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June 12, 2015

May the Lord's grace ground us in faith and love until it's time for us to come Home!

Well, I have a real sweet message this morning - I feel very confident that the Lord is speaking to the whole Body here. Because it's amazing - I'll post a video not knowing what in the world's going on in everybody's life, and it turns out that Holy Spirit is working the same way throughout the Body. When He gives me a video it's right on for where we're at, at the moment! That's just wonderful, how beautifully united the Body of Christ is.

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At the beginning of my day, in my zeal and naiveté, I made an attempt to share the Rapture with a couple I encountered that were nominal Christians. I told them that the Lord was coming very

soon and we weren't going to be here much longer. They looked at me like I had just grown a tail.

I mistakenly mentioned a few more things like Jade Helm, which again they were clueless about. I thought to myself, 'Here this is starting in a few days and they know nothing? And even worse they look at me as though I had grown another tail?' I could actually see and feel them looking at me wondering where the second tail was going to emerge!

Well, they skillfully steered the conversation back to their 'reality.' And moved on to the next thing in their busy schedule.

I'd be lying if I told you I didn't feel threatened...I could feel the devils jumping all over me, "See

there, you're SO deceived! They think you are crazy, a religious fanatic. You really blew it this time!"

Have you ever felt really stupid...walked away from someone you had a certain degree of respect for and beat yourself non-stop for a good two hours because you shared prophecy? "Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! What an idiot. What an idiot!! Stupid!!!" Have you ever done that? Oh, I can't even count the times I've done that...

I continued to chide myself, "Look at this beautiful summer day! Everything is blooming, birds are singing, bees are buzzing, clouds are towering against the blue sky, everyone has gas in their tank and food in their bellies. It's so peaceful, how could anything that horrible really happen to

America overnight?? I must be deceived. I don't see how things could change so radically. I

must be's only a matter of time before I'm going to find out how deceived I am. Wow! Will I be humiliated, or maybe even need psychiatric care."

This is what's going on in my head after this encounter, right?

Of course my sanity began to set back in, reality and sanity began to grab ahold of me again. And so, I fought off the lying voices full of condemnation that "you really are a religious idiot!" Saying, "It's my duty to tell them, they need to know what's coming. At least I won't be responsible for their ignorance." They won't say, "Why didn't that Christian warn us, she knew about it?" And the Lord won't say, "I sent you to them, why did you keep silent?"

Well, that's how my day began, and after I left their company, I felt like I was walking down a

corridor of ranting demons on my right and left who were all in my face shouting, "Idiot, fool,

fanatic, deceived, gullible, insane, mentally unstable, lunatic, you're crazy!"...and on and on and


It took me a visit with two solid Christians, plus three hours of sleep, to get back into reality. And

please, dear family, don't ask me why I am so weak. Please? Haven't I told you enough times that the Lord looked for someone more pitiful than me and couldn't find them, so that's why I'm doing these Youtubes? How many times have I told you that? So, don't write me and say, "HOW could you be such a coward and be so faithless?!"

And just in case you didn't just hear me, the answer is, "Easy. I am one. That's my nature without grace."

In short, that's what my day was like before I finally made it into worship. With that as my

background, I was amazed when I asked the Lord what He wanted to tell us. And this is what He said:

"Your love for Me. The triumph of your love for Me and how you have weathered all scorn and

contempt and loved Me beyond all reasoning. How you have put men in their place, under your

feet and kept your focus on the higher things, on Me and My Faithfulness.

"You could never fully comprehend the immense treasure that kind of love is to Me. When you

refuse to reason with doubts, when you come running to Me because you have felt threatened and tuck into the shadow of My wings - what a thrill touches My being, because My little creation has defended Me to man.

"I know. I see. I hear the struggles all My Brides have with their sanity. Every generation up to this one has had the very same struggles to overcome and they brought joy to My heart as well. But this generation is the most magnificent in faith because the opposition is more advanced and powerful than it has ever been. This is the critical generation, the one to witness My coming and the one to witness the most ferocious attacks of the enemy in all dimensions. From beheadings to powerful nightmares to doubts about your sanity, these are all the tactics of the enemy on My People and a force to be reckoned with. And those of you who have run to Me seeking the shelter of truth, I have bathed in My forgiveness and strengthened in authority to proclaim the truth boldly.

"Many of you have witnessed the alienation of your family, and your loved ones have fallen out of step with you and called you deceived. Many have been bashed and criticized for such foolish

beliefs as the Rapture. Many have lost jobs and spouses because of your so-called 'delusions'

which people want nothing to do with.

"And what makes Me proudest of all is the way you handle your own thinking in the midst of the

assault. First you reject the lies, even though you are sometimes shaken. Then you consult your heart, where you have hidden My promises to you away securely. Then you run to Me for strength and forgiveness for even being frightened by their lies for a second. And some of you say, 'No matter, though He should kill me, still I will love Him.' You even reason, 'Whatever He does, He has a good reason for doing.'

"I have beheld the most forceful attacks against your faith and have applauded you as you resisted until there was a breakthrough and your peace was restored. I have also seen the way you have refused to hold bitterness against your enemies, you have forgiven and prayed for them.

"Yes, I have much to rejoice over. Much to proclaim the victory over...victory over her flesh and

the devil's insinuations, only to run back to Me for comfort and strength, with only forgiveness for her enemies. I proclaim victory over this!

"How proud I will be to lift you up into My arms and proclaim to the world, you are indeed

conquerors and overcomers. You are My Brides, My Beloved ones. Continue to stand strong. Hope will not disappoint! Soon you will stand in Glory beside Me, victorious as you walk into your Eternity."