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July 11, 2015

Lord Jesus, bless Your precious Family, Our precious Family as we share Your words together.

The Lord had a very interesting, turn-of-events message for us today. He is calling for a favor from the family, from our Youtube family. He's assembled a certain group of souls together on this channel, and He's calling for a favor from you right now.

So, without further delay, July 11, 2015. I'm going to get into the message.

"My Beloved, I am so happy with your consistency of motive and commitment. Indeed, I look forward to this time as much as you do. So, now we are here with one another. Never doubt My nearness to you."

As an aside here, I'm going to tell you that when I was doing a little bit of research on CERN - things that the Lord had put into my lap, really - 'cause He doesn't want me to go looking for things. Paul Begley had mentioned that he believed CERN was the sword in the hand of the rider of the red horse in Revelation 6, who was given the weapon to take peace from the Earth.

The Second Seal: War

Rev. 6:3When He broke the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, "Come." And another, a red horse, went out; and to him who sat on it, it was granted to take peace from the Earth, and that men would slay one another; and a great sword was given to him."

And my spirit really bore witness to that, and Paul Begley said that. And, you know, Jesus has given us the key to protection from this dark force: His sacrificial LOVE, still flowing richly from the Cross. His Blood. His Name. But most especially - His Love, cultivated daily in Dwelling Prayer. This is the weapon He wants to arm all men with.

"CERN is indeed the sword given to take peace from the Earth, but on many levels. All over the world, this dark matter is in place to be used to promote sin and degradation. That is why I want Our messages to be spread abroad. It is important to Me that these messages go around the world. I want to promote them. Those who have tuned into Our channel are a unique blend of mystics, romantics and very dedicated 'laid down lovers of Jesus,' as Heidi Baker would say.

"This is that day and age where the Gospel is indeed going 'round the world. I am sick, sick, sick at heart with the religious bondages that have passed for the representation of My Faith, what I began with 11 simple men. And make note: the one who was not simple among them was the traitor. So, now we have come to the point where it is necessary to deliver this message into the hands of My Little Ones around the world and I want to use technology to make My point."

And this is interesting, as an aside: I've been approached by one of the major channel promoters of Youtube, they want to work with us to spread the message. We're praying about that right now, looking into it - and we're going to walk slowly into it. But, the Lord seems to be putting His approval on it, and what He is saying is that, He wants this weapon - He wants His Love to be taught around the world, so that people are truly prepared to handle what is coming. He continued here:

"What is so beautiful and simple about the Faith we are sharing, is that it is Love and Sacrifice centered. From the very beginning those were the two themes I presented in My life. But that simplicity was lost by very clever men infiltrating My Church. Even now, you are finding out how Satan has entered and perverted the Church and placed his mark on the very foundations."

What Jesus is referring to here, is the symbol of the horned man, who is the same one in the satanic pentagram that was discovered in 1710 in the very foundation of Notre Dame Cathedral. Another name for that god worshipped by Satanists, Celts and Romans was CERN. But, before we start bashing the Catholics, there's nothing new about this infiltration. The same thing happened, with Solomon's temple. On the foundations were written words of dedication to Baal. It seems that these large elaborate, beautiful buildings just invite corruption.

I thought to myself, 'Oh God help are wanting to spread the faith and it is the pattern that Satan stands ready to corrupt it from the very beginning.'

As I was thinking that, He answered me, "You are too little, Clare. Your foundation is with living stones and in the air where My Holy Spirit has glued together the precious gems from across the globe to form the foundation of what I want to do with My little Heart Dwellers.

"Just maintain this littleness of spirit, My Love.

"Now, for the message tonight. It is increasingly important that all of you press into My Love. I want to inebriate you in My Goodness and saturate every pore with the sweet serum of My Love - the cure for all the ills of this world and your ultimate protection from the dark and nefarious ones.

"When I first began these teachings, I was reaching out to the ones who fell between the cracks: the rejected, beaten down and misunderstood. And, indeed My Bride is wearing My Crown of Scorns and she has cleaved to Me as I anticipated. But, now we must reach out to the churched who are held in the clutches of bondage to a system I never created.

"Now, many of My generals and lieutenants are captive in ritual Christian culture. Mind you, I did not say simply 'culture'. I love the cultures and the varieties of the whole Earth. I gave to each their own unique flavor and purpose on this earth and all are dear to Me. I want only to infuse them with My Spirit. Not with social correctness and cover-ups but with transparency and honesty, that they too have fallen short of the Glory of God. Not with rules and gates, but with Love, seeping from every pore of their being.

"I wish to reach the pastors of the churches that are dying. I want them to see why I have withdrawn My miraculous presence. Why people are leaving. Why they are luke-warm and worn out. I want a whole new and fresh breeze of My Spirit to permeate the churches and I want to say it will not be dependent on your fasting and sacrifices, so stop torqueing over this!"

Boy, does He know me well! Here He is talking at the same time I am thinking this. I was thinking, 'Gee, Lord, if you want to do something like this, I'll really have to fast and pray.' Which I really can't do very well because of the Fibromyalgia. He hasn't given me the strength to do the things that I did in my thirties....which seemed to help me to be very prideful and puffed up...that I could fast 6 days a week! Boy, He's cutting off that venue now! And He's saying, no - just keep it simple. So, He wants pastors to see why people are leaving - they are luke-warm and worn out.

"This is going to be done by Me, My way. You are only guiding the grace I've given you to distribute at the proper time. You needn't be anything more than you truly are. I want them to see this is not about a man and a movement, this is about My Spirit and a movement to come back to My Heart and Dwell with Me.

"All over the world, confusion reigns as to what I'm really all about. I want a complete and total end to that. No more shall man consider religion. No more shall man stumble in the dark looking for the Truth, for I shall take up My residence within Him and He shall know the truth and it shall set Him free.

"I am wanting to put a complete and total end to religion and give all of mankind nothing more than an introduction to My Love and the grace I give on a daily basis to keep him walking in My Love and My Wisdom.

"For this cause, I need the cooperation of our family. I want them to begin to reach out to their brothers and sisters who are still in bondage to a denomination and call them into My arms where I wait unconditionally, to shower My Love upon them, that they may emit the fragrance of My Love wherever they go.

"These who I am targeting are weary, Clare. So very weary with all the games and posturing in My Body. They are looking for a newfound freedom. They sense it is coming, but they don't know what it looks like. They are like the walking dead in the churches, going through the motions and expected routines, yet sick and tired to the core of the emptiness of it all. The vitality and life is missing. It has been replaced by form and ritual. And, I am not speaking of the liturgical churches alone, not at all. My Pentecostals and Holiness and non-denominationals are also steeped in ritual, but they have been so busy pointing the finger at the liturgical churches they don't realize they are just as regimented, confined and ritualized as they are."

But Lord, a certain kind of form and order are necessary?

"Have you forgotten what I taught you in the Wounding Waters series: Social Status, Fear of Intimacy, Love of Money?? These are the norm for the church. It is expected that they 'do business' this way. I want to break the mold and call them back into My Heart in purity and faithfulness to the example of My very life.

"So, this is the message I have today for My Bride. I am calling you out of man's heart and into Mine. Pure and simple... literally. I am asking you, My Brides, to begin to excite those in your church with what I have touched you with. Transparency, unconditional love, and profound, unheard of intimacy with carry the flame of My Love forward to those who are suffering in bondage to systems.

"Go now and proclaim My Love, calling each of the wounded back into My Heart for some serious healing."