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July 15, 2015

Thank you for your prayers everyone. The Lord gave us a message, so I'm really happy to get into that. But before I do, I want to share with you a couple things that happened. You remember that Ezekiel and I talked about last night that in the Bible Promises book we kept getting, "Enemies.

Enemies. Enemies." And, I was saying, 'Yeah, it's definitely the work of the enemy, trying to block a message...but what did I do to open the door so the Lord would let the guard down?" Well, we never really got that figured out,

but tonight He showed me what exactly what was hindering our communication together.

So...we've got another revision to the Binding Prayer - you're gonna love me for this...(smile.) The Lord always turns things that were meant for evil into good, and now you're gonna have a tool that you didn't have before. Let me tell you what happened!

Tonight, as I said the binding prayer I saw standing before me, to the left, a demonic looking creature like a Satyr, that is half man half goat - except it was erect like a person but had scales on its legs and a hairy body with an ugly, goat-like head. I watched him out of the corner of my left eye as I was saying the binding prayer. He seemed to be casually observing, with one leg poised in front of the other as though he was relaxed and amusing himself waiting for me to finish. When I got to the part about the Blood of Jesus, he recoiled. So, I repeated that three times, "The Blood of Jesus be upon you." And he was gone! I mean, really gone.


There are also goatmen which look similar to Satyrs, that are actually known for imitating people and children, and luring them into dangerous situations by their voice. And masquerading like a familiar person. I found that to be really true. When I shared in one of my testimonies, how I had a television explode once when I was coming to the conclusion that familiar spirits take on the appearance of anything that appeals to your vanity, anything that appeals to anything else.

So, please, dear family. Don't get mad at me, but we need to add this to the prayer! To repeat, "The Blood of Jesus be upon you" three times.

Now...the next thing that happened. Boy - the Lord is never boring!

He began speaking to me very clearly, but I couldn't stay awake, and I went to lay down. I came back in about an hour, and He was still speaking to me ever so clearly, but I was struggling to keep my eyes open. Finally, I asked Him, "Lord, please help me stay awake. Please?" And kept on listening and writing.

Now as you know we have cats, five to be exact and each one is like a child to us. The Lord uses them continually to bring us joy and He even ministers to us through them. The back of our house, where the studio is, borders a five acre field in the middle of Taos, behind the main street and the McDonalds. We can see the McDonald's drive-through in the distance, through the studio window. Well, we get coyotes in that field a couple of times a year. Usually they are way far away, closer to McDonald's and the ditch that runs beside it.

But tonight, Jesus wanted to wake me up! Right? Mmm hmmm. Right outside my window, couldn't have been more than 15 feet, a coyote was boldly howling full volume. Right outside my window! The window was wide open, so it felt like he was in the room with me. I freaked!!! I go up and ran to the window, clapped my hands and shouted loudly, and he just kept right on howling. Then Bruno, our big old St. Bernard/Husky mix, took off after him with his very deep throated intimidating bark, and he just kept on howling...!

So, I turned my speakers around to face out the window, put them on full volume, and blasted him with a recording of a deer rifle which I had downloaded just for these very special occasions just about shakes the house. Finally, that nasty critter was gone. But, now I had another issue to deal with: are all my cats okay?? Because a lot of times, they'll wander out into the field, right behind the house. We take them for a walk every evening, but we're very careful every night to make sure all of them are in the yard and the gate is closed. Still, they sometimes take off into the field.

So, I started calling for the cats, and I could only find two. I started calling and calling...finally we had four. One was still missing. He came running when Ezekiel whistled for him about fifteen minutes later. Until then, I was kinda holding my breath, although I really believed the Lord would have Mercy on the cats and protect them.

I went back to the message, so happy to hear from the Lord. Happy the cats were alright. Happy that the gunshots worked. And, I'm just typing along as He's speaking and all of a sudden, He changes the subject and said, "You asked me to wake you up, didn't you??"

Oh, so funny... thank you, Lord, I am now wide awake!!! Not only was I wide awake, but I was shaking from the coyote incident...I mean, that really blasted me, too. He has such a sense of humor! But He did manage to get me nice and awake, so I could do this message for you!

On to the message....

Tonight, as I worshipped, I was in the tomb with Jesus - just a real, sweet sorrow settled on me, and I'm sure part of it was all of your lovely prayers. I was in the tomb with Jesus, and I was sitting by His right hand, which was crossed over His body in a position of repose. I wept and wept, because His rule has been rejected. Men preferred sin and the reign of sin over Our Sweet Savior. Oh, Mankind, how could you be so dense, so blind? Oh, how could you??

As I looked at His face, He looked very much like the picture Ray Downing does of the Lord under the Shroud, the profile picture. His face was calm and peaceful, but I thought, 'Oh God how sad, they rejected You: kindness, love, tenderness and truth. Justice, protector of the oppressed... and they rejected You. Oh, how could they?

How could we?'

And, I thought to myself, 'How many times have I preferred my way over Yours? How many times have You waited for me to wake up and see who was entreating me? Little nudges that I wasn't paying attention to. How many times have I rejected You in the little things and done it my own way?? Foolish woman...'

And yet, the rejection of Our God is staggering among mankind. Staggering.

As I pondered these things, and that was going on for perhaps 30 minutes - maybe 45, I saw color beginning to return to His hand and His whole body. I could see that He was totally restored and He sat up and said with firm resolve, "I'm going to get My Bride, because She wants Me to rule over her." He stood to His feet and kissed me.

"You see, I have struggled and struggled with this generation until they have simply proven that they don't want Me. So, now I am skimming the cream off the top. I'm coming for My Bride, who truly longs for Me. Just as I had promised My people, you will not see Me again until you say, "Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord." This, too, will come to pass, the hard way. The way I never, ever wanted to ordain.

"My people, you have made your own choices by refusing to listen to the whispers in your hearts. I have whispered, I have spoken, I have screamed, "Come back to Me, before it's too late." But in vain. So, I am leaving you to your own devices. You will see who is evil and who is good. You will no longer call good evil and evil good. Rather you will long to see My Face again and long with all your hearts to have Me rule over you.

"That's what this is all about, My rule was not sufficient for you, so now you must suffer the consequences of your own choices."

I just want to take a moment here and say that I was amazed at the young people that thought Obama was just wonderful! All ages: middle aged, young, older...they all just thought Obama was wonderful! And it was like, hands down - he was going to be president. And I kept thinking, "You guys can't see?? You can't see that this man is evil? You're calling someone that is very evil - good. And you're calling Christians who are good - evil!

How can you do this? How can you be so blind?? That was what was going through my mind that whole time during his campaign. Then the Lord continued:

"I have no other alternative. You have tied My hands. What can I do but leave you to your own devices, your own rule, until you reach the very rock bottom? Yes, it has been well said, 'I am come in my Father's Name, and you received Me not: another shall come in his own name, and him you will receive.' John 5

"Yet a little longer now, and My Bride, you will see Me coming on the clouds. Indeed, the whole world will see and the mourning and wailing will reach to the Heavens. I will purify My people, and I will return to rule and reign among them. Until then, you will have much to suffer, yet I will be with you, because My love for you has never grown cold. No, My heart beats out of My chest for this people. How I have longed to caress you, pour oil on your wounds, and grace your feet with fine sandals. Oh, how I have longed. Now this most painful prophecy of history must cleanse the land of the filth that has filled it, until you proclaim, 'Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord.'

"Then, I shall take you into My arms and restore you. You will learn My ways and once again be My people, My chosen ones to carry forth My Words and My Will to future generations. Until then, My people, rent your garments, don your sackcloth, pour ashes over your heads for judgment is coming to this land."

Now, when the Lord said that, I thought, 'Wow! Are you talking about America?' I mean, America and Israel are so closely tied together. And He answered me,

"The nation of Israel abides in this country as well. You have only to look at those who dominate to see the vast numbers. Doctors, lawyers, politicians, entertainment. Yes, My people have excelled in every office, every profession, excelled in every talent and excelled in debauchery as well. No people are without guilt, but those who lead have the most. This has been carefully kept from the masses who think they see only a small percentage (of Jews), but in truth they are everywhere, in positions of leadership.

I know here in New Mexico, as an aside - any Spanish name with a 'Z' on it has Jewish roots. Any family name like Martinez, is actually a Jewish name, because when they were running from Spain, they changed their names. The Lord continued:

"Well, My Love, I am coming now to take My Bride. The one who harkened to the whispers of her heart, the one who longs for Me, the one who weeps at My Feet for what I must suffer. Faithful has she been flying in the face of success and wealth just to embrace Me. Now I extend My arm to her and together we approach the altar where Our Love will be declared for Eternity.

"Lift up your eyes My Beloved ones. Soon, we will embrace and soar to the Celestial City, where your reward awaits you. And, for those who must stay behind, I say, Courage. I will be with you. Great will your exploits be before man, and great shall be the harvest you reap. I will never leave you or forsake you. Rather, I will equip you for this Battle and you shall take plunder from the mighty.

"And, when I return - you shall receive your everlasting reward."