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June 3, 2015

The Lord bless you, Youtube Family.

Well, dear family, this is interesting. Two nights in a row now, the Lord has come and danced and danced and talked and talked but given no message. This is curious. He has been dressed in a white tuxedo, and I have had on a very unusually beautiful, rather sheer but modest silver and lavender floor length formal with twinkles in it. Just really beautiful. He has been so tender and attentive and obviously totally enjoying Himself with His Bride.

Interesting, I heard someone say that, one of our folks had a dream - one of our people had a dream that people were learning how to waltz in preparation for the Wedding Feast. Then she had a dream that people were there learning how to dance and there were jewels everywhere! On the floor, on tables. Earrings and necklaces and all kinds of really, just stunning, stunning jewels everywhere. And the Bride was learning how to dance, to prepare herself for the Ball. She had this dream this last week.

I keep waiting for a message, but He wants to be with me and I want to be with Him and worship. So...Ezekiel and I are praying for discernment, because Jesus isn't talking... rather He has a bit of a twinkle in His eye and seems riveted on enjoying my company.

Interestingly enough, Carol was told to put all the messages together in a book, the recent messages and she did that. And she was told that she had a deadline to finish the book on this Monday. And to get a copy of it out to us - that was her deadline. She also received something from the Lord about being a June Bride. She has a PDF of that book on our web site now. I think she's going to put it on the Book page - I'm not sure if it's there yet, on She did a very, very nice job, it's even illustrated. You all are welcome to have it printed up for yourselves or downloaded or whatever you like. But, the Lord told her she had to have it done by Monday, and sent out that very day to me.

Now, another bit of news is the Hadron Collider is also being used as we speak to collide particles at unprecedented speeds. They just began that experiment today, this very day - Wednesday the 3rd of June. Could it be...could this be the foyer to the wedding procession?

So, putting two and two together...things are looking suspiciously climatic. The Lord is bent on being romantic and engaged to His Bride. Carol is receiving deadlines. I have been feeling something about being a June Bride...and also, I almost forgot - Jesus told Carol not to worry about finalizing the book ('cause she was wondering, well what about the rest of the messages that won't get in?) and He said because there wouldn't be anything more to add to it. Wow....

So, now, the Lord told Me He would be speaking to me every day until the Rapture. And He has... but not giving us a message, hmmm....

Ezekiel felt that He was getting quiet because He didn't want anything in the world to sully the time before He came for His Bride. He is more concerned about her staying really close and celebrating what is to come.

I have to say I started crying when I thought of the golden cello sitting in Heaven. And being able to sing and write songs again and have a choir of angels with different instruments to work with me as I created worship songs. I really miss working on music and singing to Him. But He asked me to stop about three months ago and concentrate on messages out to you, and teachings out, so I did. I have to say, that also gives rise to suspicion that He is very soon to come - because He has pushed me in creating music for several years now. He had to, because I'm such a coward about doing something new. And NOW He's telling me to stop and devote my time to teaching.

These are all things that are worth considering, they definitely deserve more prayer.

It's even been painful lately for me, just thinking about the piano, I'm sitting next to it here - sitting next to the piano while I'm recording. It's hard looking at the keys and hearing Terry play, just feeling my fingers on the keys again.

But, tonight I was musing on the palace of waterfalls, all the animals He's given me and how I just want to be with them. An even my children. I lost two, and they are waiting for me. And my grandchildren who live so far away will be there, too, in the Rapture. That also brought tears to my eyes and profound gratitude.

So, your guess as is good as mine! You've got the same information that I've got! I've been in prayer for about 4 hours both nights and even hours during the day and in the morning, and all He wanted to do is dance and celebrate our love and all I wanted to do is go along with this joyous time. I mean, I was in NO hurry to be sitting here taking a message when He was so real and spending such sweet time with me. Although I always do, when He asks me to write, I always do. And I'm happy to share with you. But He hasn't been asking that.

So, I would ask you all to please pray for us, that we discern correctly what He is up to. One thing I do feel... a deep peace. He is so wonderfully present to me and to Ezekiel that I know whatever it is that has put that twinkle in His eye, and dancing in His is a good thing.

So, Ezekiel is joining us now, he's going to weigh in on this.

Honey what do you think is going on with the Lord?

Ezekiel: Well I think at this point, any time there's a move of God there's usually a beginning and an end. And there's a window of grace in between. I'm not saying by any means that He's bringing this to an end, but I think that looking at time as a whole and what's around us and all the signs that are around us. Everyone can sense and feel that the birth pangs are getting stronger and closer. You can just sense. Even our animals have been restless this last week or so. The horses in the back pasture, the pets here. It's been interesting to me that, I've gotten quite a few letters and comments from just people on the street of a sense of anxiety, anticipation. Like, they know something's up a little more than what they've - they've always kind of, in Taos, it's always mainly a crystal thing or something, who knows what. Most people will tell you, "I don't know why I'm here, I was just led here." There's been talk about safe places and refuges in time to come. But you know, my gut discernment - my first, first very first feeling when Clare shared with me that the Lord was very contented...

Clare: Yeah, that would be a good word.

Ezekiel: He's very contented, fulfilled. Just wanted to linger. Someone asked one time time, "What is 'contemplation.' To contemplate something." Well, if you've ever had a little one in the crib. You bring your baby home from the hospital and even up to the first few weeks... Once you put the little girl or little guy in the bassinet, when he's not sleeping right there with Mommy, you go and you turn the little light out, you look into the glow of the night-light and here's your little precious baby. And they're just so pure and so innocent, so meek and so mild - perfect. You catch yourself taking a long, lingering look before you walk out that door.

And I think this is a time of considering, of taking a long, lingering look at where the Lord has brought us to in this point in our relationship. We do still live in a society that's kind of instant-gratification and instant thirty-second-commercial switch this and switch that. But the Lord is not an instant message machine, or a slot machine for sure. And most of us don't look at Him that way. But if He chooses to be quiet for His own reasons, my thought would be...I want to be quiet with Him, too.

Clare: Yeah. That's exactly what I was thinking. Although I've got some teachings that I want to do. And we're trying to help as many as we can with the crises' in their lives. You know, the e-mails that come in and so on. But still, there are some things I think that we need to share, whether or not He will allow us to share them, I don't know. We'll find that out tomorrow, I guess.

Ezekiel: I think that the next couple of weeks are going to be very interesting with the events in the world. Things go up and down and who knows what's going to happen out there. It feels like He's almost protecting this time, with He and His Bride. I mean, totally shutting the world out, so that He can just relax and breathe in and appreciate and love that satisfaction, and fulfillment - again the contentment.

And it also reminds me of a young man before his wedding and probably a young woman, too. Emotions are high, sometimes they're low, sometimes they're in the middle.

You know, God is perfect but I'm sure that the Lord is going through all kinds of feelings. This is His WEDDING day! I mean, a once in an eternal lifetime event! FINALLY, what He's waited for, for so long, to be joined...

Clare: Yeah, and the point is, we've had this Rapture practice I think, three or four times now. It's driving me up the wall! And I told the Lord tonight, "Please, Lord - no more practice!! Let this be the real thing! Please! Don't disappoint us again..."

Ezekiel: I think the idea of, you know, before something really big like this there is a kind of a turning inward, a tucking inside. Sometimes it's like, wow. He's given us so much! Just a gourmet meal every day.

Clare: That's true.

Ezekiel: How many times do I go back and taste some of those different dishes again? And what have I done to incorporate those into my life? But I know most of you have made MAJOR changes. Not because you decided to, but as you've written to us, you just have felt moved to pull back more and more.

Clare: Mm, hmm...from the world.

Ezekiel: From the stores and the shopping and the this and the that. I just got a Scripture a while ago, before we began this, "They'll throw their silver in the streets and their money will be an unclean thing." And so it's not going to be long before this whole system is gonna change, anyway. But He never changes, He never will change.

Clare: And the Scripture that I just got tonight was "As the Bridegroom rejoices over the Bride, so shall your God rejoice over you." That was a rhema from my little Bible Promise book, 'cause I was asking the Lord where He was at with all of this, what's going on? And that's exactly what He's been doing. He's been rejoicing now. Four hours yesterday, four hours tonight - at least four hours, I mean, there's been hours in between that. When we're doing the same thing, just being in one another's presence.

Ezekiel: A lot of what He's been talking about this week has been Hope in our private prayer times. Psalm 42, Hope in God for I shall yet praise Him. I Peter: Your faith and hope are in God. I Peter again: Hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ and His coming. The neatest one I like, Col. 1:5 - For the hope which is laying up for you in Heaven, whereupon you heard before in the word the Truth of the Gospel. The Hope that is laid up for you already in Heaven. And Psalm 31 says: Be of good courage. He'll strengthen your heart. Hope in the Lord.

Clare: You've been getting that one about He's going to move you out of harm's way, too - right? Remember where that was?

Ezekiel: I mean, there's are so many Scriptures about that Lord's protection and His provision. You know, it might look like on one hand, "oh - our enemies are going to triumph over us." or something's coming on the world. Yet the Lord says, "I'll take you out of harm's way." I'll literally sweep you away, and put you on a high and lofty place.

So, there's some things that we're getting ready for. And okay, so if this is just yet another, as someone called, "drill" - I prefer not to call it that! But if this is more of us getting used to living in a time of anticipation and readiness...and we're getting ready, not just for "an" event, the Rapture, the Wedding Feast. We're getting ready for where we're gonna be living for all eternity. I've had the strongest sense for the last few weeks that, I've kinda had one foot one Earth and one foot there. You just begin to be more heavenly minded. I just encourage you to press in. Don't be afraid to refuse - don't be anxious.

I know what He's asked me to do for the last couple of days is just to be patient. Just be patient and smell the flowers along the way. And enjoy this time. Some of the tiniest flowers up in these mountains are hidden under Oregon wild grapes, but they'll be a choice fragrance little violet, or raspberry or strawberries under there if you slow down and you look. So, it's like with that little child - to take a long loving look at our relationship with the Lord, the beauty of it. This spousal-bridal relationship that we have. And that we will consummate very soon with Him. That we will stand before the Father, literally, in a Wedding ceremony. Exchanging our vows with Jesus, becoming His Bride once and for all, for all eternity.

Clare: Amen! Thank you so much for that.

The Lord bless you all and give us all perseverance and keep us in your prayers as we pray for you, too.