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July 13, 2015

Well, my precious Family, I don't have a message for you this morning. But we're gonna walk through this together, hand in hand. I spent about four hours with the Lord tonight. When I first saw Him, He came to invite me to dance, and after we had danced a little while, I began to see that He was standing before Pilate all bloody. Soon after that, He was on the Cross, all bloody. And I just spent a very long time comforting Him, and the tears were rolling down His cheeks. I looked down at what He was looking at beneath us, and I saw armies of military people, just army after army, around the nation in different places.

The west coast: it seemed like there were submarines that were poised to attack. On the west coast, in the Pacific Ocean. On the East Coast, in the Atlantic Ocean. The southern border with Mexico, the northern border, and the Gulf of Mexico - there were three - seemed like three ships in the Gulf of Mexico.

Anyway, I waited for a message for the longest time, and I just don't really know why He didn't speak to me. So, we're holding hands on this ones, guys - and you're accompanying me. 'Cause I'm not sure if there was something that I did that wasn't pleasing to Him. But I can tell you this much: we got "Enemies" tonight and we prayed the binding prayer. I haven't gotten to sit with the Lord since that time we prayed the binding prayer again, and I may do that after we get started here.

Ezekiel's gonna help me with this, 'cause he's my backup. I had gone to the Lord in Bible Promises, and asked Him if there was reason why we weren't getting a message, and I didn't get a clear answer. In fact, I don't remember what I did get. But Ezekiel got something.

(Ezekiel now speaking) Yes, my prayer readings and Scriptures were all about the Way of the Cross, His conviction, and how He carried His Cross alone - except for Simon helping Him. And how the soldiers rolled dice for His garments, just everything, up to the moment He breathed His last.

Clare: And that was tonight?

Ezekiel: Yes.

Clare: So, that was what you got, and I saw the tears rolling down His cheeks, He was crucified at the time - and then I had that vision of the United States below us. And, you had gone to the Bible Promises, and you got "Enemies", right? In fact, you got three readings from the Bible Promises as to why He wasn't speaking to me. Do you remember what they were? I know one of them was "Enemies".

Ezekiel: When I went to the Lord, asking if He was going to speak to Clare tonight, I got "Enemies", and I've BEEN getting "Enemies" and "Help in Troubles" for days, and not really knowing what that was all about.

Clare: I got that, too. I got "Help in Troubles".

Ezekiel: But when you look at the title, and go down and read the Scriptures below it - for example under "Help in Troubles" Psalm 37:39 - But the salvation of the righteous is of the Lord, He is their strength in time of trouble.

Clare: So that's what stood out to you.

Ezekiel: Yes, yes. And several others down there about the Lord being our hiding place, and preserving us from the Psalms 32. The next reading I got, or set of readings that I got, were under the title "Loneliness" But basically, the Lord was saying, "I love you, I honor you. You're precious in My eyes because you've been honorable." It's almost like the Lord's saying, "You're under attack right now. First of all, there's some HEAVY duty things coming. He's still asking us for fast offerings of whatever: our joys, our sorrows, whatever we can give Him during the day and night on behalf of souls for that Mercy to flow from the Cross, and be appropriated, applied to them and that they'll receive it. The Grace is there - once and for all He died and opened the way to Heaven for us.

Clare: And that the message will get delivered.

Ezekiel: Yes, soft soil and plow the fallow ground.

Clare: And, what I felt the Lord was saying to me in the "Help in Troubles" readings were, "Though I walk in the midst of trouble, Thou wilt revive me. Thou shalt stretch forth Thy hand against the wrath of my enemies, and Thy right hand shall save me." That one really spoke to me. And then I had three Rhema cards that I pulled from my file. The first one was, "There's never a moment in the day when I am not thinking of you." Another one I had gotten earlier, just before I went into prayer, was, "I believe in you, too." I have another one, "I believe in You." - that means I believe in You, Lord. But, this was a small, 'y' - in other words, He believes in me.

The next thing, "You have a lot of friends in Heaven." That was the second card. "True friends." And then the third card was, "What I have said, that will I bring about. What I have planned, that I will do."

So, it didn't speak very clearly to me as to why He didn't speak to me tonight, and I'm going to be seeking Him. We've talked about this before. Basically, if there's an open door - if there's something you've done or haven't done, and He's trying to get your attention, He will lift His covering and allow you to be sifted.

The hardest thing for me in the world... I've got to warn you guys, don't ever be jealous of me! Because the hardest thing in the world, is when He doesn't speak to me - it is so painful! Because I don't feel like I have fresh manna for you. He makes me walk the straight and narrow and if I get out of line - He withholds that from me.

So, it could be that He's very quiet tonight. It could be that I've done something that I'm not aware of, and I'm certainly going to continue to seek Him about that. It could be that He just doesn't want to talk about it, and He wants us to pray.

Ezekiel: That's kind of the impression that I've been getting. When you are hurting and you're really in pain over something, you don't necessarily want to talk. It's all about souls. And that's where His heart is. Some souls are going to be comforted and raptured and up and out of here. And some souls are going to have to be here and face the brunt of some terrible things.

Clare: Well, thank you for sharing that with us, Honey. So...pray for us, guys. Pray for me, that if I've offended the Lord in some way, or left a door open, pray that He'll show me what it is, that I can repent and we can be back in receiving fresh manna for you.

We love you guys - the Lord bless you.