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June 24, 2015

The Lord's peace be with you.

We've had a couple of very, very quiet days. There's been a lot of activity over here, a lot of things we're trying to take care of. We've been supporting the Crisis Pregnancy center right here in town, and helping out with homeless children out on the mesa with their basic needs for food and medicine and things like that. So, we've had a little bit of a distracting time. But this is also what we're called to do, and it's not really a distraction, it's really what the Lord wants us to do. So, we got taken away for a little while from doing messages, 'cause I can only get so much done in a day.

The Lord has been very quiet for the last two days, and what I would say is very somber. He's been very present to me and we spend time together dancing. I've seen Him and He's been holding me, but He really just was not in the mood for all.

And, the same thing happened yesterday. Plus, I really wasn't feeling well - I was very tired and needed to go to bed early. In fact, I fell asleep one night waiting for Him to speak to me - which as you know from other videos, it can be a 2 or 3, 4, 5, 6 hour affair in worship before He says anything. But I wasn't able to hold my ground, so I ended up going to bed early. And the same thing happened to me last night.

But Ezekiel stayed up in vigil. He was strong, and he was able to stay up in vigil, and the Lord gave the message to him. "The two are one flesh." It happens that way, it's beautiful - it's just beautiful.

So, this is what Ezekiel left for me this morning to share with you:

Ezekiel: The Lord had us stay up in vigil with Him, but He was VERY SOMBER - VERY QUIET AND VERY SERIOUS. And it has been a bit strange, but for two days and nights now, He has not let me do anything, but keep Him very close company. He has called me to the Ballroom in my Mansion, and using some very old, classical waltz pieces that I turned up on Youtube, He just wanted to linger seamlessly from one piece into the next and so on.

Although we were dancing together, I must say that His Heart and Mind and Eyes seemed to keep drifting off somewhere far away. He was obviously troubled and a bit restless - very solemn and unhappy. He would look into my eyes with great Love, but I could see and sense and feel something very deep that was so forlorn and sad. He gave me to know that He just wanted to be comforted, and distracted from the terrible punishments that were right at the door for this country, and the world.

He reminded me of the example of a mother whose child was severely deformed. At every mention of the child's deformity, a knife would pierce her heart.

Then He said to me, "When a Mother is so terribly unfortunate as to have given birth to such a child, she loves her child just as deeply as any Mother would a normal, healthy child - her Mother's instinct being so deeply embedded within her.

"At the same time, she grieves just as deeply for her baby, knowing the suffering and rejection that her child will surely have to endure throughout life. Any mention about her child and his awful situation simply tears her heart apart, again and again.

"You know that terrible sufferings are soon to befall your country, as I have told you. But just to hear any of you mention it - bringing up the latest news - is so horribly painful to Me. Although I know more than anyone just exactly what is being planned, and when and where these things will take place - in Truth, I intentionally am very sparing with just how much I am willing to share with My Bride.

"For Me, it is the absolute gutter, and when I see you down in the gutter, looking to find the latest news... rather than being consoled and comforted, I am deeply grieved. It is as if a mirror were being held up to Me, reflecting back and confirming the very thing that I am already in agony over.

"I know and understand just how desperately you all want to know and see the signs of My Coming, just to encourage you and keep you believing. But if you only knew the depth of what you are looking for each day, you would no longer want to read, hear, or see even the least bit of it anymore. This I am asking of You with tears: please, you are My Bride. Do not descend down into the gutters any longer to look for more signs.

"I need for you to take your proper place, here beside Me, far above all of the filth of destruction and death. I need for My Bride to comfort and console Me. Take Me far away from these things with your love. Distract Me with your solace. Turn My eyes with your loving heart. Dance with Me. Be with Me. Do not leave Me alone in My Hour of Desolation.

"This is why I have brought you up High, into the Heavenly Realms that are being kept for you; hidden in God through Christ, seated in Heavenly Places."

Clare: And for all of us, Youtube Family. I pray that God will give us the Grace to mind His business, to keep our hearts and minds on Him. And if there's something He wants us to pray about, He's going to bring it before us - somehow, someone's going to say something. For instance, with ISIS. I didn't go looking for that, it just came to me.

What He's asking is for us to keep our hearts and minds on Him, on consoling Him. Because we occupy a very special place in the Body of Christ. We are here to console Him as His Bride. I mean, some of us have other duties, too. But the greatest thing that a wife can do for her husband is to be there when He's hurting, and to comfort Him when there is nowhere else to turn to be comforted.

So, we occupy a very special place. And if we're busy down in the gutter, reading all the news (which, probably 90% of it is mis-information either from one side or from the other side) it just keeps you going 'round in cicles. It's like a hamster wheel, just digging up more and more trash.

He doesn't want to see any of it, because He already knows what is REALLY going on - and He doesn't want to be reminded. He wants to be comforted.

I pray, Lord that You'll help us with our incessant desire and curiousness and insecurity - help us, Lord! To not constantly be turning to the trash to find out what's going on, but to be turning to You and comforting You, and to keep Your mind off of these things that are so painful for You to look at. Please, Lord, help us. You know how hard it is for us to be down here waiting for You - and we really need Your help to keep our noses out of the gutter.

And I have to say, guys...when it happens, it will happen - we'll all know it. When it (the Rapture) happens, it's going to happen in such a way that everyone's going to know it overnight. And until it really happens, everything else is just circular information, constantly keeping people in a state of ignorance and agitation and misinformation. And we don't need that. We need to be in a state of peace, to be there for other people and to be there for the Lord.

So, Lord - please give us the Grace to keep our noses out of that stuff!