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June 24, 2015

Thanks for your patience, Dear Family, and for listening. I've been working on a teaching on "How to Get Your Own Word From the Lord" for probably two days now, and I think I'm going to have it done within an hour or two - maybe three hours, and then I can get it up for you.

We have an awful lot of people asking us to get a word from the Lord for them, and we just can't possibly do that - it's just more than we can handle. So, this is going to be something that will give you the instructions that you need to be able to get your own word. And, besides - that's what we're here for, anyway. To get you into the Lord's arms, so that you can hear and see Him clearly, and that you can be instructed directly from Him.

Okay, here is a Youtube Family update!

Dear Ones, my duties have been changed! Due to the volume of correspondence we've been getting, we now have three volunteers who are helping us with emails, comments and private messages. So, when they see something they know I should handle, they'll send it to me directly. They're super sweet people, and they're seasoned Christians, and we're all of one heart. So, anything you're going to get from them is going to be very much of one heart with what I would say.

I cannot give out personal messages to any individuals - PLEASE don't write in and ask me to do that! Don't write and ask me if you'll be raptured - rather look up my videos on who will and who won't be raptured. 'Cause the Lord has really made that clear, several times, the qualifications for being raptured. Well, He's made it clear several times in different messages, what would DISqualify you from being raptured. So, look those up under the rapture Playlist, okay?

Please... don't ask me if you're pleasing to the Lord, or any other personal message. If you look in the playlists, you'll see I've already addressed these things. And, if you listen to the videos very carefully, you'll be able to ascertain for yourself if you are pleasing to Him.

But, with the new teaching that I'm going to do on "How to Get Your Own Word From the Lord", that should help you. I know we all feel insecure. We all need to know that we're okay and ...umm... the Lord loves us, it's just the way we are - very much that way! So, I'm doing a teaching on that today, hopefully I'll get it up today. And, that will help you IMMENSELY - because that's how we get OUR words from the Lord. We have each other, of course, but, we still use the same methods for one another.

The reason I'm not permitted by the Lord to give you messages is that's not the gift He wants in operation for the season. He's asked that you stay focused on the messages - and I can't do both. It isn't physically possible. One of the things that's been hanging me up for the past two days that I haven't gotten around to the message early enough, and I ended up being very tired, was I was trying to knock out emails. I love you! I see you there, and I see you have needs and I want to talk to you - and so, I get started on one, and that's it. Before I know it, three hours have gone by, and there's no message for that night, because I've worn myself out on emails.

So, please don't be upset with me if I don't answer your emails. The fastest way to get a response to me is to post it in the Comments, under the video. Because, I do like to go and look at the latest comments when I post a video. If you post it under the video - it's very likely that I'll catch it. Or, one of our three volunteers will catch it and they will pass it on to me. But, the email is going to be an impossible situation. I just can't get to them. I'm farming them out to our volunteers at this point. So, emails are going to our really qualified volunteers for them to answer.

Okay. PLEASE don't write and ask me to call you. I'm not permitted to take ministry phone calls. We've prayed about this, and looked at the volume of phone calls, emails, etc. and we've determined that every one of the questions that came from individuals, asking for a personal phone call, could have been resolved EASILY by searching out our videos. So, please don't insist on a phone call. I know, some of you are lonely, and I'd love to talk to you. We've got a few who've managed to call us that we've been able to speak to that...we just fell in love with! We love you guys! But, if we spent our time doing that there would for sure not be any messages. So, it's kind of 6 of one, half a dozen of the other: if the Lord cut back the volume of messages, I could easily take personal phone calls. That would free me up for about 7 hours a day. But, that's just not happened. Please don't insist on a phone call from us.

People are very transparent on our channel. Get together with some other people on our channel that have the same heart that you have, and correspond with them, so that you're not so lonely. Skype with them. I know what it's like to be a Bride and be isolated - it's VERY hard. This is not a calling that's really accepted by the main-line churches - it's something that's actually frowned upon. So...yeah, you're lonely! The best thing to do know, our channel is a really nice melding pot from all over the world of people who are Brides, and don't have the companionship as Brides. And they need, as well, the companionship of other Brides. So, we're very blessed to have Youtube and have this opportunity to connect with people all over the world, who are called to be Brides. So, take advantage of it, guys! Figure out who you like there, and post on their comments, because I'll tell you what. Messaging...people don't really pay attention to messages, for the most part. And that's one thing I'd ask you - I've written to some of you, I've sent some of you messages, personal messages on Youtube - and you've never answered me, and you've never BEEN on your personal message page. (chuckle.) So, if you try to reach someone through a personal message, you're going to have to tell them, "I sent you a personal message on your Youtube page!" or they normally wouldn't look at that. I was ignorant about it for the first...gosh! Eight months? Personal messages - it's best just to connect with someone under Comments and then move into personal messages or emails.

If you want to make a donation, please read the description box?? Beneath the video - all the links you need for PDF's, and donations, and our website, and our Blog... Everything is in that description box. So, make it a point to check that out before you try to call me to find out how to make a donation.

I know many of you out there are lonely, and this, as I said before, is a lonely calling. And, that's why I'm asking you to pick out some people you feel real kinship with, and start corresponding with each other by Skype, or with phone. They need your friendship, too.

I'd love to talk to you personally, but as you can see, I don't have enough time. Ezekiel and I both have health issues, and we haven't looked at our emails for three days now... Actually, I've got emails from 6 or 7 days ago now that I just haven't been able to get to. So, your fastest way to get an answer is really to make a comment on the comment page. Because, I look at the comments every day.

Our volunteers, if they find out that you've made a comment that's more of a personal of our volunteers is qualified to go into personal Messages. And, she'll either answer you herself, or she'll pass it on to me. That would be Carol.

If you have something you need counsel about, ask for it in the Comments, and we'll refer you to a video. And, I will request you to email us, so we can counsel you through email.

I'm sorry I'm not able to clone me! But, in reality, only God is necessary for you. And, I know it's hard. But, He's your best answer. And, we will try to connect with you when we can, or in the very least, point you in the right direction for answers.

I love you all, Dearly!