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June 14, 2015

The Lord bless you, Family.

And for the last two days the Lord's not been speaking to me in the sense of giving a "message" message. But He has been allowing me to see exactly what He was doing, what He's up to. So, I want to share that with you.

And also, Carol had a perspective - she had an encounter with the Lord in Heaven, and Ezekiel got a prophetic dream. So, I'm going to go ahead and put these all three together here.

Two nights ago, when I didn't get a message,('cause I was just too exhausted.) I saw the Lord sitting and weeping. I spent time with Him in worship, but I didn't have a message to share with you - in fact He sent me to bed I was so tired. Today, when I came into worship, He was again weeping and He had His head down and He was crying. I put my arms around Him and held Him, stroking His hair very gently, very much like the angel - of the illustration of the angel in the Garden of Gethsemane, when the Lord was weeping and the angel is holding Him. When I awoke in the morning and came back into worship, it was the same thing - He was still sitting and weeping. Very, very sad and just nothing else was going on, I mean, this was just totally the message - that He was very, very sad and grieved.

In the meantime, Carol, our assistant was taking one of her classes with Inside/Out - she's training to be a leader. This particular day she was practicing going to Heaven with the group. This was her seventh time, having gone to Heaven. This is what she relates what happened:

"Everything was different and strange today. Like Jesus was there... but not there. He was trying to get my attention but I was thinking about myself and what new thing we could do together. And He seemed so quiet and sad.

"I finally said, 'I'm sorry. We'll do whatever You want to do.' So, He took my hand and brought me to the balcony again (this is a familiar place for her in Heaven) and we sat on a beautiful wrought iron bench together. Buddy, my dog that has gone to Heaven, came running and jumped up on Jesus and was licking His face. I didn't get it at the time, but then I realized that he didn't come to see ME...he was jumping all over Jesus. And he wasn't saying, 'I'm so excited to see you because I love YOU.' But he was saying, 'I'm excited to see Jesus because I want to make Him feel better.' It dawned on me finally that he was trying to comfort Him.

On the other side of the bench, Jesus' lion came to me and nuzzled me a bit. I petted his huge head and looked around for other animals. But the sadness pervaded everything. I finally realized how deeply Jesus is suffering right now. I looked over, and He was just sobbing.

He is about to unleash the final blow, the final thing that happens before we go Home.

I held Him, weeping, singing, 'I Love You, Lord and I lift my voice; To worship You, oh my soul rejoice; Take Joy My King, in what You hear; may it be a sweet, sweet sound to Your ear.'

"I looked up, and Abba Father came and together we put our arms around Jesus to comfort and love Him. Then I knelt before Him and lay my head on His hands and just prayed for a way to comfort Him... Shortly after that, we were called back to our class."

So, she had a similar experience to my experience, which was during my worship. He was sitting on a bench with His head down and weeping. It was as though there was a puddle of tears on the ground beneath Him. I worshipped and sang to Him and very little seemed to move Him. (Now this is my experience this evening.) I went through all my Terry MacAlmon songs, but nothing had any effect on Him whatsoever.

Then I thought to myself, 'I'll try one of my songs. So, I played 'Wedding Day' and as I played it He looked up at me and joined in singing the song to me. In this song, He sings to me and then I repeat it back to Him. In any case, that began to minister to Him for a short time... and then I lost sight of Him.

Now, the other thing that happened is, around the time that I was having worship with the Lord - and mind you, I had been in worship for 4 hours before any of this happened, so it's been a very long, long day. A very quiet time. But the other thing I wanted to share with you is the dream that Ezekiel had around the same time I was in worship.

He was out in a desert area where there was a single building, an open-air hanger for planes. It looked and felt like the southeastern California desert near El Centro.

Ezekiel relates that: "There were five of us standing inside the hanger to get out of the heat. We heard a noise and looked back to the west, and a large aircraft was coming towards us, flying low. It began to nose up and we could see the undercarriage had a large torpedo-shaped bomb attached to it. It released the bomb and flew out of sight. All of a sudden, over some sand hills, we heard an enormous explosion and saw a huge red fireball. As soon as that happened, we heard the sound of several planes coming towards us and they began to fire at the hanger. We could see the bullets hitting the ground, they were strafing rounds all in a line. We were desperately looking for some way to hide as the planes continued to circle and fire at us. Miraculously, no one was hit and the planes flew away."

In addition to this, or In spite of all this, the Lord did speak to Ezekiel, and He said that He's coming immediately. Not soon, but NOW!

And He also said, in a word of admonition, "Linger, (to His Bride) linger long and slow, dreamy and intoxicated in our Love for each other. You are My Beloved. You ARE MY BELOVED. YOU ARE SOOO MY BELOVED. And you have captured My very heart and soul, My very being. You say that I am Your Regal Bridegroom and Your Majestic Heavenly Spouse. I say that You are the heart of My heart, and the very Life that flows inside of it. You are My Beloved, My Bride, My Bright and Shining One, in whom all of My deep devotion, love, and affections reside, and whom I am so very, very pleased with. You in whom I find all My delight. I am so happy at last, to bring You into the Home of My Father."

Ezekiel had another word to quote from the Scriptures:

The Lord said to him: This is what I would have you to do, still and quiet your soul, like a child, like a child on its mother's knees, so should your soul be within you. Psalm 131

Well, Family - this is a very bitter-sweet message. On the one hand the Lord is looking forward to having His Bride with Him in Heaven. On the other hand, He's so deeply grieved over the souls that are going to be lost for eternity. So, let's concentrate our attention on praying for the souls that need Mercy, that when all of this starts that they won't be lost, but they will be added to the Kingdom in that last hour.

God bless you.