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May 19, 2015

The Lord bless you Youtube Family. I'm sorry we're a little late here. The message was very grievous really, it's about the situation in Ramadi and what's going on there with the beheadings of men, women and children.

And last night when I came in to worship, the Lord was in tears. He was just so downcast and crying and all I could do was hold Him and comfort Him. And He gave me part of the message then, but I was very, very tired. I'm trying to move my schedule around, so I thought I'd wait until today to finish it. He shared with me His grief, and He asked us to lift these people up in prayer.

So, I'm going to go ahead and give you the message. Before I do, I'm just going to tell you - Ezekiel and I, our knees are like rubber, we're so shocked by what's going on and so grieved. It's affected our whole bodies.

Well, I don't want to give you figures I'm not sure about, but I know at least 300 men, women and children have been killed. Some shot, but most beheaded. I'm gonna go ahead with the Lord's message, He's just sick at heart.

He began, "I'm so deeply grieved for the slaughter of innocent men, and women and children, little children. The heartless cruelty of these people is animalistic and not endowed in men, rather demonic in nature.

"My Heart is just aching with grief for the souls that have been lost. Not just the Christians who are here with Me, but those who did not believe and are, in this moment, burning in Hell.

"The loss of life is staggering, senseless and an act of satan. How I mourn for those I shall never see again, who did not have a chance to repent, who were raised in complete ignorance and lies."

Lord, isn't there a way to reach them even in the moment of death?

"Clare, they are so firmly entrenched in these lies, even when I give them the chance, they spit on Me. They are thoroughly ruined from birth. They are taught to hold guns from ages three and four, and applauded for hating and wanting to kill. They're encouraged day and night to be ruthless, full of hatred for the infidels. Children? No matter, they will grow up to be infidels - kill them before they can do any harm. It's a culture of death and the deepest pits of hatred, right down to the foundations of Hell.

"It is only by a miracle that they can be converted and come out from this stronghold of lies. Many, many, many times I have visited certain ones and planted seeds in their conscience - but so few respond. Their conscience has been hardened over with hatred perceived as being valiant and honorable. There is so little headway in the communities that reinforce this vicious hatred."

"Lord, I remember the vision You gave me of the mosques." He took me through a market, typical mid-eastern marketplace and down through that and up the stairs of a mosque. And I thought, 'Oh no, I'm a woman! I can't go in there!' or whatever and He said, "No, they can't see you." But He took me into the mosque and as we were standing in the large room - there was no service going on - but as we were standing in the large room, we saw cobras slithering out from behind the part...the public part from the back room. Slithering out and out into the World.

And then He lifted me up and I was in the room with all these people. It was a very long, slender room with people seated opposite each other - men seated opposite each other - and they were talking. And as they talked, these cobras were coming forth from them and crawling up the walls of these mosque and going out the windows into the streets.

And anyone who was bitten by them died. They were cobras of violent and vicious hatred for Jews and Christians.

The Lord continued, "These are part of the forces of Hell incarnate. They are overtaken by the poisonous venom until there is nothing left of their souls and they are the walking dead motivated by rage, hatred, violence and the quest for glory. Rarely on this Earth has the likes of this been seen - and as you saw in the vision, it goes out from the mosques to the whole world. Portals to Hell, the breeding ground of satan's seething hatred for Me and those who believe in Me."

And just on the side, there was another vision He gave me. When I was lifted up above the Earth and there were these flames coming up from different places around the World, especially in England. And what they were, they were mosque's and it was night time and these flames were just, were just pouring out of these mosque and the Lord said; "Those are portals to hell."

So, he continued, "Portals to Hell, the breeding ground of Satan's seething hatred for Me and those who believe in Me. It breaks My Heart to see little four-year-olds wielding guns, so proud to be a part of this vast army. They have no understanding at all, no understanding of what they are doing. They are hopelessly indoctrinated in evil, twisted in understanding that, that which is good is evil and that which is evil is good.

"And yet there are some who will be redeemed, who will pay heed to their conscience and find a way out. Pray for those who are given a chance, that they will rise up inside and reject this.

"So, now that you have seen the source of My grief, I want you to carry these innocent victims in your hearts. Offer prayers for them continuously so that I may work miracles and turn these violent nations to Me. Any inconveniences, pains, sicknesses that I have not relieved you of through prayer, offer them to me along with your prayers. Oh, how effective that will be."

Lord, I thought it was just going to get worse and spread all over the world and this was a scourge You were allowing.

"No, My Love, none of this is My doing. This is Satan's bloodthirsty scheme to destroy the nations, and the peoples. Because when he is done using them, he will turn them against each other. And it would be to his liking that not one human being formed in My image were left alive on this Earth. He wants to completely destroy mankind off the face of the Earth. Yet, he still hasn't learned that this is not possible.

"And men are so wrapped up in their own beliefs and agendas they don't, for a minute, imagine they are being used to destroy themselves. They think they are fighting for an honorable cause. But in truth, Satan has never been honorable and they are merely puppets. When he is done with them, they'll be given over to pestilence until there are none left, not one man standing. Men are blinded by pride and ego - they are so easy to manipulate, SO easy. Especially those who tend towards a passionate nature. When they become Christians, they are wonderful Christians. But they are a people who tend to go all the way in everything they do.

"So, I am pleading with you, My Brides. Pray in this hour for those who are being ruthlessly murdered for what they believe. This is indeed a dark burden, but I wish to turn the tides and your prayers are needed. Go forward now in strength knowing that your Prayers are HIGHLY effective in combating this evil."