written in the Scriptures. We worship Him. And, as we're worshipping, we enter into our hearts spiritually, where he is present - and we worship Him there in our hearts. We use our imagination to some degree, just to get started to see the Lord, and He takes over pretty quickly. Basically, we worship the Lord in living and dwelling in our hearts.

There comes a time during worship where He would like to impart something special to us - so there's a kind of holy silence that comes over us. A very sweet and special peace that the Lord inundates us in. And, we stay there with Him and we dwell with Him in our hearts - we continue to dwell with Him, for it's written: If we obey Him, then He will dwell with us. I go to a lot of trouble to explain all the Scriptures to you in the hour-long teaching on prayer.

So, that's Dwelling Prayer. We dwell with the Lord and we listen for His voice, and we enter into our hearts with thanksgiving and praise and worship, where Jesus dwells. And, at a certain point, He may want us to be still and dwell in Him. And, so we do - and He speaks to us there. Many times, we'll see Him and He speaks to us.

Jesus is the True Shepherd - no-one comes to the Father except they come through the sheepfold, the gate of the sheepfold, which is where Jesus is.

Now, after we've been with Him for a while in dwelling prayer, sometimes it seems like we are seeing Him on the outside of us, you know like standing before us, sitting before us. And that's just spiritual vision - that can be in your heart, or be outside of you. But, you begin in the heart by worship, and this safeguards us from taking a wrong turn or getting involved with things that are wrong.

Sometimes He'll take you to Heaven. We had a lady just this week that had a tremendous breakthrough. Just nonchalantly, she sat down to pray and worship, and she thought, "Well, I wonder if He'll speak to me the way He does to Clare? I wonder what my home in Heaven is like, Lord?" And, wouldn't you know it, He just showed up on the spot, and He took her to her dwelling and she got to see it. And, this was all done in the spirit!

So, the Lord says that we have to worship Him in spirit and in truth. We're working on the truth part - and this is the spirit part!

So, that's what dwelling prayer is, and as I said, we've put a long playlist up for you to help you deal. We also have one, Discerning of Spirits - a playlist on Discerning of Spirits and the process that we use to verify that it truly IS the Lord speaking to us. One of those methods is to use the Bible, to prayerfully open the Bible allowing Holy Spirit to pick the page, and use the two pages to meditate until we feel a kind of sweet presence in our hearts, and we recognize that Holy Spirit is saying something special to us out of those two pages. And, that tends to be a very good form of substantiating we are with the Lord and not with a familiar spirit.

We also use a little book called the Bible Promises, which is a very short, condensed group of Bible promises that are Scriptures - we use that, as well. But, first, we do bind a Lying spirit, so that a lying spirit cannot use the book - only Holy Spirit can use it. We prayerfully allow Holy Spirit to open to the page that HE wants us to read, and then we study those Scriptures until we feel a quickening in our spirit that the Lord is speaking to us through one particular Scripture. That will give us and answer many times to whether we're hearing a lying spirit or Holy Spirit or we're in the flesh. I go into that, too, in a teaching on the three different voices that we hear in prayer.

So guys, I've done everything I can to share with you what the Lord has taught us. And, I'm telling you now, He chose us to share this with you, because I've got more faults than ANY of you, and all of you put together. And, I think He wanted you to "get it" - that your faults are NO impediment to Him. There's nothing about you that is off-putting, that the Lord won't speak directly to you. If He'll do it to me, He'll do it to you, I promise you. You couldn't possibly be worse than I am, especially compared to all the Graces that the Lord has given me.

I'm not saying that, trying to be humble. I'm saying that's the bottom line Truth! And, it's because of that He's asked me to share with you. So, there's not ONE person out there who can say, "I've got more sins than you - so He won't talk to me." Uh, uh...can't do that. The Lord has already picked someone who's done it all....

So, the Lord bless you, and there's tremendous hope for you to hear from the Lord in this way. We started a blog: and we'll have the link on the page, in the description of this video for you. What that basically is going to be is, strictly Praise reports on people who have come to us, not being able to hear from the Lord, and have had breakthroughs and are now hearing from the Lord, and they share their testimony.

Thank you so much for your prayers and for your support. It's tremendously appreciated. We are a full-time ministry, and these videos take approximately 4-6 hours to do, every day. The Lord has asked me to do it - and I just do it out of obedience and love. So, we appreciate your prayers and your support.

The Lord bless you all, and let's stay in support of one another.