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August 4, 2015

I love you precious family, and I understand many of you feel hurt that Jesus has not come for His Bride yet and we've got our dancing shoes on since June, and so many other preparations we have made expecting Him to come when the Dogwood blooms, (by the way it blooms in late summer in certain places) expecting Him to come when CERN started up, expecting Him when treaties were signed, expecting Him when Jade Helm began.

May I say I am feeling let down as well? For every viewer that takes the time to comment there must be another hundred who haven't. Some of you even feel I haven't been hearing from the Lord, and from time to time I ask myself that question, I wouldn't be human if I didn't, would I? I come under attack too.

But every time I put out a message there are certain ones who take the time to comment and tell me what an answer to prayer the messages were. I feel Him so very strongly, I hear Him, I see Him and He confirms so many things to me. So why do we all fall into doubt and unbelief?

Could it be that we're feeling let down, abandoned, disappointed? Well to be honest, I feel that way sometimes, I struggle with those very feelings. But as Peter said to the Lord after many abandoned Him, "To whom shall we go Lord, You have the words of Eternal life?" I believe that with all my heart. And this afternoon in worship the Lord made something very, very clear to me, it was so strong I had to stop worship and tell you.

"'My People, you and I have different agendas. You are longing to escape the pains of this earthly journey, you are longing to enter into your eternal reward, you are longing to be with Me. I do not fault you for this, I totally understand and long for you as well.

"But your agenda and My agenda do not match. I have come to save the lost and I know only too well when that window of Mercy is going to slam shut. Don't you see? This is the most painful thing I must ever endure and the very thought of doing it makes Me collapse in tears as I was in the Garden before My crucifixion. Do you know what was the most painful thing for Me to endure? It was the crushing loss of those who rejected My Love and My grace and their provision to be saved. That was far and away the most painful thing I ever experienced.

"You see I remember the disposition of that little soul when it came to earth. I remember the purity, the beauty, the sincerity. And looking at it now, all disfigured and deformed by sin and lies, pushing Me away, rejecting My provision is crushing My very Heart.

"And why are they pushing Me away??? Because man has deformed, disfigured and defamed My Name, My Faith, My Person. They don't recognize Me, because those who represent Me are not like Me. Many are full of judgment and hypocrisy. They have been taught God is hateful, mean, stripping away joy, overly demanding, and to live for Him is to live in a straight jacket. They have been taught that if they walk into church with two different colored socks they will be judged and rejected. Man has presented this image to them.

"So now in these last hours I have raised up ministers who will convey My True nature to the world. That those who have been fed the twisted agenda's of religion will recognize, "That's not Me, that never was Me. Let Me show you who I am." and the results I am seeing are spectacular. You who have turned around and recognized Me, finally, how wonderful that is. Oh My aching Heart is SO comforted by you.

"But do you know, there are more just like you, who are chained and being dragged off into perdition because they have yet to know Me? Some of these are your very relatives and children.

"Let me ask you this. What are you willing to suffer to see your loved ones brought into the kingdom???

"How long are you willing to wait to see them saved and rejoicing in Me even as you now rejoice in Me?

"What is it worth to you? What price are you willing to pay? Truly. Not theoretically, but truly, what's the price of their souls to you???

"You all know I am coming soon, I have been pouring the pressure on since the 60's to convince My People I AM COMING!!! And each month I pour the pressure on even more and more and more. Why? To disappoint you and leave you hanging???

"No!!! To get you into gear to apply yourselves to My agenda, and to see more brought into the Kingdom."

Oh Lord this is so confusing to some because they don't have a clear calling of your agenda. They don't see what they can do. They haven't a clue as to how to begin to approach people. Lord I've been guilty of this. If it weren't for this channel, I'd still be guilty.

"Wake them up, through their conscience...through their disappointments and emptiness inside. They are the walking dead, sound asleep and they are all around you. Many of them KNOW they are not alive, something vital is missing, they can feel that emptiness. They are the walking wounded, lonely, confused, no direction in life. Approach them from that direction. "Are you hurting, have you been deeply disappointed in life, are you feeling hopelessness about life. Are you seeing more and more terrible things coming upon the world? Do you want to live? Do you want your life to turn around? Do you want to have hope, joy, and feel good about life again?

"Many, many, many are on the very verge of despair because nothing they planned has worked out. Violence, immorality, disappointment, failed dreams, Oh how painfully they suffer. And no one has the answers? Life is a hopeless void? Isn't there something more to life than my dreams being shattered? Do you know how many feel that way? Thousands? No, millions. Because of the reprobate rulers, the genocides, the persecution, the wicked governments, millions suffer this, yes! Millions!

"My children, there is nothing mysterious about it. You must tell people, "I am not living my life for now, for earthly rewards, I'm living my life to prepare for my death, and for Heaven. Soon we will all have to answer to God for what we did or didn't do with the life breath He gave us. So I'm living for Him.

"If you died tomorrow, how would you stand before God? Have you lived your life just for yourself? For what you could have? For your own pleasures? Or have you reached out to others and been a blessing to the infirm, elderly, challenged, the underdog? If you've lived for yourself, you will have nothing to present to God when you die, nothing but selfishness and condemnation. Is that what you want???"

"Do you know the hope you have within you??? Do you know that you indeed have all the answers they will ever need? I need you My People, My Brides, I need you to rise up and confront people on the levels they are suffering.

"Stop looking at the clouds start looking at My heart that is breaking for them. Please, please, stop looking for your own deliverance and start looking for the deliverance of others.

"You who are in school, continue in school, but be a living witness to My Love wherever you go. You are so different than the ones that are not saved! you are so unique, you have the answers they don't have. They are not happy with their selfishness, they are lost inside. When they see you being kind, going out of your way, being happy, they will want what you have. They are searching inside...but doing it without hope because they don't know Me. You do know Me. You have all their answers.

"I will come for you at an hour you do not expect! How many times have I told you that???? On this channel, on other channels, in My Word, in church??? I will come at an hour you do not expect.

"Stop expecting by dates, you're living like yo-yos, not like My representatives. You're confused and depressed because your dates didn't pan out. But don't you know I am ramping you up to get busy? I have not abandoned you, I am trying to raise you up to the reality all around you, that I grieve over every day, so many will be lost. You will look back on your lives and say, "Why didn't I talk to them? Why Lord, Oh God forgive me." And at the same time they will be down on earth saying, "Why didn't they tell us?" Yet others will say, "I tried Lord." And the ones they witnessed to will say, "They tried to tell us, but we just wouldn't believe."

"Which group do you want to be in when you stand before Me??? Are you going to be in the group that increased their talents or in the group that buried them? In that day you will see the difference between the ones who bore a harvest and the ones that were lazy.

"Do not put off your lives because you know time is short, go forward and carry Me with you. For those who have received a call to full time ministry, I tell you now, you will be deeply disappointed with your life if you put Me off for another day.

"Move forward with all your God inspired plans, and if you have no plans, seek Me until you find Me and I will give you plans. I will lead you quietly, gently, in your heart. You will feel drawn in a certain direction, it will be a still small voice and an affection in your heart. But you will have to listen very carefully because such noisy things as video games, rock music, crowds of people, business, have jaded your ears so that you cannot hear My tender leadings."

Gosh Lord, it sounds like years before You come?

"Didn't I say I would surprise you??? What if I surprise you and you're sitting on a roof top watching the Eastern sky while your brother in the same apartment building is going to hell that very night? How will you stand before Me? Will that not be the fruit of selfishness?

"What I am asking of all of you My Brides, is to stop living for yourself. Yes, keep in mind you are watching for My Coming you are listening for the Shofar, but do put your backs into the work at hand, proceed confidently with your education and work. Do not put your lives on hold because you're living from date to date posted on different channels?

"Didn't I ask you NOT to do that because it would cause confusion, fear and despair? You are being manipulated by focusing solely on this. I know your curiosity got the best of you because I endowed you with curiosity, I know how powerful it can be, if you don't have sufficient self-control. Pray for more self-control.

"It is good to expect My coming, it is good to be spurned on because I give you clues that I am at the door, keep this in your heart, but move forward with your lives, confident that I will be pleased with what I find My servant doing at My arrival.

"And one last thing I would like to confirm to you Clare, because I have heard the musing of your heart. It is quite true, I have forestalled the Rapture because of your prayers. You have all been on the verge of the Rapture quite literally for years, but because of the sincere prayers of your hearts, because of the grief you carry for your relatives and for the world. I have relented and delayed. Clare, I have told you this from day one. Go back to your old messages and you will find My very first message to you all on this was that My Bride was not ready.

"Some of you on this channel only came to the Lord a couple of months ago. You can thank the saints on earth for their prayers, they are the ones who forestalled the searing judgment on this earth. And I still have My hand raised in the forestalled position because I see so many only a footstep away."

But Lord wasn't it you that told me a date had been set?

"I did. It has come and gone because of My Mercy. There are layers of salvation taking place. One group comes into the kingdom, another group (very often related to them) follows. Wave after wave of salvation. But there is soon coming a time when that will end. I want it to go on forever. This is where I wish for your heart to be.

"Please, do not focus your prayers on your own comforts or deliverance, focus them on the lost I have yet to reach, pray like never before that workers will go into the harvest fields. And one more thing, if your life is boring and lifeless, it is because you are not living for Me but for yourself. I never allow My servant's lives to be boring, I always send sufficient consolation and joy to up hold you. If you are bored it is not because you are serving Me but you are serving yourself and waiting for Me rather than serving others and knowing I'm coming.

"So I hope this will answer many of your questions as to what to do right now. Many of you are facing college and job opportunities. I want you to seek Me with all your hearts and follow my tender leadings in your hearts.

"I spread My mantle of grace over you all now, and impart to you conviction, repentance, hope, the joy of new life lived for Me and confirmations of My leadings in your lives. Go forth in confidence, I am coming soon,

"Who then is the faithful and sensible slave whom his master put in charge of his household to give them their food at the proper time? "Blessed is that slave whom his master finds so doing when he comes. "Truly I say to you that he will put him in charge of all his possessions....Matthew 24:46