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September 1, 2015

The Lord is with us and leading us, dear Heartdwellers.

I had a beautiful time in worship tonight - just really beautiful. I came into worship telling the Lord, 'Lord, I can't do this on my own. I need you to help me worship as YOU want me to. I had a good, strong cup of coffee, and that helped a little bit. AND I stayed on focus, I didn't drift off onto a project. This time was set aside to be with Him, and it was so beautiful, I put on some...very, directly worshipping songs.

Some Terry MacAlmon songs that are directly praise and worship, and sound very much like what goes on in Heaven, with all kinds of instruments and a choir. It was a very, very powerful time of worship. Let me see just what I was using - I want to share that with you.

I Came to Worship You, We Glorify the Lamb, I Stand in Awe of You, O the Glory of Your Presence - all by Terry MacAlmon. Those are very, very powerful. Let Your Glory Fall is another one. Eight minutes and forty three seconds long, and it's very powerful to bring you into the presence of the Father.

Thank you Lord for helping me worship and have such a profoundly beautiful longing for you. O Thank you.

"My Dove, it comes bursting out of your pores once we get out of the doldrums. The fatigue of the day and of life. I know many of My Vessels unto honor are fighting the good fight right now, are fatigued and waning. More worship, Beloved ones. More worship time with Me, more times of refreshing to stave off the powers of darkness. This indeed is a dark, dark time and calls for extraordinary commitment to Me. Darkness is on the increase, more worship is needed

As an aside here, I'd just like to say Carol and Ezekiel and I have really been feeling that fatigue, that resistance. Like the darkness is growing thicker - it's harder to cut through. We're physically more exhausted - we've really been struggling, all of us have. I think it goes back to what the Lord said about the oppression of the vapid spirit and the Jezebel spirit - there's an obstruction, a sapping of energy, a discouragement comes over you.

The Lord said the way to overcome this is worship. Worship, worship, worship. And so, that's the strongest line of defense you have. Make sure the music you choose directly honors and worships the Lord. Songs with a meaning and story are nice, and they can bring you into the presence of the Lord, but there is a need for worship, a need for directly worshipping the Lord in spirit and in truth. For that, you need to find some good worship songs and add your other devotional songs you feel bring you close to Him along with that, so that you are worshipping in the Heavenly courts.

Every night when I choose some of Terry's songs, like the ones I just told you about, I see the Heavens opening and I see God the Father on the Throne, and the Lord at my right hand. And, I worship Him, and it draws me right into the Heavenly court. And, that's where you want to go with your worship, you want to be transported right into that place. Because the times we are in right now are in darkness and increasing in darkness - and this is very important for you.

"I know My Brides have grown weary waiting for Me. I promise you, it will not be much longer. The world is bursting at the seams and I am holding it all together with just one finger, but when I remove that finger, all will be set into motion. In the meantime, use this as an interior time of growing closer and deeper with Me. You need more of Me, My Brides, much more of Me as darkness is truly on the increase.

"I know I just said that, but I can't say it enough. The first time it didn't get through with everyone. But now that we've drawn attention to it, more will realize what is lacking in their lives. More worship.

"Clare, this is Me...what you've gotten by with in the past will no longer be enough of Me to make it through these days of increasing evil. I know some of you don't have that kind of time, but I am asking you to set more aside to make the times. How will it look to you when you turn and look back on your earthly life and see all the frivolous and unimportant things you used your time for? Will it not appear very foolish that you didn't circumcise your hearts more and give Me the time you wasted on foolish things?

"There are still many things you waste your time on, things that have no value in eternity, things that act against you in the present, and are a detriment. Entertainments, time in restaurants and shopping malls. Simplify your lives, dear ones, reign in your lust for things. Give your life over to holy things and serving Me, praying for those around you, and doing good deeds. I want you to be strong in holiness, not strong in worldliness."

And I might say that, this is a time of the year when normally, we are tempted to get very worldly, as we're nesting and tucking in, and getting everything set for the winter.

"You do not have to associate with friends who are wholly given over to the world. That is wasting time. Rather, make your life at home simplified, streamlined, drawing further and further away from the outside world, yet not abandoning your responsibilities.

"When you come to Me, expect to be refreshed and given new strength and new life. When you come to Me expect to be held and loved and strengthened in your commitment to Me. I know how weary you get, I know how hopeless you sometimes feel. I even carry you in those moments until you can return to Me in prayer and we can be together once again in a way you can draw from My Heart great drafts of mercy, compassion and love for your brothers and sisters.

"This season is about to get darker, therefore you must absorb more of the Light from Me. You will stand firm only to the degree your prayer life is authentic and truly connecting with Me. If you feel dry in prayer, ask Me to help you, 'Lord, I am too little, too lazy, too sick, too weak. Please, Lord, pray through me passionately, help me to connect with You, help me to worship You.' I will come to your aid. Your confession of weakness opens the door to My Mercy and I cannot help but flood you with Heavenly passion for Me. I make up what is lacking, because you have declared with your free will that you are lacking. That is a secret to passionate and effective prayer."

As an aside, here, now the Lord is bringing up the Rhema Box, a which is just a regular card file box with three and a half by five inch card in it, that have words of encouragement written in on cards and you pray and pick three or just one if you like, to get your bearings when things are really dry and distant feeling. This can bring you into the Lord's presence immediately if He gives you the right cards to make you feel loved and at ease. He can just erase all uncomfortableness and put you right in His presence. He's done that for both Ezekiel and I and Carol, several times. You pick a card and it says something that goes RIGHT to the heart of the issue - and it's like, Wow, Lord! You're really here, you're really right on the same page with me!

"Another way to increase your intimacy with Me is getting Rhemas. When you feel flat, uninspired, draw a card from your rheama card file as Clare taught you. You will be surprised at what I give you. It will be just what you need to overcome this fatigue and lukewarmness. You will see, I AM WITH you, I am totally in control and I do understand where you are at. This is an ancient technique that My prophets used regularly. Search the Scriptures for yourselves and find where they drew lots; it's the exact same principal.

"Some people who are thin on understanding and quick to judge, have failed to recognize that this is a way I lead you, whether it be from the Bible, from Rhema cards, or even a bumper sticker or a song I quicken to you. My Brides, I am ALWAYS, ALWAYS, talking to you. ALWAYS. Don't limit Me, don't assign evil to what is good and right. Be careful who you listen to and always confirm what they say in the Scriptures. There you will find the truth. Go deeper than personal opinion when people discourage you from speaking with Me. Remember,

the last thing the enemy wants you to do is get closer to Me, to hear Me and have a way to confirm and discern My voice and My ways to you. So, they're going to try and discourage you through Christian people.

"Beware, there are many false prophets gone out into the world. Wolves in sheep's clothing. You must learn to hear Me and discern Me on your own. You can no longer trust others to provide answers for you, unless you want a man or woman to lead you. If you want Me to lead you, you must work for your answers. You cannot be slothful, unbelieving or lazy, giving up easily. You must press in and persevere as it is written, And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and men of violence take it by force.

Matt. 11

"Therefore when your flesh is strong and wants to back away from the challenge to press in to Me, remember men of violence - that is, those with strong commitment - take it by force and do not let it evade them.

"You will see that I am faithful to give you a shot of faith to inspire you on your way. There are many things you have been taught on this channel that will lift you up when life seems just too dark, too heavy. Please, use them; they are important to you. In your rhema boxes, write down My Words to you. Write down scriptures, write down prophecy, write down prayers, write down breakthroughs, write down promises. There is so much to write down and then draw from later.

As an aside there, typically I have between 100 to 300 rhema cards in my current file. You just build it up, every time you get a word, you write it down and put it in there. Certain words build a history, and the minute you get those cards, you know EXACTLY what the Lord is saying to you, because there's a history that goes with that card. Sometimes I'll even jot that down on the back, so I'll know - Wow, this is when THAT happened, and the Lord gave me this word, and it did work out.

"Write down even your corrections and the times you repented, because cycles of sin tend to repeat themselves. Remember, 'When the devil had finished every temptation, he left Me until an opportune time.' Luke 4:13 That's how he works, when you put up resistance he waits until you are too fatigued to think straight and then he throws it at you again. In your exhaustion, you don't recognize what's being offered to you and you fall for it. Be awake, be aware, he is stalking you.

"I have given you much to think about, much to put into practice. Happy you will be if you apply this to your lives. Lonely, confused, weak and walking in darkness will you be if you don't apply these lessons to your life. This is no time to be lazy.

Lord, as ludicrous as it sounds, many people doubt that You have the ability to choose the right card for them or they say it's some form of witch craft, or fortune telling or something.

"Yes , and those same people have used the daily bread box for years and never had a problem before. Some people will latch onto any excuse they can find to discredit you , Clare. pay them no mind, for neither do I. I continue to teach what I know will be beneficial to you all, whether man approves it or not.

"This is where your discernment must go deeper."

Lord, can you explain how you do this in a way they can understand?

"My children...yes, I say children, for you are yet very immature in your faith. If I parted the Red Sea, can I not part two index cards to reveal the right one??? Hmmm? Yet, there are those among you who do not believe I parted the Red Sea, you are not among them are you?

"Enough for today, My Love. My words reach deeply and take root within your souls, amen. May you rise up over your flesh and take the kingdom by force, amen. May you never stray from My Arms as I hold you against My heart...and breath in My Love for you. "