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July 29, 2015

It's been a hectic day today, I've been all day in prayer, I've basically never left this chair. We had one of our precious Family that got a sucker punch, and misunderstanding and got hurt badly. So, I've been praying for them. Roughly, it takes about six hours from the time I begin in prayer until the time the message is posted. The editing, transcribing, bouncing the disk - all of that happens before the message goes up, so that's what causes delays sometimes.

In this message, the Lord mentions that things are ramping up in the world, and I do believe He's referring to the evil that is on the increase through CERN, through the portals of wickedness opening. And, there's a tremendous amount of interference going on, on the internet right now, and communications - in emails, and...glitches that we've never seen before. I highly recommend that you pray over your computers and download the sound of the shofar off the internet, and play that sound frequently to clear the air of anything that could get involved in blocking emails and communication. Because, many people are under attack right now in this area - not just us, but a lot of people. So, just be aware of it, and pray especially - to bind the interference on the internet.

But, here we are and the Lord has a good message for us today.

He began: "Things are ramping up in the world. It is going to take more and more self-control to stay out of sin and the condemnation that it can bring. We are moving towards a tipping point where evil will have the upper hand. But, I still have My Saints on Earth, who through the Power of My Grace, will stand. You are among them. I am going to shore you up, and for those who have listened very carefully and put into practice the wisdom I have imparted to them - they, too, will stand.

"My Brides, the hour is coming, when no man knows what is about to be unleashed on mankind. I can only say that I have been preparing you for this hour here and on other channels, and your faithfulness will be your deliverance. Foolish man has made plans under the cunning auspices of the prince of darkness. He has used their vanity and desire to be singular against them; it will be their undoing. Little do they know that they have planned their own undoing. Little do they know that, in some ways, I will save them from what is planned. They have nothing but scorn and contempt for Me, yet I still love them and wish to rescue them from total demise. Some will go on to that route in spite of My Loving admonitions and protection, taking their own lives when they discover what they have done.

"But, it is not My wish. I was there with them when they were little boys playing in the mud, making little tunnels, moving the earth, building pretend dams. I watched them play and discover the attributes of matter. They were taken into institutions and taught the ways of power and recognition, the 'no go' zones, the 'accolades' zones, as they matured into adults. Much was stolen from them. Innocence, a sense of wonder - replaced by power hungry institutions and think tanks. Now they are hopelessly captive to a system that is beyond their reach of understanding, because they no longer acknowledge Me."

What I think He's referring to there is, because they don't have God, because they don't understand His ways, these things that they're doing are beyond their reach of understanding.

He continued: "And so it goes, round and round again; the Tower of Babel, reaching for control of the universe, taking the bait, hook, line and sinker from fallen angels who have manipulated them to the hilt. Had they maintained this relationship with Me, this never would have happened.

"My greatest concern right now is still for the unsaved as the door closes and a wicked government takes possession of the world. I am calling on all My Brides to do everything in their power to bring souls to Me. Unfortunately, the conventional approach is not working. There is what I would call massive burnout with people being railed on to repent.

"No, it is My Love working through My Bride that is making the difference. I am so proud of you, My Brides, for showing love when you feel the exact opposite. When you're maligned and persecuted, that's when you most resemble Me. Don't allow that to get you down. Rather, look in the mirror and see Me standing before you. You will draw strength from the recognition that you most resemble Me.

"New avenues of grace are being opened up for you. Take full advantage and walk right through those open doors."

You know guys, when He said that, I thought of the podcasts that we're working on now. There's gonna be a Still Small Voice podcast that you'll be able to access through ITunes. And, there's another book coming out. We have people that have come to us, and offered to help - it's beautiful. So, these are new open doors for us. And, for all of you, I know - the Lord is just going to be opening doors for all of you.

He continued: "Those I bring before you may very well be consumed with fear of what is coming upon the world. And, you will be an answer to prayer and a refreshing breeze, offering hope where there is none. Remember that Love trumps all other ways of touching the lost. Remember that they are jaded on religion and haven't a clue that I'm not about religion, but relationship.

"Your friendship in those moments will mean everything to them. So many are jaded from the world's relationships of what they can extract from you. But, if you stand in the place of giving only, you will bypass that button. You are not trying to gain notches on your 'salvation gun'. No, you are introducing them to your best friend, and the one who loves you so unconditionally, in spite of your failures.

"As We go out for the Harvest, remember, minute by minute, I am with you. Ask Me for wisdom. Ask Me to do it. Ask Me to soften hearts to listen to you. Being kind to the most despotic person has an inestimable effect on their hearts. It is something hard to calculate, but believe Me, it leaves an imprint. Many who are this way expect nothing but rejection, so when you show them kindness, it stops them dead in their tracks and causes them to wonder."

And when He said that, I replied to Him, 'Oh, Lord... that's not easy for me at all.' Cause I don't like bullies, and I don't like manipulative people. I just don't like that kind of action, I just don't do well with it.

"I know Clare, not easy but necessary. In that moment, you can count on Me for the grace. Yes, you will have to do much violence to your flesh. The clever 'come back' and 'put down' will have to be suppressed. I will help you. You see, there are some who can only be won over by this kind of kindness. Nothing else will work, because they've heard and seen it all before. I know you're feeling disconnected from Me right now. But you're not. I have you right where I want you...buried in the palm of My Hand.

"Just remember as you walk with Me that things are not the same on the inside as they look from the outside. Many are deeply troubled with a foreboding about the times, and haven't a clue as to why. As you make it safe for them they will open up and begin to ask questions. You will be asked, 'How do you stay so calm in these troubling times? That will be your open door to share Me with them. You may not see instant results, but as things unfold, your words will be proven as accurate and valid. This will also be a witness to them that God is in control and He has foretold these things with extreme accuracy."

And He has also promised, "Come unto Me, you who are heavily laden, and I will give you rest for your souls."