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June 5, 2015

The Lord's blessings be with you, Youtube Family.

It's been two very long 8-hour nights - actually two going on three - so please excuse me if I sound just a little exhausted, waiting on the Lord to speak. He's been very pensive, very quiet. Finally, towards the end of the evening, He began to speak. He kept the message very, very short, because this is a real critical time right now. He is not doing a great deal of talking, but He is calling for prayer.

I had asked Him, 'Lord, why are You so quiet?'

And, anyway, this is what He said tonight, "Be patient. Pray for your country. This nation is at the absolute critical tipping point, and NOW is the time to pray. Not much time left." He said.

And, then I saw Uncle Sam, all emaciated, lying on the ground - obviously dying, just skin and bones. But within the body, the "heart" of this nation was rotting from the inside out. It was just disintegrating - the heart was just disintegrating. There were coyotes gathered around the failing body, ready to ravage it - a really gross image. And, that was basically all I heard and saw from the Lord tonight.

Except for Scripture, Therefore, prepare your minds for action. Stay alert. Set your hope now and forever on the Grace to be given you when Jesus Christ appears. I Peter 1:13

The time is fast approaching. One of the reasons that Carol, Ezekiel and I believe that the Lord is so quiet - it's like the calm before the storm, is what we're feeling. And, this is a very solemn time - it's definitely a time for Intercession and Prayer. I'm not sure if all of you were aware of it or not, but there was a neutron bomb set off in Yemen - a bunker-buster neutron bomb. And of course the main stream media didn't say a word about it. It's all over Facebook and I'm going to include a clip of that for you to look at.

So, it's getting real close, guys. Things are definitely coming to a head. CERN is putting those particles in the accelerator, so only the good Lord knows what's going on with the earthquakes and the volcanoes that seem to be popping up everywhere.

But, right now, He's calling for prayer for our country, because it's in a pretty desperate position.

So, the Lord bless you - and pray for us, please! We're praying for you every day. Hopefully, the Lord will be sharing a little bit longer messages with us, but - you know I'm not going to invent them! When He keeps it short, you're going to get what I get, and nothing more.

So, this is where He's at right now. He's quiet. We feel like we're in the foyer of some kind of big change - the 'calm before the storm' so to speak. And, it's time for all of us to be praying and to be ready and be alert. Because time is very short, and things are most definitely coming to a head, not just here, but all around the world.

The Lord bless you and give you strength and keep you alert. And, may our good Lord keep us from sin, keep our hearts and minds on Him and on the salvation of the souls around us. Amen.

(remainder of message is video of neutron bomb.)