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June 23, 2015

I just wanted to share with you how we draw near to God in intimate communion in Dwelling Prayer. We call our form of prayer Dwelling Prayer, because we're dwelling with the Lord according to His promise that if we love Him, we will obey Him and He will dwell with us. (John 14:21)

We do have a playlist that explains the Scriptural basis for dwelling prayer and in that I go into great depths.

The name of it is: I'm Calling You To Intimacy (Playlist) Paste in your browser:

And, I think I will mention this in the description box and give you a link to that if you want to look at some of the videos that are on the playlist. But as a general rule, as this is only a general rule because the Lord likes to do things his way. You can do everything picture perfect and not hear a thing from the Lord.

I remember a time I went up to the mountain fasting and praying and I spent the entire day in Prayer and Worship and the lord didn't speak to me once. At the end I thought what is going on here, this is terrible, Lord? And, His basic thing was, and He said it to me clearly enough to realize 'WOW, you're there, you're here, you heard me!'

And it was simply that, "You can't make it happen, Clare. It's up to Me it's not up to you. I don't care how many fasts you do, you know, it's still up to Me." I find that very humorous but it's also very true.

But, we can dispose ourselves to intimate Prayer with the Lord, a visitation from Him. We can cultivate a relationship that will make it possible for us to fall into that place every night when we go into prayer. That's what we're hoping for and praying for, for everyone that listens to our channel. These are real difficult times and you cannot discern by the rules, all the black and white rules. You've got to be able to read between the lines and discern by the Spirit of the Lord. And, unless you've cultivated that ability, you can be easily fooled by people who say one thing, but they're thinking and doing something else.

Basically, before we come into prayer we use a Binding Prayer. And, this is an evolving prayer. I started, I think my first copy of it was a couple month's ago and every time I pray it I see something new that needs to be changed and after I've got enough things, minor details, that need to be changed, I'll re-post the brand new one.

The most recent Binding Prayer is the one you'd want to use.

This Binding Prayer begins with repentance for our sins and shortcomings. What's nice about that is that when you're looking at these different things that are possible sins that we could have committed during the day, it kind of gives you an outline: "Ok, did I do that? Did I feel this? Was I angry with someone? Was I judging someone? Was I jealous of someone?"

So, it's a good idea to do an internal check about where you're at and what you've done today, your attitude about the day. Your attitude about the Lord and your attitude towards others. So, I'd take the time to do that, looking at each item and making sure that I've apologized and asked forgiveness having done what I did. And asking for strength not to do it again.

And then, when we come to the prayer part, I have a whole list of manifestations of things that we have found that tend to come up during prayer time. There are things like tiredness, distractions, Spiritual deafness, unbelief. Things like that.

We address those things individually in that prayer. You pray against a spirit of Unbelief, a spirit of Anger, a spirit of Distraction. You pray, actually bind and pray against those demons that are assigned to hinder your prayers.

So, that list also kinda gives you some insight into the tactics of the enemy. These are things that are used against us to keep us from praying and from taking our prayers seriously and really enjoying them and then being fruitful.

The other thing we do is, we proclaim this prayer with authority through Jesus' Name over the people, the spirits and the manifestations and the list, we take authority over those manifestations like Lying Symptoms. A sickness will come against you. Tiredness, oppressions, depression. We name all those things.

So, it's quite a complete list and there's one area in there for sure, part of that prayer came from Francis McNutt who's a world authority on deliverance and traveled all over the world. He has done some amazing things and found out some amazing things about how objects can be cursed and there can be demonic manifestations, different kinds.

He always prayed his prayers three times. So, I give you the formula to repeat three times. Part of that prayer is his and part of it is ours.

We have found that in this day and age that we're also dealing with extraterrestrial oppression.

That is to say that these demon entities that inhabit demon bodies, I call them demon aliens, are sometimes a sign, they are all part of a Spirit of darkness, they are all part of Satan's kingdom. They're just fallen angels that have figured out a way to manifest physically cause they're highly intelligent so they know all the rules of physics, ones that we know and we don't know - and they actually oppress you.

We discovered that there was a UFO hovering over our house, way up high in the atmosphere, and they were beaming down an oppression into this house that you could cut with a knife, it was so thick.

So, now we've included those kinds of prayers against manifestations of inter-dimensional energies against us. So, that's been included in the prayer now. Very important! It's becoming more and more prevalent, especially if you're taking some territory from the enemy, you're gonna find that you're gonna be a target, so we cover that in this prayer as well.

OK, so after you're done with the Binding Prayer, we like to enter into the Lord's presence with praise and thanksgiving - that's Scriptural. Worshiping Him in spirit and in truth. You can do this with or without music. We prefer to be drawn to Him through the lyrics of a worship song, sung directly to Him, or by His Grace He may touch you and draw you in without any other manifestation. You may feel more led to pray and worship - in tongues, for instance - without music, just going to Him directly your heart. I mean, all of these things work. We just want to be close to Him and there's many different ways to be close to him.

There's no set formula. But we have found a formula that most often works for us. And we begin by playing worship music and entering into the song. Worshiping the Lord through the lyrics of the song and, many times we'll begin to see Him very clearly while we're worshiping. And then we just connect with Him and continue to worship Him.

Let me read to you what else I've written down here.

As we worship, images may come to mind, like Jesus standing nearby. These are not usually just imaginations that you make up. They aren't! They're sanctified images that God puts before you in your imagination. Don't brush them off, take them for the real thing. Take them seriously because you have just reached out to the Lord now He's reaching out to you through some kind of image of Him being present to you.

Continue to worship, continue to enter into that vision that you have, but paying attention to what you see in the 'spirit' or in your sanctified imagination. Continue to Love the Lord and adore Him. The Lord may invite you to dance, or He may walk with you on a beach or sit with you in a garden. Be sensitive to the imagery around you in the spirit, He's a master at creating beautiful environments for you to be in with Him. Go with Him. Stay focused on adoring the Lord. His love will draw you into Himself - and you'll feel His affection for you, you will sense that He is happy to see you. Stay with that. 99% of the obstacles in seeing and hearing the Lord is our own unbelief or false guilt about ourselves. Our own self hatred.

And that's one of the reasons why I have so many teachings on self-hatred and guilt.

Don't take your time with Him lightly or brush away images - that's how unbelief manifests.

Believe that He want's to be with you more than you want to be with Him because, I'll be honest with you guys, that's absolutely the truth. He longs for your presence and because you're not there with Him and for Him, He continues to long for your presence.

It's a lie that you're not good enough for God to talk to you. He's no respecter of persons.

He may begin talking with you by putting thoughts in your inner a spiritual voice. He'll always be kind: kindly, gentle, and affectionate with you. Never harsh or condemnatory. He may even ask you to write down or journal your conversation with Him.

This is a good thing to do. Then you can go back and read it from your journal to see what He's saying and again, have confidence in listening to Him. Because when you go back and read your journal you can feel it and hear the voice of the Lord just coming through those lines and it gives you so much more confidence to go back into prayer again and expect to hear from Him.

You can also answer Him and this will become a time of dialogue between the two of you.

This is where the relationship really begins to blossom and you talk to each other and He speaks His Heart to you and you pour your Heart out to Him, too.

Another thing, Jesus will always be very pure in your presence, there will never, ever be a hint of impropriety or sexual advance. Now, I'm gonna stop here for a minute and just say there are certain people who are very needy for affection and are still in that age group where hormones can be very, very strong. So, the enemy will take advantage of that at times, because you start feeling very warm towards the Lord and He never, ever makes an advance at us but we feel that warmth and that love. And if you're very needy and you don't have a husband and you're alone and lonely, the enemy may come in and take advantage of that in you, in what you're going through. Just be on the lookout that He's never, ever sexual in any of His communications with us. He's God, He's Pure and He's a Virgin. His affection is strictly for the purpose of revealing to you that you are His precious soul whom He loves infinitely in a personal way.

During this time you can pour out your heartfelt prayers for others to Him as well. Now, as you become more accustomed and comfortable listening to Him, you'll find that you slip into His presence with more ease every time you're together.

He's always present to you. Whether you hear or see Him or not, He's always there at your right hand. If you've fallen and done something you feel conviction about, don't run from Him! My goodness I spent my first 20 years as a Christian running every time I blew it.

NO, run to him! He's waiting to comfort you, to forgive you and to help you get back on your feet. So, please don't run from Him, rather run TO Him. Don't be afraid to confess and apologize to Him - that brings Him great joy! He's so quick to forgive you and give you the grace to stay stronger next time. Or, to stay out of temptation all together.

People ask us, "Well, how do you know it's the Lord and not a demon or familiar Spirit, or yourself talking to you?" That's a very good question. We have a teaching on that, I think "The 3 different Voices You Hear in Prayer". That would be worth listening to, it's not very long I don't think. I think that would help you discern from the Lord's voice, your own voice, your own wishes, your own thoughts and the interjections of the enemy.

But, our major answer on this point is: You'll know by the fruit.

You're going to know by the fruit. Over and over again, whether you're on a channel and you wanna know if a person is authentic or of God, you'll know by the fruit. Are you being edified? Are you walking away strengthened in peace, in strength in the Lord and built up? Or are you walking away totally shattered and fearful and wanting to hide? There're so many people who are spreading so much misinformation, and then information that's true - but it's just terrorizing.

Unless it's for a specific purpose, like when you're called in to intercession and, you know, how the Lord brought up to me that He needed more prayer for the ISIS victims. Unless it's that kind of thing, you know, which is legitimate prayer, be very careful because you'll know them by their fruit.

There is a God-shaped place inside of you that no demon can fill. There's no demon that can fit into this space and fill it perfectly. And as you get better at prayer, and recognizing the Lord's presence, you'll learn to be able to sense that place inside of you. And when it's full, and when it's empty. You will above all, feel a deep lingering peace and feel the strength that you need because God is indeed with you. He's there, you can feel it and the words that you're hearing, through your mind when you're in communion with the Lord in this way, are filling that God-shaped place inside of you.

They're authentic, you can feel it. You will never feel shame, confusion, condemnation... although you may feel conviction and apologize, asking for forgiveness. The fruit of that apology will be peace and His Love for you! Oh, you will be SO overwhelmed by His Love for you when you fall and His encouragement for you to get back up!

Now, some people use a verbal formula, asking the person appearing as Jesus in your vision; "Do you confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh?" Ok, that's the formula they use. Now, I wouldn't trust the answer "yes". I would make them repeat it. The right answer to me would be to repeat what you just asked: "Yes, I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh." But, I've seen similar Scriptures during a trance meeting and they replied in the affirmative, but we knew they were lying, so we really don't trust that way of verification.

And, as I said at the beginning of this video, you have got to go deeper than what's on the surface. People can say all the right things AND be full of so much deception. And the demons are masters at deception. Plus, they have a big fat file on you. They know all your buttons, all your likes and dislikes and they'll play up to your vanity.

So, I've seen these questions asked and I've seen different answers being given. One thing I'll tell you I've never seen, during a deliverance, or praying with someone who had a demonic spirit - they will not, in my experience, they will not repeat part of the our Father: (the Lord's Prayer) "Deliver us from Evil". They mumble that, (mumbling...) They just mumble it so that you can't understand it.

They WILL not say "Deliver us from evil".

That, we found to be a black and white, solid truth. But the other verifications, you've got to have the Spirit of the Lord. We have to know one another by the Spirit of the Lord because the surface just doesn't work anymore.

Ok, if in your time with Him you start to feel anger, hatred, condemnation, hopelessness, jealousy, frustration or sexual stirrings, that is NOT the Lord that you're with. Now, the Lord may be nearby, but the one that you're communicating with or that's causing those feelings is definitely not Him. At that point, I would stop and pray the Binding Prayer. I'd have Ezekiel come in and pray for me and I'd go back into worship again, or spend some more time in worship, using music this time.

We have a playlist of songs that always work to bring us into that really sweet, intimate place with Him.

Ok, so that pretty much covers Dwelling Prayer. We're dwelling with the Lord in our hearts. He's present to us at our right hand and in our hearts. But He doesn't always manifest in a way we can see Him, but we are dwelling with Him. Through Him we live and move and have our being and He's always present to us, always.

I personally prefer the Dwelling Prayer, because it comes into the Lord's presence through worship. And I feel that, that is a safer way to approach the spiritual, 'cause you're dealing with the spirit world. We're not dealing with one person walking into the room and talking to them, you're dealing with all the company that's around that person, the demons that are with that person, or if there aren't demons with that person.

We deal with spiritual things. Our fight is not against flesh and blood, but spiritual powers of the air. So, when you are moving into the spiritual realm, you have to be careful that your motives are very pure. This isn't just a fun trip! There needs to be a real, sincere desire to be close to the Lord and to worship Him and to pray. If you come into prayer to enjoy yourself, because it's a beautiful space or whatever, that's not a pure motive.

The pure motive is to be in worship and to be in communion with Him, so make sure your motives are pure.

Always remember, at all times, the Lord's presence is loving and gentle. Anything other then that, you should be highly suspicious of. Pray the Binding Prayer again. If you've come from a background of witchcraft or been dedicated as a baby to Satan or have a history with Ouija boards and the occult, you may need deliverance before you can be sure it is Jesus that you are speaking to. If you have a history of mental illness in your family or instability, be very careful to enter the Lord's presence through worship.

And do not follow any extremes of thinking or extreme emotions. You are now dealing with the spiritual world. And just like going to a shopping mall to get something you need, there are predators that hang out at those malls also, wanting to make a connection with you for their own evil purposes - so be aware of that. You're in the spiritual realm, there's good and bad. There's God - and then there's Satan and his devils.

Wherever the Spirit of the Lord is strong, there's a strong crosscurrent of the demonic realm as well. Why is that? Because anyone who's close to Jesus in spirit and in Truth is a threat to the kingdom of darkness! So, the demons are present to do everything they can to discourage you from this kind of relationship.

You know, as long as you're not close to the Lord, you're not any threat to them. But get really close to the Lord and wow, you've got some tools and you're trouble! For one thing, you can duplicate your relationship by sharing with people how the Lord brought you into His relationship with you, and you can duplicate more people who have an intimate relationship. So, you are definitely a threat to the kingdom of darkness when you can communicate with the Lord clearly. The Lord does protect us, but it is a learning process, too, so you're gonna encounter turbulence. Don't be frightened, seek out an answer with one of us or another qualified group.

Remember, at the mention of the Name of Jesus, every knee must bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Use that name!

Say, "In the Name of Jesus, spirit of Depression, leave and never return" or better yet, use the Binding Prayer form, it's a lot stronger. Because when you use the Binding Prayer, you're binding the demon that is afflicting you, you're binding the backup pool for that demon (and I guarantee you every demon has backup pools) so if they get knocked out by a prayer, someone else can jump in and take their place.

So, you're binding the demon, you're binding the backup pool and you're binding the leaders, the ones who sent them. They're getting bound, also. So, that Binding Prayer is very strong. It's still the most effective prayer we've found and we do keep it updated so the most recent date is the best version.

And, beyond all this, I just want to remind you that you're the Lord's Beloved. He's absolutely in Love with you! And, it's true that He desires your company more than you desire His, so don't be afraid to press in and adore and Worship Him.

Lord Jesus, please help us to remember the things that you've given us in this teaching and help us to put them into practice. Help us especially, Lord, to know that you really and truly are longing for our company and put an end to the self-condemnation that keeps us apart from You. Thank you, Lord Amen.