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July 19, 2015

The Lord gave me a very sweet message today about marriage and about couples in ministry and the role that they play for one another. Just as a little background here, Ezekiel has been having some real issues with his body and been in a lot of pain...a LOT of pain, and it's really been bringing me down, it's really been hurting to see him like that. And, I pray for him and he gets better, and the pain subsides, but then later it comes back. We're really...I'm really struggling having to watch this suffering. So, the Lord addresses this tonight.

He began:

"My Dear One, don't be alarmed at all the suffering he must endure. It is bringing a heavy-weighted glory in My Kingdom. It is My plan, Clare. He is carrying out My plan, which we agreed to at his incarnation. Just make it as sweet as possible by being a very good and kindly wife. That always makes it better and removes any bitter sting. This will be over soon, please don't allow it to demoralize you or take you down."

Oh, Jesus, it is SO painful to see him this way.

"I know that. Don't you think I feel it, too?"

I guess so... but You're God, after all...

"So, God doesn't have feelings, too? God doesn't hurt, too? Clare, with the capacity to love greatly, comes the capacity to hurt greatly. They go hand in hand. Will you please accept this for what it is? A tremendous grace that is bringing much fruit into the Kingdom? Try. Try, to rest in this. Just try."

OK...please help me.

"I didn't say it would be easy, even if I help you, but I can make you stronger. We all have a cross to bear. All. Including Me. I am still carrying a cross for humanity. There is no getting away from it as long as there is contention in the Body, accusation, pain of any kind, or even one unsaved soul.

"Because we are united as One, the grace of supporting the work that delivers salvation to souls is spread around so that no one person must carry the brunt of it. I did the major work of opening the doors of Heaven and paying the price. Now you must keep the soil well tilled, planted, watered and protected, until the Harvest. This requires hard work and sacrifice. With it comes suffering and burdens, which are distributed among the Body according to the capacity of each one.

"We all have to play a part. When one hurts, all hurt, when one rejoices all rejoice. You cannot separate the parts of the body; they all must be under one head. When husband and wife choose to be a team for Me, the load is evenly distributed. As you well know, many, many times, when you are down, he is up. When you are up, he is down. This is all in My economy, so that each has a share and no one faints from the burden. Not only are you supporting one another, but your meekness in carrying your particular cross at any moment teaches you humility, without which you can easily lose every virtue and all the spiritual growth you gained in this life.

"I am continually strengthening both of you in supporting one another and humility. Even in secular marriages, this principal applies; there is a yoke, and each is to have their part in pulling the load. Through this the children learn as well and grow up to be balanced. Yet, Satan has done so much to upset the order I arranged, because it is a model of the Church, My Body. And, distorting the role of the Father figure brings the whole model down 'till it is no longer recognizable. That is one reason why I hate divorce. It interrupts the pattern that I designed to function in raising up children. They grow up wounded and bent in the wrong direction.

"Even though the enemy has destroyed it, yet I have sent the graces to restore souls, but it is much more difficult now that the model is shattered. Yet, for Me, nothing is impossible. I wanted you to understand that this role he is playing was agreed upon before birth, that it is his honor and nobility to do this for Me. It demonstrates perseverance, loyalty and selfless sacrifice to establish My kingdom. Clare, if you look at it as an honor, it will be easier for you."

I suppose so, Lord. I will try.

"You can see this dynamic at work in Heidi and Roland Baker's life, in Graham and Theresa Cooke's life. There is a ministry there and both are contributing and supporting it. Although it seems like only one is, in reality the hidden partner carries the heaviest burden. This is greatly misunderstood by the Body as it is now. The sickness in the other partner's life is looked at either as retaliation by Satan or punishment for some hidden sin, perhaps even unbelief. What a lie this is!!! The silent, suffering partner is backing up the public partner's ministry, holding them up even as Ezekiel is praying behind you right now. This agreement is in the Spirit, and rarely recognized in the consciousness. But, there is mutual growth in love, selfless sacrifice and humility. In Heaven, both will be rewarded equally.

"Do you see how beautiful this is? Do you see this is even a model of My Bride with Me? Yes, we work together. I am the visible One, she is the silent working partner. Her job is to support all my undertakings and do all in her power to prosper Me. My job is to glorify the Father. All have a role to play. Each role is tremendously important. Without the intercession of the Body, a minister has very little influence. The greater the work undertaken, the greater the need for intercessors. You see, this is the life of Billy Graham and other great evangelists. There are prayer teams constantly living for the ministry. Do you know that their reward will be the very same as his?

Yes, all of these invisible, self-sacrificing prayer warriors will also receive thrones from which they will rule when I return.

"The public partner is exposed to much danger; vanity and pride continually trying to gain a foothold. When the intercessors are wise, they pray for humility and integrity. Many times when they pray in the spirit, they have no idea what they are praying for. But, I understand them very clearly.

"If a husband or wife refuses to play a supportive role and gives in to the temptation of jealousy, it seriously hampers what I want to do with them as a couple. So few understand how important they are in the selfless hidden role, and I have to teach them before they can be elevated into a ministry that reaches many. Their greatest downfall will happen at the weakest point... and many times that's their marriage. One feels left out that the other is getting all the attention and they are inferior to their spouse. One wants to rise to equality in public ministry, even though I have not anointed them for that. They must both submit to My order.

"As you have experienced, I bring one to the forefront for a season, perhaps even decades - and then I bring them into the background and the other to the forefront. This teaches them a holy respect for My Spirit working through one another. If this is not in place, I cannot use them.

"Great is the ministry of women right now. I am raising them up, but their husbands must be raised up in the holiness of covering without jealousy. Even though it seems the woman is the head, she is not. This is especially difficult when a woman is the public figure. Joyce Myers, for instance, had to learn very hard lessons of submission to her husband, as did you.

"The beauty of all of this is that everyone in My kingdom is equal in status and the hidden partner gets the very same reward as the public one.

"Well, I wanted to sustain you with hope My Dove - all is in order here. I am in control. Enjoy the journey - both of you are My co-laborers and I am the One glorified when two walk together in agreement through thick and thin, with their only goal being to serve Me. I will do this for all those couples who come to me equally yoked, if they are willing. Dear ones, don't ever be jealous of your partner; recognize the calling they have and support it with all your heart. And you wives who have a calling in ministry, just because you are the visible one does not mean you are the head. The power and longevity of your ministry will be supported through a healthy marriage and a husband who knows his place of honor at the head of your marriage, and has no insecurities about who he truly is in Me."

In closing, I wanted to share with you, Family: due to many pressures from outside sources, I've been getting to bed later and later and later. As a result, I am very dopey around 5:00 am when I should be going to sleep.

Tonight, it was almost impossible for me to keep my head up and eyes open as I listened, and now it's 6:30 in the morning. Ezekiel, my husband, heard my frustration and even though he wasn't feeling well, he got out of bed, prayed for me and then he sat here praying as I was connecting with the Lord.

I was about to go to sleep until he did that. But, because he sacrificed for me, I was able to finish the message tonight. Oh, what a wonderful husband I have! I see how God will be glorified by our mutual obedience to what I call the sacrament of the moment...i.e. putting our shoulder to the work and getting it done, no matter which one does what.

God bless you all for listening and I pray that your marriages are fruitful and strong in humility and service. And by all means: wait for the partner that God has designated for you. Don't jump into anything in your own will. What God puts together let no man separate, but what man puts together can be easily separated. So, wait on the Lord, if you are waiting for a partner.

For this slight momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison...

2 Corinthians 4:17