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November 22, 2015

The sweet blessing and peace of our Lord Jesus be with you all, Heartdwellers.

This message is about watergates. Watergates are something that's used to stop the flow of a channel of some kind: a canal, a stream. Gates are put up and the water begins to back up. Floodgates are very similar to that, and the Lord is using this analogy to describe one of the things we are going to have to work with as we try to reach people for Him.

So, this was the message that He had:

"Oh Lord, this morning has been so difficult and distracting - I keep seeing the outlying areas of desert around Española and beyond, and people isolated that are difficult to reach except with perhaps the radio. And that's where my heart seems to be. Guide me, Lord, infuse into me the direction you want me to go. My heart aches for them.

And, what I was seeing was just isolated houses out in the desert. And the people living in those places were isolated from the rest of the community. And I just had this really gripping sense of lonliness.

"Yes, you have read My Heart about those who are isolated. They are the most prone to attacks against the faith and condemnation. They languish for hope, surrounded by sin and those heavily into drugs and alcohol. Oh, how I long to bring them a message of hope! That I have not abandoned them, they are not cast off or forgotten by Me - rather each day My Heart beats stronger and stronger for them, sending them innumerable graces to keep their faith afloat. And calling upon My people to minister to them.

"Country living can be very destructive; it has its own set of drawbacks, mostly isolation and loneliness. Watching evangelists on TV doesn't always reach down deep into those insecure and questioning places.

"My faithful ones - look for the souls who have nothing, those who have fallen away from churches and feel guilty, confused and dissatisfied. They had questions that were never answered, and in their dealings with other Christians, many of them came away with more doubts about Me, My love for them, and where they stood with Me than they had at the beginning.

"The yoke of Guilt has been placed on many, many shoulders of those who have abandoned the assembling of the brethren. Very simply, they were not getting fed, they were not growing, they were not being healed and raised up, and deep, deep down inside, they felt going to a church was an empty, man-pleasing event. But that does not negate My presence, My active presence in their lives. I am with them in a very big way, but most are under such a heavy yoke of condemnation they avoid having prayer times with Me. They avoid worship, thinking it to be only a corporate affair. They avoid taking on the burdens of prayer for others, because they've been fooled into thinking their prayers are not heard or valid.

"Do you see how deeply Satan has entrenched himself in these souls? There is a deadly apathy that sets in. A sense of hopelessness because they feel they've failed to fit in, and failed Me as well. These are the ones I want you to be on the look out for. They are EVERYWHERE. Yes, they are next door and dotted around in every business you frequent. They, in fact, have given up on themselves and are left with a yearning they try to suppress, 'How do I get back in good graces with God?'

"Their impediment is false guilt. Because the ways of men in the church didn't meet their needs, they've been led to believe there's something wrong with them. Oh, yes, they will find fault with the churches and pastors, but beneath that justifying veneer, they are deeply disillusioned with the faith and even with Me.

"They are falling out of churches in droves. Why? Because I am opening their eyes to the emptiness they feel there. Most do not realize that they are to bring Me into the church and worship Me on that day - rather they go to encounter Me. And if I'm not anointing the worship and teaching, they leave disappointed. They long for intimacy, simply put. Intimacy is something no church can provide for them, although it should be taught. This is where I am sending you - teach intimacy with Me, teach discernment, teach humility, teach them most of all that I long for their attentions more than they long for Me. I know them and love them to distraction right where they stand.

"Open the door for Me, reconcile Me to My people!!!

"Many of you have made major inroads in your relationship with Me. You sense My presence, you feel My pleasure and displeasure with things around you. You know I love you and will talk with you, so you listen and you hear Me...although more of you must be taught that I don't use a megaphone to communicate. It's a stirring in your heart with words. Once you remove the watergate of unbelief, it can flow and journaling is a major way to keep it flowing, and flowing, and flowing. Do you know that I could easily keep you busy listening to Me for a good hour? Everyday I have something fresh and new to say to you.

"Those of you who use anointed readings from the Bible or devotional book, like the Bible Promise book, those of you who trust Me enough to pray and open just to the right thing, you KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, I am with you. I prove it every time you open your Bible or devotional book. Truly it amazes you. And I, too, am amazed - but not that I speak to you, I'm amazed at that stopper of unbelief you put in the source of the spring!

As He was talking I thought to myself...'I'm not like that, am I, Lord?'

"Yes, Beloved, I am most certainly talking to you. You come to Me almost everyday thinking 'Is He going to speak to me today?' (That's true...I do...) When I have proven over and over again, I'm right here and full of wisdom to share with you. Not when you feel worthy, not when you feel anointed or full of My Spirit, not when you feel you've done something to displease Me. No, none of that has any bearing on My desire to speak to you daily.

"Once you open that watergate of unbelief, Clare, once you receive those first few words, then these living waters can come gushing forth from within you because I live in you and I am the source of all life and all wisdom.

"So, a major part of your job in restoring souls to Me is opening those watergates of unbelief, convincing them of their great worth in My eyes. Convincing them that their lives have a very unique and important purpose. That I use everyone to the degree they are willing to be used.

"If they are mothers, I use them to love their husbands and children and raise them up in the way they should go. If they are businessmen, I present opportunities in their lives to witness to their associates. And as they mature, I also bring before them the challenge of honesty and faithfulness to Me, which very often costs them much. But in each of these little scenarios, the faith is spread and grows. The place that is still most often stunted is their own deep-down opinion of themselves and a false notion that they are not worthy of Me - this keeps them from intimacy with Me.

"What a faith killer that is! I didn't call you to be worthy - I called you to believe that My sacrifice on the Cross, when I tore the Temple veil and exposed the Holy of Holies, that My grace is sufficient for you; sufficient to make you worthy to commune and fellowship with Me. This is a huge challenge, not only because the world is continually downgrading men and women, but because the enemy is fortifying an iron-clad yoke of guilt which forever haunts their thoughts and hinders openness with Me in prayer. This becomes a watergate that closes off that secret place where I commune with souls.

"Open the watergates, My ministers. You've been called and chosen. Yes, prepare the way of the Lord. Open those watergates that all men may be reconciled to Me in sweet in sweet and tender love. Just as they are."