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May 25, 2015

God bless you, Youtube family.

I have a strong presentiment that we are all going to be June Brides. Just a strong feeling...just want to tell you. I really have a strong feeling that we're going to be June Brides.

Moving on to what's going on, the Lord has been more grieved than I have ever seen Him. Today He came to me weeping and sobbing for what He must shortly do. Oh, dear Brides, keep your dear Jesus sweet company! Wipe those tears away and let the fragrance of your love completely enfold Him. He needs us NOW, more than ever.

Carol has pointed it out to me that many things are coming to a head in June. I am concerned about the disruption of communication which we are already seeing on Youtube. And other people are reporting problems with passwords that suddenly have been changed - worked just fine for weeks, and all of a sudden, now they don't work. And it seems strange to me that Memorial Day was brought forward by a week - what's up with that??

Well, everything that is to transpire in this country has been scripted and something is definitely moving along and in the works.

As I was thinking these things, the Lord began to speak to me.

He said, "There will be confusion, increasing confusion in communication. A land-line IS a good idea. However, Clare, you are not their God. They must start looking to Me, not you. I know that's what you want as well. And yes, they need each other, too - but ultimately Faith is a very intimate and private thing. In that moment, when it's most needed, NO ONE can replace it."

I want to take a moment and say here, guys. This is really important, that you're going to have to start really finding your own answers and communicating between one another, because we're getting such a landslide of communications that we can't keep up with it. At all. It's impossible.

Nobody could keep up with it! You know, when you've got 90 emails in your box and you want to take your time with every one? Forget it... So, it's really gotten to a proportion of being and emergency for us. And it's beginning to affect our health.

So, we have some remedies for that that we're going to share with you. I'll share with you at the end here.

But anyway, the Lord definitely wants all of us to look to Him more and less to each other. And except for maybe networking in prayer, I mean - that's something that we can always do together. If we can communicate, that is.

"As these things unfold," the Lord continued. "Great faith will be needed to believe that I am coming for you. I am. I am, oh yes, with all My heart I tell you: I AM COMING! You are My Bride and I am coming. I was weeping for all that will be lost as things commence. Oh, how I've dreaded this day, this time!"

At that point, He just cried and sobbed and sobbed.

"Oh, My people, get straight with Me. Clean up your lives. Don't be caught in this moment unprepared. I'm coming. I'm taking My Bride with Me and I'm leaving those who were not ready. Weep and wail, O People - you will left behind if you've not repented of your sins and made it right with your brother and your God. I'm not speaking to those of you I've chosen for this mission. I'm speaking to My lukewarm Churches. Those who've lived for themselves and not sought Me out above all other things in their lives.

"The coming confusion of staged events unfolding, one after another, are to bring the public to their knees in dependence on the government. When things get rough, don't turn to the government - turn to God. Repent and repent, for it's soon upon you. Whatever you've been holding on to, let it go. Whatever you've been doing, repent that I might have mercy on you. It will not be long that you will see troops in every part of your country and not all of them will be yours. Yes, foreigners who hate Americans will be used to bring order and conformity.

"This is not an easy message, Clare. But people must be prepared for what is soon to descend upon them. And I'm using your calm and gentle voice to warn them."

Boy, I don't feel so calm and gentle right now...

"All of these things have been planned to unfold in tight order, that you might be overwhelmed and insecure. This will set off riots and food crises in places that have never known this kind of disorder. There will be those who are specially trained to set off riots, planted in different areas to start trouble and disorder, so Marshall Law can be declared."

And right after He said that, I kind of got distracted over the problems we're having in communication and taking care of everybody.

He said, "Concerning this big problem you're dealing with right now, Overwhelm, I just want you to do your best with what you have right now."

And He basically instructed us that we're not going to have time for everyone, so we're going to have to put a stop to it somehow.

"Yet, I don't want you to completely cut off from the people. Just disable comments for every other video - that will help."

So, that's what we're going to do - every other video, we'll disable the comments. And if we can't keep up with that, we'll have to go to every third video. We'll just try that, to see if that will slow things down for a little bit.

And at this point, I would ask you please. If you see someone that's rude or crude or whatever - disruptive. Please take the time to gently and lovingly correct them and let Carol know right away that there's a problem, so she can deal with it.

We're definitely keep Comments in some form on the videos, because we want you to be able to communicate with each other as well.

And then He continued.

He said, "Tell your people to network with each other, using all forms of communication: mail, phone, internet. And landlines are very useful when nothing else works."

Okay, and just to clarify that - a landline is a normal telephone that you get from your local telephone company, where they hard-wire right into your house and the wire goes straight to your phone. There's no electronic digital communication on the landline, just strictly an ordinary, old-fashioned telephone - in case anyone was wondering what a landline was.

And the other consideration about a landline is that it be a normal phone, and not a digital phone, or an electronic remote phone. Just an ordinary phone with a cord on it. That way when the electricity goes down, you'll still be able to communicate with folks.

The Lord continued, "But remember that I am your God, and I have your answers. Seek Me until you find Me."

And then He gave me a few moments to share with you. I just want to say, dear family, I can't possibly communicate with all of you at this point. It's simply, humanly impossible. So, I'm offering you another plan, to help you find the answers you need, but not from me. I'll be able to communicate with a few people, and I'll try and spread it out in a fair way when I see comments that really need attention. Please begin by finding people on Youtube that you really trust, especially on our channel. You know, find the people on our channel that you're drawn to and that you see some holiness in their life and begin a relationship with them. As a prayer partner or whatever. And that will give you someone else to communicate with. Maybe pick two or three people like that. I mean, that's what we've done. We've reached out to several people to spread the load a little bit and it's been wonderful.

Network with those on our channel that you can really relate to, by cell phone and landline telephones for those who have them. As well as physical addresses to stay in touch when they put the system down. I know the Lord said that He would NOT permit a complete end to the Internet, but there will be interruptions at very key times, and communicating by telephone landlines will keep your sense of community somewhat intact.

Next, use our playlists to find your answers to your questions. I would say that 99.8 of my emails are asking me questions that could have been answered if they had known about and gone to the playlists and looked at the videos on each playlist. They would have found the answer. And I love to share with anyone that asks me a question, so I'll take my time to answer them. But the answer that I give people, it's personal and it's sweet to be in communication with each of you, but it's the same thing that I put on the video! So, it's like if you're finding the video that addresses your question, you're going to get the answer and you'll get it quickly, too. Much quicker than if you wait for me to get back to you.

You will find in the description box below the video, you're going to find a link to our playlists. And you can click on a playlist, and it says, "show the videos on playlist", you click on that instead of the playlist itself and it will bring up all the videos. And you can go through them and decide which one you want to listen to. And also the instructions for how to download and save things.

And some of you have asked us about getting mp3's of these teachings and it's so easy! All you have to do is go to Clipgrab - it's a free program on the Internet. And download Clipgrab. Then you get the address for the video, which is in your address bar when you go to watch the video. You paste that in and then it gives you the option: and mp3 or mp4. So, it's either a movie or a music that you can download. And then you click, "get this video" or "get this clip" and they'll download it for you, right onto your computer. So you can have it in either format as a video or as an mp3. It's just that easy! And those instructions, btw, are in the instruction box under every video to help you. Even the address of our blog. And the address of our website. Everything you need to know is right there in the description box underneath each video. I put it there every single time.

The other thing I wanted to tell you is, we've been having one heck of a time with our mail, through our website, but I think we've got the kinks worked out. So, if you had nothing but trouble with the website, webmail, I think that problem is solved. And if you do have a problem with it, please let me know. 'Cause I think we've got it ironed out. But if we don't, we'll still work on it.

Okay. So, use our playlists, because we can't answer personal communications, it's causing health problems for Ezekiel and I and Carol. She can't keep up, either. And Lisa has a full-time job. So, the Lord wants this. He wants you to find your own answers and pray it through. Giving you all the tools I had, so look for them on our videos and playlists. And every day I'm going to be putting out a new word, God willing.

So, I've just about turned upside down and done double back-flips to tell you how worthless and useless I am - and you still think I'VE got something to give you!! Well, all I have is from God, and He's wanting to give it to you as well. You just need to work a little harder to get it. Please don't be angry at me for this message - I really have to straighten this out with you.

I will still try to help where I can, but you're going to see me less. Otherwise, if I don't cut back, I won't be able to do any more videos. So, I'll have to withdraw a bit of a distance to keep my sanity.

So, just to keep my health up and my sanity, you know, this is what we have to do. Remember, guys. He's in love with you! And He HAS your answers, right there in His hands. He's living in your heart. He's standing at your right hand and He's carrying you, all at once. What more could you want? I'm not your answer - HE is. Jesus is your answer.

Please, remember our website and use it if Youtube goes down. We're going to start putting all our videos on our website, totally independent of Youtube and that's a little bit of a process. If we don't get it completed, well at least for sure we'll have the current video independent of Youtube, if things should get really difficult.

That's about it. Then I asked the Lord, "Lord is there anything else that You want to say?"

And He said, "My Brides, I'm coming for you. Stand your ground. Do not grow weary in well-doing. In fact, now double your efforts to do good to others. Prayers and acts of kindness. More personal prayer time and cutting out the world more and more every day. Please, please - I'm in love with you! Do not withdraw in times of failure, come running to My arms. I will receive you and pour clean water on you and tend to your wounds. Do not let the enemy steal our love away. Persevere and hide these things in your hearts. I am forever with you. I impart an anointing to you now: clear thinking and tenacity in what you know is right. Greater faith under trial and a steadfast assurance. I have spoken to your hearts, and I will fulfill all I have told you. These words are faithful and true."