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December 18, 2015

Here I am Lord.

"I am here too My, Love."

Do you have a message for our hungry audience?

"I do."

Awesome. I believe in You. Jesus.

"I believe in you, too."

Is there an echo in this room?

"No. But there are angels."

Wow!!! I saw one on the left in front of me with a pen on the right one with a sword?

"That's right. Good for you...your faith has opened your eyes. They are protecting our conversation."

Thank you, Lord.

"You have eyes in the back of your head, you know..."

Wow...on my right, a shield - on my left, a thunderbolt!

"Well done. They have your back."

As He said that, they turned around facing outwards. The pen and the sword are still facing me.

The angel with the sword touched my head with it... Wow, the sword of the spirit...The one with the pen gave it to me. How beautiful. Thank you, My angels.

"You began praying for them - that's why you can see them.

"It grieves Me that you do not believe you are loved, forgiven. Just bear up under this trial as an offering for those who never hear Me, never see Me, never believed in Me. It is for the salvation of souls soon to die that you are carrying this burden.

"Time is short. I will give you respite, but for now, bear up under this burden cheerfully, knowing that I am well pleased with you. I just want to see your sunshine again. It blesses Me to see your smile in all kinds of weather, to feel your touch, and sense your concern for Me. Know too, My Love, that I am suffering far more now than you can ever imagine, because of those I may never again see with Me.

"They've driven and driven him (Ezekiel) Clare, don't be impatient with him. I understand his pain. After all, were you in the same place, you would be suffering, too."

I'm sorry, Lord.

"Yes, I do have a message. Stand fast in the storm. Do not be distracted by the howling wind, the banging shutters, the creaking house. I will not allow you to suffer beyond the strength I am endowing you with. When you can no longer stand, I will lift you up into My arms and carry you the rest of the way.

"Satan would have you get discouraged, telling you that you just can't do it. That's a lie. You can most certainly do it, for My power is perfected in your weakness. I have not abandoned you, I am not chastising you. I am desperate for love offerings, fast offerings, and those who would follow in Simon's footsteps, carrying the cross all the way to the top of the hill.

"Those of you who have been carrying My cross will be rewarded beyond your imagination to comprehend with the sweetness of My presence. Those of you who cry out for more strength to carry it, will be supplied with more strength. Those of you who cry out for respite, I understand and I will comfort you. Just do your best, I will take it from there.

"I am sorry that it is a spiritual law that suffering and sacrifice must accompany your prayers and Mine for the lost. It is a dynamic that I must soon go into greater depth to explain to you."

Oh, Lord, I would love that and so would Carol. She has been asking for understanding in this area.

"Everything that comes forth from the Father is LIFE and the life is in the blood. The blood represents the life of the creature and so what is given...LIFE originally from the Father, must be atoned for when it is wasted.

"When you sin, you waste life. You waste the precious LIFE that came forth from the Father that all things should work well, in order, in holiness, by divine design. Sin introduces corruption and steals from that life, that is necessary for the spiritual ecology of things to run.

"If you were to look at it as a sealed system, with the Father as the source...proceeding through Me and the Holy Spirit - if you were to see this as an enclosed system...(which it is not, by the way) then you would understand that when you take, it has to be replaced. The life force itself must return to the sender, so to speak, to be recycled as new life given forth, new graces imparted. NO, it is not reincarnation. You are born once and die once; reincarnation is a perversion of this truth I am imparting to you, My Love. Yes, it is still Me and I have long wanted to explain this to you.

"The offering part is man's responsibility for the losses others, or even self, has incurred. Redemption is covered by My Blood, but redemption is not just a one-time event; it is a continuing process of sanctification. You being redeemed once and for all from the Law of sin and death was a one time event. But the ongoing cycle of grace and LIFE is man's part in repairing for the damage done to what the Father sent forth...remembering the closed system.

"That is why the blood of animals was required. It was to replace what sin removed from the closed system. But of course, never could the blood of goats and sheep replace the life, it was symbolic for the LIFE within them, that returned to the Father in the 'closed' system.

"This does not imply any lack on Our account because we are infinite in being and in resource. But you could call it more of an allotment to this system, that man is called upon to maintain and repair.

"It truly is a mystery, someday you will comprehend it more fully."