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June 27, 2015

Clare: The Lord bless you, Youtube Family. Forgive us for being absent for a day or so, but it was worth waiting for. The Lord has got some beautiful things for us tonight. We decided, Ezekiel and I, to do a Heaven Talk, because a lot's been happening with him and with me. As well as incorporating some of the things - visions and experiences, AND frustrations, that a lot of our listeners have been having!

So - to begin with you, Honey (Ezekiel). You want to share about your experiences with the Lord?

Ezekiel: Well I want to say "hi" to everyone. I haven't been here for quite some time, still kinda doing the "behind the scenes" thing. But I appreciate all your prayers and, and your love. And I PARTICULARLY appreciate the way you guys are helping out each other and stepping in on the Comments. It really, really makes it feel like a family.

Clare: Amen to that. It's been kinda like a few days of a certain tone, right?

Ezekiel: Yeah.

Clare: The Lord has had.

Ezekiel: Yeah. For the longest time with me, of not really seeing or sensed or felt or heard the Lord as often as...

Clare: ... in that way, it's more by faith.

Ezekiel: But, He's kinda become more vocal. My Scriptures have been pretty much jumping off the pages all week long. He's been talking about two things in particular - well, maybe three. And that's our marriage to Him, as His spouse, over and over and over again. And with that, how deeply and intimately He loves us as His Bride, as His spouse. And the Wedding Banquet - the actual Marriage and the Wedding Banquet.

It's interesting, I came around the corner the other day - I been listening to some older, classical waltzes - because I can get kinda closer to Him by skating a little, beginning to dance with Him some. And a waltz really lends itself to that. So, I'd just gotten all these readings about the Marriage, and the Wedding Supper of the Lamb...Song of Solomon, you know, my beloved. I come around the corner, and I have a play-list of 26 different waltzes and marches and things, and I had it on mute. When I touched the button - I mean, this is like SECONDS after I put my Scriptures down. I touched the button, like on number 12 or something: The Wedding March! You know, dum,dum ta dum, dum, dum ta dum.

Clare: And you had been having, you know, doubts and fears and whatever about the Rapture, right? About the Wedding Supper and the Rapture happening?

Ezekiel: I was just, just in that MOMENT, I was saying, 'Lord, are You really going to continue to come to us, and speak to us? In fact, are You still coming to get us soon, like You keep saying?' And I'm telling you, I walked right around the corner, and no sooner had I hit that mute button - out of 26 songs on there...the Wedding March is playing!

Clare: Amazing... Amazing!

Ezekiel: The other thing He's been talking about a LOT, obviously, is the Rapture. He's said He's coming, and I know that for some of us, that just excites us to no end - and for some of us, it frustrates us to no end. 'Cause it's like, WHEN? WHEN?? But you know, there's something about going through struggle and pain that produces a Joy. And our service readings - we have a service every day. And our service Scriptures for the last three days have been all about the Passion. The Suffering. The Garden. The Arrest, Suffering and Crucifixion of Jesus. And THROUGH that, bringing us to the Joy of the Resurrection. So, it's been a mixed bag with a lot of us in our little Youtube Family this week.

Clare: Well, yeah - there's quite a few...I have some things to share with you on that point, as far as, there's been some frustration for some folks, who say they're just are not hearing from the Lord, and no matter how many hours in prayer they put in. And, we're gonna talk about that in a moment. But, one of our emails today, from one of our listeners...she writes:

"I'm still having great difficulty establishing a closer relationship to the Lord. I've listened to all your videos, and have been using your musical selection plus mine, and I dedicated an entire day to make certain that no one could interrupt me. And....nothing. Nothing happened."

But she said, when she went to the Bible Promises the Lord gave her Patience.

"....and so, I'm trying to be patient. But truth be told, at times I feel as if my heart is breaking. I did tell Jesus that I would bear some of the Cross, so that those feeling the wrath of ISIS in some way could have respite. It could be that."

Uh, huh... it really could!

Ezekiel: Yeah, sure could.

Clare: And His sorrow over the whole, ugly business. Well, on top of that, you know - the ISIS thing, is also the Supreme Court and the gay marriage law getting passed today. That is a real suffering, and that was when I saw the Lord... we were together today. At first He was wearing the crown of thorns and the blood was just streaming down, from ONE thorn that was above His right eyebrow and down His cheek. And he was just SO

quiet, and so distressed.

We had one sister who wrote to us, speaking about the Lord weeping and being in sorrow. And getting the Passion Scriptures for the last three days, I have been getting them, too. She writes:

"I heard the news about the passing of the gay marriage in all the states, and I just sat there numb in the kitchen, looking at my picture of the Holy face of Jesus on the wall that comes so alive to me. Words were not spoken - more of a look said it all. And, I just had tears running down my face, feeling SO bad for God. Then, one word came to me: Justice."

Wow. That's a scary word.

Ezekiel: Um hmmm...

Clare: I mean, we've been getting His Mercy...but Justice is something else.

Ezekiel: Yeah.


"But, I said nothing, really. It was nice out, so Jesus said, 'Why don't you go out and enjoy some outside time.' Since the sun was out. So, I sat on the swing we have in the shade, and I say prayers there, feeling God's presence and the lovely trees and all. I'd said a number of prayers, and it was hard for me to concentrate. So, I started saying them slower, and that helped me. But, I was still crying, I could not find the words even to say to Him. I was sitting, and Jesus came over to me, and He sat next to me.

And, I just looked at Him, and He put His arm around my waist, and His head on my left shoulder, and just cried into my arms, sobbing. And, I could feel His body as it sobbed. And I told Him, "Let these tears fall into my heart." And, I cradled His head closer to my neck and shoulder to hold Him while He cried, and my head was resting on His head, with my tears falling into His hair. I'm still teary, thinking of this even now. I said nothing...just staring into space. Too numb to speak or feel much. But, He was sobbing. It was so clear in this vision. It went on for about a minute or so."

Clare: She was comforting the Lord, and then, when I was dancing with Him, He had the blood coming down His cheek. So, that was her experience with the Passion. And, just a couple days before that, she'd been out on her porch, praying, and said, "Lord, are You coming soon?" And, lightning struck, nine feet away from where she was sitting. And she felt again, the Lord's Justice. "Yes, I am coming, and there's going to be Justice with My arrival."

Ezekiel: Wow....

Clare: This is the same listener. So, that's the sad stuff that we've been getting. But, we have some beautiful things, too. One of our listeners had a Rapture dream, and this was beautiful.

"As I was worshiping the Lord with music and praise," she says. "I quietly fell into a deep sleep. The Lord began to give me a powerful dream of the Rapture. I saw many people on the streets doing their daily activities, like it was a normal day. I was there watching the people, and I was standing in the crowd, and suddenly - without a moment's notice - there was chaos all around me. Destruction, everywhere! And, people running to and fro.

"Suddenly, I could literally feel my body going through some type of metamorphosis - it was like the skin of my body was melting off, and I was being turned inside out with the new, transformed body. It was surely a freeing experience, and it felt so REAL in my dream. After this happened, I felt my body literally shot up into the sky where there was a huge opening in the clouds.

"When this began to happen, I could see the sorrowful and disappointed faces that did not make it up in the Rapture. And they were kicking themselves in the foot, and saying to themselves, "WHY didn't I listen to the warnings?" A couple of these people tried to grab my feet as I was going up - but the force of me going up was so great that they couldn't bring me back down again. My body shot up like a rocket into the sky, and it happened so quickly. Then, I felt myself travel through the white clouds. And, I could hear a whirlwind sound as I was going through those beautiful, white clouds.

"What a trip! This was so surreal!! The next thing that I see is that I am automatically in Heaven with the Lord. And, He begins to have me paint with a group of other saints. We were painting and decorating these buildings on the outside with intricate designs as the Lord ordained it. He's SO creative!"

Clare: Obviously, she's got an artistic bent!

"And, there were so many people there that I didn't even know! We were just having a great time completing the projects that we were assigned to do in groups. We were all serving the Lord with gladness, and there was so much peace there in Heaven."

Clare: And that was the end of her dream. That's beautiful, huh. And, you had a rapture dream that was very similar to that. About, where you said you could feel your body being transformed?

Ezekiel: Well, I've had probably four or five up to this point, over the past 5 years.

Clare: Recently. This was like, within the last week and a half or so...

Ezekiel: Yeah...over the last week and a half - I think you mentioned the one about the different lines and colored lines almost like the River of Life going through.

Clare: Oh, yeah! Okay, it was tied into that. Okay.

Ezekiel: Yeah, and then the Lord was in the middle, and as He came toward me the second time, thank goodness, cause I tried to force it the first time. I felt that I was just being swept up into His body, but I could feel my body absolutely changing from the inside out - it was like it was just folding out, and this new body was coming to be.

Clare: Wow, that's amazing. And, you know what it sounds like to me is that, the real man, the REAL us is the interior man. And, that this outer thing is just a tent - and it's almost like the tent is being taken off and the spirit man is being released. Ya know? And being given a new spirit body.

And, I had an experience today in prayer that was really beautiful. And, I'd love to share a word with you guys, but the Lord really has not really given me a word per se. But, He gave me this experience and I feel that it's for all of us Brides, on a different level. These are some of the things that we're going to experience, very soon.

I'd had a really rough day because I was convicted about some things and I had spent some time in repentance and crying - that's kinda how I came into prayer. Holy Spirit always comes in decorated military uniform - in a white, formal uniform with decorations on it. And He appeared in my vision as I was worshiping, and invited me to dance. It was kinda hard for me to concentrate, but I started feeling better after a few minutes. Then, I was dancing with the Lord in His long, soft, white tunic. We were both wearing white. And He took me to a doorway where a curtain of semi-precious gem stones were hanging, you know, like the whole curtain from the top to bottom of the floor.

And as He moved the hanging gemstones aside, He parted them and we walked into this looked like one of those Roman baths that you've seen in movies. It was like a long, long, long pool, with beautiful, ornate tile work all around it. Just exquisite patterns on the floor. And, plants - lush plants everywhere and the water was crystal clear. And the pool was decorated, even the tiles on the inside had patterns. And He bade me to walk into the water, so I started walking towards the pool, and I saw this very large angel, with something like a palm frond in his hand. He put it in the water and he stirred the water. And I walked into the water that had been stirred, and I walked all the way to the deep end and submerged myself, and then came back out.

And the Lord looked at me, up and down, and said, "Go ahead and go back in again." So, I turned around, and I started walking towards the pool, and as I did, the angel quickened the water again. And I walked into the deep end, and this time I spent more time in the water, and I came back out. And I'm sure this is some kind of a symbolic cleansing thing, which I really needed at that point, because I had done some repenting.

When I came out, I stood before Him and became dry immediately. And an angel came with a large, ornate, glass vial. The Lord took the lid off of the vial and He put it onto my cheek and collected the tears that were on my cheek, and then sealed the vial back up. And he said, "It is full." And I thought, 'Wow, It's full. That must mean you're coming soon!'

Afterwards, He was handed a crown and it was placed on my head. And It was a beautiful crown with amethysts in clusters of grapes. And ALL of us, guys, are gonna have these crowns. The appearance of the crown and the design of the crown is going to be according to the life that you led and the joy that you brought the Lord.

So, you're going to receive a cleansing, and you're going to receive a crown. And then, He put some special clothing on me...some kind of ornate clothing and presented me to the people as His Bride. The Lord is going to present each and every one of us to the people, as we come into the Kingdom. And we're going to be greeted by the Great Cloud of Witnesses. Because, here we are: the Bride being taken from the Earth. It's going to be a beautiful, wonderful time, especially for those of us who have suffered so much persecution and so much rejection in our families, and with our children. It's going to be such a wonderful time, where our family finally embraces us in Heaven.

So, that was a beautiful vision I had today, and that just brings to mind more to me that, things are very soon going to happen.

Ezekiel: Yeah.. There was another listener that wrote in, that the Lord had been dancing with her for days. And He never seemed to say or do much. She could see Him and sense Him and feel Him, and He was just very peaceful and contented and happy. And made her very contented and peaceful and happy. And for hours, they would just dance, every day. And it just didn't seem important to speak. In fact, He began a few days ago by inviting her to come to the ballroom, "Meet Me in the ballroom." Just like a chapter in our book. So, this went on for a few days...

Clare: He's really needed that. He's needed to be distracted away from the things that are on the horizon.

Ezekiel: I'm sure! I'm sure... on the last day, boy - she got the sha-bang surprise of her life! Instead of beginning to dance with her right away, they ended up behind this beautiful mansion, on a river. There were many guests there, I don't know, like Hollywood Bowl, a big "bowl" type of amphitheater area. And God the Father was there with a beautiful, ornate altar. There were some animals wandering around, and the Lord was on one side of the yard, and she was on the other - obviously, in her wedding garment, and He in His. These beautiful overture things would begin to play here and there. And each time she would look back, they were getting closer to this altar, to the point where He literally took her hand, walked her to the altar, God the Father pronounced a beautiful wedding ceremony over them - a formal wedding ceremony. There were flowers and...I don't know if it was rice or what they were throwing, but everyone celebrated. There was a beautiful carriage waiting for them. As soon as the carriage - a kinda Cinderella carriage -started to take off, it got airborne, up in the air.

Clare: Wow...!

Ezekiel: And they end up kinda circling overhead, over the mansion, the guests, and waving and that.

And this went on and on and on, to where it seemed He took her through a long, beautiful day of what their honeymoon was going to be like. They danced and went through jungles and oceans and beaches and quaint little beautiful, Greek village towns and things. In fact, they had a bungalow there, a little rented house - it was almost like they could smell the fisherman's boat motors and they could hear the talk down on the docks and these little side restaurants. And, I mean, He just really opened it up for her! And she just stayed with it, and stayed with it and stayed with it.

She wasn't sure about sharing it, but the Lord told her that He wanted this, eventually. This was a foreshadow, a preview. And she was just gifted with this Grace.

Now, I know many of you have worked and prayed for MONTHS!! Jesus said, "You didn't choose Me, I chose you." You know, there are people around the world who've left everything - lived 40 and 50 years in monasteries, places like that, yet still don't necessarily see or hear the Lord the way we're talking about. But it's BY FAITH. I can't stress that enough! IT'S BY FAITH! They just believe and sense His presence. They believe He's there and that they're called to keep Him company.

I mean, these are people that maybe went in, in their twenties and lived there into their eighties. And gone on to be with the Lord. Can you imagine? Every day for 40, 50 years? But, that becomes the love of their life, because HE'S the Love of their life. But, It's HIS timing, right? It's not ours.

Clare: Right, right.

Ezekiel: Even for Clare and I. It's not like this just started to happen to us a few months ago, when we began to broadcast. It's been almost 3 decades that the Lord has been working this way in our lives - WITH children, in missions, in regular work and regular family time. There's a proper balance, you know. I would say, please be patient and don't give up. There's an order to things.

Clare: Yeah, when you have a family, you know, you can't spend as many hours in prayer. And, the Lord doesn't WANT that - that would be disordered. I mean, I only got maybe two hours a day when I was raising my four children, and homeschooling them as a single mother. I would get up early in the morning...of course, that meant I went to bed very early. I was asleep by 10:00 or by, even by 9:00. I would get up at 5:00 and get a couple of good hours in with the Lord and then have my day.

So, everything has to be in balance. And, if anything's out of balance, and you're neglecting your children or your spouse, then the Lord is going to hold back. Because, He's not pleased with that, ya know.

Ezekiel: There is a Godly order, and we give God that first time, our first fruits. But then, we go out to Him physically present and our wives, our husbands and our children. If we have a family, and are not in full-time ministry, where the Lord know, where we've given up everything, and He's mandated that we just go out in faith - if were living a regular family life that He's ordained, we need to support our family. The Lord will support the work, but He wants us to put our hands to it. So, you don't necessarily have to enjoy it, even. He can make it enjoyable. You men out there, you really need to step up and cover your wives and your children and keep some occupation and some income coming in.

Clare: Well, and the Lord will give you opportunities to witness your faith to other people.

Ezekiel: Absolutely, absolutely.

Clare: It's a real act of humility to work a job that you don't necessarily like, but because you're dedicated to your family - which is the proper order for the Lord.

Ezekiel: He wouldn't have given you your wife: your heartmate, your helpmate, your soulmate - and these beautiful children if He didn't mean for them to help form and shape your soul as well, and for you to help form and shape their souls. "Blessed is the servant, whom the Master places in charge of giving the Children their bread at the proper time. How blessed is that servant when the Master returns and finds him doing so."

Clare: Amen. Well, one of the things that I have noticed is that, there are those of us who really are called to carry Simon's Cross. Like the one woman who wrote in and said she's just so frustrated...and then says as an aside, "Now, I DID offer my suffering for ISIS, for the people who've been affected by ISIS." Well, when we're in a position - and I think a lot of people who've had anointed prayer for illness, they've had really anointed prayer, they have strong faith, they've seen healing in their life before - but for some reason the Lord has not totally

healed them...a lot of those people have been called to be Simon's. To bear the Lord's Cross for Him. The Simon's Cross and to offer the sacrifice of a fast offering in the form of waiting for the Lord to heal them. Waiting for His timing, His readiness to heal them. In the meantime, they are bearing fruit - they're not just lying there dormant and useless.

Ezekiel: That's right.

Clare: They're bearing fruit. Some of us - the Lord had told us this last week: we are going to see more intense suffering up unto the time of the Rapture.

Ezekiel: And it's solid gold. You know, He didn't just go to the Garden, die on the Cross, raise up and that was it. He suffered. Scriptures say He was a man of suffering, acquainted with Sorrow and Pain. He took on our iniquities, He took on our sins. He didn't say this life would be easy. He said...

Clare: Deny yourself. Pick up your Cross. Follow Me.

Ezekiel: That's right. And in this world you'll have trouble, but be encouraged, because I have overcome the world.

Clare: Suffering is from the devil but the Lord uses it.

Ezekiel: Well, the source of it.

Clare: Yeah, the source of it. But, if you are using the Bible Promises, some of the readings that you are going to turn up when the Lord is asking you to be an intercessor, and to carry Simon's Cross... Some of you are going to get Parent's Duties, when you open the Bible Promises prayerfully. Remembering, of course, to bind the Lying spirit before you open the book. But you're going to get Parent's Duties, and that means that the Lord is calling you to be a spiritual parent for some of these people who are suffering. Or, you may get Salvation, or you may get Eternal Life as well. We've gotten those when we knew the Lord was calling for intercession. We didn't know whether to go to the emergency room, or sit and wait it out. So, we used the Bible Promises, and got Patience and Parent's Duties... So we knew, Okay - this is a suffering that needs to bring the Gospel, or to help to the conversion of a soul to receive Him. So, it's okay - this will pass. We don't need to running off to the ER.

Ezekiel: Yeah... I'd like to qualify something, too. The other day, Clare mentioned - maybe on the last teaching or the one before...we don't use the whole Bible, we use the Bible Promises. That didn't mean we don't use the Bible - we DO! This particular teaching that she was giving was about getting an enlightened word, a rhema, a "word in season" - because you don't always have the time to go through... so and so begat, so and so, and you know. The Old Testament can be kinda long and a little confusing.

But, there are deeper levels of discernment and prayer, where you DO need to use your Bible, the New Testament - the Gospels are easier, I think, to discern - because that's actually Jesus speaking. But, the Lord may speak to you right out of a Psalm. The thing is, don't make it a study, but wherever you open to, there's probably going to be something on those two pages in front of you that's going to stand out, that's kinda gonna hook onto your heart, you're gonna feel it.

But, He DOES caution us not to be slothful, but to be diligent. Proverbs 27:23 Be diligent to know the state of your flocks and look well to your herds. Well, we may not all be pastors, or missionaries, or ministers but we're certainly bearing...

Paul said, "I have begotten you in Christ." We're not only bearing fruit for the Lord, we're bearing children, we're bearing souls. We're either giving birth to salvation experiences by His Grace (He's bringing salvation, but He's asking us to cooperate with that.) To pray for it, maybe to fast and pray for it. Whatever. But, we're responsible for those souls, because they're just children. If we're wedded to Him, if we're His spouse, those are the children that the Bride and Jesus bear together. And any wife is going to be about her husband's business, which number one, is helping to take care of their children.

Clare: Absolutely!

Ezekiel: So, keep an eye on the sheeps and the lambs around you, even if they seem like unbelievers. He loves them, and He's got His mark and His hand on 'em until the last minute. You know, it's HIS desire that NO ONE be lost. And there's lots of opportunity in practical ways - not just witnessing or quoting Bible Scriptures and things like that, but just... doing a favor for someone. Take them to the store, visit a nursing home.

Clare: Showing the kindness of the Lord.

Ezekiel: Being Jesus, being His hands and feet to a hurting and confused world. And the one that you reach out to, Paul says, that you could be entertaining angels, unaware. But, I guarantee you, many times that's Jesus at the door.

Clare: Absolutely. As Mother Theresa used to say, "in the distressing disguise of the poor." And that's why she was so wonderful with the poor, because she really saw the suffering Christ under the appearance of it, distressing disguise of the poor.

Ezekiel: Lord, we simply come before You, thanking You that You Love us more profoundly than we can imagine. We might not always sense and feel it, but it's by Faith. You tell us that over and over again, but we are so fortunate. Compared to the rest of the people around this globe, most of us have more food and clothing and shelter than what we need. We have SO much and so give us a heart of gratitude, Lord.

Protect us, keep us strong in time of trial and temptation. Protect us from the enemy, keep Your mantle and Your covering over us, just as You did for the Israelites with Your pillar of fire among them, Your protection and Your truth. Thank You and Praise You and we put out our hand to receive that ring, as you place it on our finger to be Your spouse, to be Your Bride for richer, for poorer and in sickness and in health and we'll never die so we'll never part.

Father, thank You so much for Your son Jesus and this Bride that you prepared for Him and the Love that you have for Him, Father. And Jesus, the Love that You have for the Father and how You just adore each other. And Holy Spirit, how You work in and through, to give us life and life more abundantly.

We ask all these things in gratitude again, in Jesus' name.