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May 22, 2015

The Lord bless you dear Family! I'm a little shaky tonight because I'm changing medications and I'm feeling like roadkill. (chuckle)

I was musing today on the last few messages and how difficult they've been and how dark compared to the glorious promises we've had lately, and the Lord began to speak to me as I was thinking about these things.

He said:

"You see, My Precious Brides, what good is it and what virtue is there in you following Me just because I lavish My Love on you? When you love someone, do you not want to be a part of every facet of their lives? Do you not want to be a part of their sufferings, their trials as well as their victories?

"This is another way to recognize My Bride: when I sorrow, she sorrows. When I must work tirelessly, she is by My side working as well, rain or shine. She's there because she truly loves Me. This is one of the true tests of My authentic Bride.

"What credit is it to you if you show up for the festivals and the celebrations but are absent at the work parties? What does that reveal about the character of a person? Those who are a part of the Kingdom of Heaven want to be present for all facets of that life.

"It is a thing of beauty to see you washed, adorned in finery, in procession to the King. But, it is also a beautiful thing to see you weary and battle worn on the battlefield, tending to the wounded beside Me, when I am weeping for Our own. Yes, how symbolic this is, how confirming these acts of yours, to accompany Me in My sufferings and be willing to embrace what I must embrace.

"In these times, I am strengthening you for intercession, to be hot on the trail of the enemy, tending the wounded and at certain times, will I permit you to be ahead of the enemy and cut him off and spoil his plans. In fact, in these moments, those of you praying for the world are on the forefront of the battlefield. Don't expect to walk away unscathed. But do expect My comfort and companionship in the fray."

And I just wanted to add to that, Family, I know that's part of what's going on with me right now so, forgive me if I don't get the messages up in a real timely fashion, but I'll get that as soon as I bounce back a little more.

The Lord Bless you!