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September 27, 2015


God bless you, Heartdwellers. The Lord is truly with us and truly working with us tonight.

You're going to notice the crickets in the background, and the loon on the lake...and a bullfrog. I think we're going to doing this from now on, a little background sound - because so many interruptions come up, so much ambient sound from out in the field and the street. They must be filming in the square in Taos right now, because there's just a WHOLE lot of noise out there!

Anyway, I want to bring this before you, this lesson that the Lord gave tonight. It is kind of a pointed and difficult lesson. He's wanting to move us on to higher levels. He's wanting to bring us into our own personal "promise land" and many of you who have been with us are really, really longing to have that intimate, personal relationship with Him that He's blessed others with.

To that end, tonight He's bringing up some things that are standing in the way. And also, He wants to restore your peace. More and more, as I look at what the Lord has been doing over the last few months, He is trying to get everyone to stand on their own, two feet. And that has been, steadily, my heart's desire - is that EVERYONE would learn to discern the Lord's voice. I know it's not easy - it's difficult sometimes and we have a lot of failures. But it is the ONLY thing that we can trust as time goes on, because we won't always have each other, necessarily.

I'd spent some time outside listening to the crickets, and I came inside and started listening to the Lord, and He said,

"If only they would listen. If only My People would have listened to Me, they would have had peace flowing like a river through their lives and been well rested for when they will have to swing into action. If only. Rather, now they're suffering from confusion disappointment, disillusionment...was any of that necessary? No, I tell you it was not necessary.

"Peace. That is what this channel is about: Peace, Love and Truth. No manipulation here, no guilt trips, no degradation or holding men's sins against them. No, this is a place of healing and forgiveness that all may move on fully equipped.

"The battle is fierce and unless you are thoroughly schooled in what to expect, you will fall. When I ask you not to gossip or spread bad reports, yes, I abhor listening to that as I dwell in each of you. I have to hear it. Do you know I shut My ears when you begin to gossip? Even if what you say is true, do I need to hear how retarded my child is over and over again? I see their struggles as they work to serve Me. I see their tears when they make wrong choices. I pick them up again when they want to quit. Do I not feel the pain of their insufficiency and all that has resulted from that in their lives? Is that not enough for Me to suffer? Do I really come to rest in My Bride's arms so I can listen to calumny, lies, and half-truths manipulated to slay others?

"No, I tell you, that is not why I fellowship with you, My Brides. That's the kind of thing that makes Me run from you, let alone rest Myself in your presence. Not one of you are perfect towards Me - no, not one. Yet you demand perfection from My vessels who come with the gift I've given them. They lovingly present that gift to you and you find fault with other facets of their lives or ministries. Fault which, by the way, is many, many times your personal opinion, based on lies, spread by demons of jealousy who don't want you to receive that gift because it will damage their kingdom of darkness. But do you not throw in your lot with these thieves and murderers and spread it abroad like the plague?

"There is yet a bigger dynamic at work here. It's called Pride, the invisible enemy. Yes, it sneaks up from behind you, where you aren't looking, where you aren't paying close attention."

By the way, He brings that up - that was in Rick Joyner's book about the enemy. Just when the Christians thought they'd overcome the enemy, they didn't see that Pride was sneaking up behind them.

"Yes, it sneaks up from behind you, where you aren't looking, where you aren't paying close attention. But when you deliberately go against My wishes, it stalks you like a lion after a three legged gazelle. I want you to stand before the wiles of the enemy, not fall prey to them. But how can I protect you when you sin against others in your hearts and from your mouths?

"How many of you have sought the oracle of the Lord in your Bibles and Bible Promises? How many of you have asked Me, 'Is this true? Is everything going to collapse this month? Are you coming this month? Is there really an asteroid headed for the Earth?' How many of you have come directly to Me for answers? That is what I want. I know you're entertained by hearing others lay things out for you. But if none of it is true, haven't you wasted your time listening to them when you could have come to Me and had your answer?

"Every single answer you need for your life right now can be had directly from Me. I am not training you to listen to Clare. I'm training you to listen to Me. Yes, there are anomalies in getting readings from Me, but you have to learn sometime how to see as I see, to think as I think. It is tedious, it is tenuous at times, but nothing worth anything is gained by just a few lame tries. It takes practice. It takes failure. It takes embarrassment, confusion. It takes commitment, but eventually you will get it right.

"But do you know, I withstand you when you find fault with others and shed their blood? You long to hear from Me, you long to fellowship with Me, you long to visit Heaven with Me...but there is a cost. It is called personal holiness. You can gossip all you like and listen to others and most probably be left behind. Or you can stop this sinful habit and learn to discern and listen to Me, and I will speak to you. I will spend precious moments with you. It all depends on you, My Bride. It all depends on you.

"Now, I did not bring you here for a beating, but I brought you here to understand that when you sow unrighteousness, you reap unrighteousness and I wish for you to pass beyond this immature stage in your Christian life. I wish for you to receive My gifts from all My ministers and shut your ears to bad reports about them. Allow Me My rights as their God and master, and know that most of these reports are grossly misinterpreted by weak people, motivated by demons of jealousy and strife deliberately placed in this position to discredit the legitimate gifts I've entrusted to those ministers for your advancement. Satan hates the gifts from these ministers and he knows if he can find one fault and blow it all out of proportion, you will fall for it and write that vessel off."

Okay, guys - I'm going to take an aside here and just tell you my take on all of this. I'm personally really tired of people hitting on ministers and finding fault with them. I'm going to tell you right up front - and you can unsubscribe from this channel if you want, but I'll tell you what: Joyce Meyers has helped Ezekiel and I in times of EXTREME stress and confusion and heartache and pressure and rejection. Joyce Meyers has helped us. Rick Joyner has pulled the curtain off the church and exposed all the political things and all the unrighteous things that are going on in the church.

And, ALL my Christian years I avoided Joel Osteen like the PLAGUE. But then, one day I decided, 'Well. Can't hurt. We're on Youtube - there he is. Let's listen.' I was AMAZED. There was a message for me, that the Lord had mapped out in this Vessel. And the Lord Himself had pointed this man out and said, "I want you to listen to him." And, there came a point, where the Lord moved us on. But there was a specific gift there from that man that we really needed at the time. Nobody else was filling that void in our lives, and the Lord knew it. But because of gossip and calumny against him, I wouldn't even DREAM of listening to the man.

Well, the Lord didn't keep us there forever, but he had ONE gift for us from that minister. He had ONE GIFT from Rick Joyner. He had ONE GIFT from Joyce Meyers. And those gifts helped us in our walk. I'm not saying that their lives are perfect...but whose life IS perfect?? But I believe their GIFTS are perfect. As long as they're taken in the way they're meant to be understood. I'm not saying they won't fall into error tomorrow, or that they haven't had error - I'm not saying that at all. But I AM saying, each one of those three people has a unique gift - and that gift has ministered to us. And we shunned Joel Osteen because of all the reports about him and his money. But WE found what that man was doing, was not talking about accumulating riches, but about believing about God's commission, believing in God's destiny for your life, believing that God could DO it in your life. He's an encourager!

So, I just wanted to share that with you up front. Please - don't come back to me and criticize ANY of these ministers - not any of them. I don't want to hear it. It's abhorrent to the Lord, and we've missed the point. If we blow these people off just because there are things that we think we know, and we've rejected them for that reason - and half the time, those things aren't even true.

I'm going to continue on with this message - but just so you'll know - I was VERY concerned that this message might have some of my own personal feelings in it, so I asked Ezekiel just to pray behind me and discern. He got several very positive readings, including the final reading, the clincher - which was Holy Spirit. So this teaching is not from ME, this is from the Lord. And this what I'm feeling in my spirit, the hurt that I feel for these people who've been rejected - the gifts that they have that have been rejected... What I'm feeling in my spirit is the Lord's grief.

So, I'm not endorsing ANYONE, but I'm saying each person HAS A GIFT. And if your discernment is good, you'll recognize that Gift. And if they've got error, you won't fall into that error - because your discernment is good. And...what am I trying to teach you on this channel?? Discernment!! So that you can walk on your own two feet with the Lord, and you can make up your own mind. You don't have to gossip. You can go to the Lord directly and ask Him. And it'll be the Truth, from a clean well. A clean source. A Righteous source.

The Lord continue just before the end of it, "Satan hates the gifts from these ministers and he knows if he can find one fault and blow it all out of proportion, you will fall for it and write that off vessel."

I've done it. I've fallen for it, and I've written them off.

"Your discernment is sorely lacking, or you would know better. You don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. If your discernment were well honed,"

If you've been responsible as a Christian to well-hone your discernment.

" would NOT being throwing out the good with the bad. You'd be able to listen to a vessel, and receive the gift that I've given that vessel, and reject anything that was from their flesh or was in error. That is your solemn responsibility before Me, to learn discernment. You would see clearly that you are being manipulated and stolen from by the demons by allowing yourself to focus on their faults, real or imagined, of My ministers. So I hope you are wiser now? I hope this is the last time around the mountain in your life. I hope you can enter My Promised Land for you, where I have endless bundles of gifts waiting for you.

"I am granting you the grace right now in your hearing ears to repent, reform your lives, and be suitable vessels for My Presence in your hearts."