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December 20, 2015

Well, everyone. It's December 19th, 2015 and I really thank you for your patience. The last four days have been just as hard for me as they've been for you, because I haven't been able to get a message up. Boy,

I'll tell you. Doing a major upgrade with the recording software like Protools...I just won't go into it. Needless to say, there were problems at every turn and my computer was not's an older computer, so upgrading it and upgrading Protools and everything else was just not easy.

But I had some good help and we got it done and I'm back. And my apologies - I am so sorry for being gone this long!

Also, I wanted to tell you, we look like a Toys R Us over here! The garage where we're wrapping all the presents is FULL of toys and Bibles and art supplies and musical instruments. You have all been so generous! You've all been so generous! And boxes - we got a beautiful box of hand-croqueted scarves and clothing.

And everybody on Taos Pueblo Indian Reservation - ALL the children have new coats - every single one that we know of, that we heard of and we went to the Tribal elders to find out who the families were. And we've got an arrangement with them, they're going to be delivering the presents to each family. Each family has their own special gifts, we made a special list, and we paired it with the needs of the child and the children in the family and the ages.

Out on Carson we've got beautiful gifts for people out on Carson, for out on the Mesa, and Carson and Two Peaks, which is the poorest area around. We have all kinds of things for them, too.

So, I mean really, it looks like Santa's sleigh full of stuff! It's just amazing, a Toy's R Us and a Bible Book Store! And an Art store and a Music store...all together! So, thank you so much for caring about these children. I know the Lord will reward you.

I have some pictures of the presents, I have pictures of one family. But unfortunately, we needed releases from the parents on the Pueblo to photograph the children and we couldn't get that. So, we don't have any photographs there. But suffice it to say, they are very, very happy - the children are going to be VERY surprised when they get these presents, too.

I did get a whole bunch of thank you letters from the children from Taos Day School, and I'm having those copied and put into a PDF, which I'll let you know when it's ready. It'll be on our website. Thank you for your generosity, guys. The Love of the Lord is really showing through you. You did it for the least, and you did it unto Him. I know you know that, but thank you.

We're just so honored and glad to be able to make a difference in Taos at Christmas time.

And a lot of people don't celebrate Christmas but the Lord wanted these children to have something to remember Him by. ALL the cards say From Jesus with Love. So, that's beautiful.

Okay. And the Lord has been speaking, I've been tied up trying to make changes, trying to get everything upgraded that I use with this new system, so I haven't had as much time for messages as I normally would, and I feel a little disconnected there. But we're getting back in the saddle!

Last night I began with the Lord, and I just told Him I was so totally overwhelmed with how He's moved in your hearts, that all of you have sent so many things. And by the way, we have enough things now! I can tell you that, we are LOADED!

I also discovered, just by accident - well, nothing's an accident by Holy Spirit. I discovered a wonderful new way to worship, to allow the Lord, allow Holy Spirit to pick the songs. If you make a playlist with all your favorite songs on it, and put them in any order, it doesn't matter. And then click on "shuffle", the shuffle option in I-Tunes, Holy Spirit can pick the songs He wants you to worship to, the things that are on His heart. And I've tried that a couple times now and it's wonderful. It's very edifying. Because I know when a song comes up, it's what's on His heart and mind. And He surprised me with a few things - really sweet things that I just wasn't expecting. So, that's for...that's a head's up for all of us who use I-Tunes and have that shuffle option.

It began with me having problems again feeling that the Rapture is near. I've just been really, really having a problem with that. When I came into worship, the song that He chose - twice - was How Long by Terry MacAlmon. "How long will it be until we're turned into Your likeness." It's all about the Rapture!

So I said to the Lord, "That's twice you've played this song, Lord."

And He said, "Well, that should tell you something."

Lord, we've been waiting so long....

"Not as long as others."

Well, I know...some of them have died waiting.


Forgive me Lord, but...

" just don't believe I'm coming THAT soon."

Right, that's true.

"Well, you are wrong. I know you are having fun with your new toys, ('cause I had an IPhone, too...) but communicating in Heaven will be much, much easier. No upgrades necessary, seamless understanding and seamless execution."

Yeah... we haven't had a camera for a long time, so when I got the IPhone to go with this system, I got photographs of the presents and everything - it was really nice to be able to do that finally, so I could share them with you. So, yeah - it's a toy of sorts...

Then I said, "Oh Lord, these upgrades have been a huge frustrating Grizzly Bear, snarling at every turn."

He replied, "I've heard YOU snarling at every turn."

Yeah...I have been snarling...I confess it...

"How can you lead others to be prepared when you STILL don't believe?"

Lord, everything I know is a gift from You...I don't think You've given me that gift?

"Oh, really now?"

Well, I don't have that sense of urgency I normally have at Your approach?

"True. But you've really been wrapped up in the world with intensity and that hasn't left you time to sit and settle and understand how I am feeling, what I am thinking."

I'm sorry, Lord.

"Well, circumstances have conspired, at least you recognize what's going on. Yet, this is your work, Clare - and sometimes it's harder than others, you know that... You know that you can offer this difficulty up as a fast offering...?"

Yes, I do know.

"I want you to work harder than ever before to set up and finish off all I have entrusted to you. With the shortness of time comes a responsibility to move a little more swiftly in accomplishing all that is left for you to do."

Please, help me, Lord. You're going to have to pinpoint what you want done, and when, 'cause

there're so many different things I could be doing.

"There is yet a little time, that is why you are not feeling the urgency. We've been through this so many times before."

Oh no, not another Rapture drill.

"Not quite. More like packing it all up for the journey. Leaving it all in good order, well equipped, laid out in front of you. Orderly."

Lord please help me, I'm not doing too well in that area.

And at that point, I was getting tired, I had had a really full day. And He reminded me that I am on a new schedule, so He wanted me to go to bed. So, I got up this morning and we sat down together and He said,

"I know you don't 'feel' Me, but I am speaking to you Beloved. I understand even better than you do what troubles you. Right now we are at odds over the Rapture."


"May I take you by the hand, and explain it to you?"

Yes, Lord. Oh please, by all means, how sweet to be holding hands with You.

"First of all, you don't really get it that what you hear in the news is bogus. What would be important for you to know is merely foreshadowed in obscure language and signs. The 'rest' of the world, as you are well aware are kept in the dark about the days proceedings. It's all a matter of manipulation for control.

"When the heavy things go down you will know strictly by observance. But because you are My Beloved Bride, I tell you these things beforehand."

So, at that point, I found myself hovering over Israel, and I saw the borders being carefully observed by ready-for-action any time forces. They were wearing hats...that go lengthwise on their heads, you know the kind that you can take off and fold. On the front of one man's cap was a medallion, which seemed to be silver and gold. Also red and black embroidery of some kind, which I couldn't read. I believe he was something like a Special Forces commander. Well I did see a lot of red berets. And it seemed like they were marching together. I am on Israel's northern border where there is a great deal of tension. They are on some kind of alert.

On the eastern border I see masses of troops building up, getting ready for an invasion.

Looking off the coast of the Gaza, I see four submarines; they are Russian.

It seems strange to me but not much seems to be happening on the Egyptian border. It almost looks deserted with small forces scattered here and there throughout the area with deep concern. The Egyptian air force seems to be active on that border with Egypt. People are milling around the temple mount as if nothing significant was happening.

I see Putin in an office standing and answering telephone calls, he seems excited or very busy. I sense very deep strong confidence coming from him. It seems like he is the main player in all of this. People are coming and going from his office, the atmosphere is charged with expectation.

Now I see the White house, and Obama is in the oval office, he and Putin had been on the phone, communicating. There is a real sense of team players talking, although Putin seems to be the senior of Obama, who I sense to be hollow, and empty, like a puppet. I see one very tall man to his right, Obama is handing him papers. They are orders to be executed.

I see the Lord now, high in the clouds towards the North East along with His armies behind Him as far as the eye can see. He is on a white horse, wearing His Crown, with a sense of readiness. His horse keeps prancing back and forth. I also see the Canadian prime minister on the phone with Obama.

The Lord began, "You see how they are grouping together? You sense the excitement in the air, they are all together in what is going to happen. Scripted, planned out, unified solidly committed to the New World agenda."

"This is not play time, you are not imagining this, I am showing you the reality of what is going on."

All up and down the eastern coast of our country. I saw that things are calm and not expectant. In fact I am seeing an officer with his feet up, leaning back in his chair. I am reminded of Pearl Harbor. There is one military general or commander just north of San Francisco that is pacing back and forth anxiously. He knows something is up. Somehow, he is informed. Someone also in Seattle is aware. Somewhere along the northern border in the mid-section, I see a group of men, patriots that are on alert. Right now they are playing cards, but they are acutely aware that something's up.

"Lord You said that we had a little time."

"We do have a little time. But it's a very little time. That's why I want you to make the very best use of it."

I asked Him, "Would you please send me a confirmation. Lord I'm still not connecting here...

"I know this is a time and a season for family...however disordered it may be, (yeah - we know about disorder in the family, huh...) but I am asking you, My Bride, not to let your guard down. Be on the lookout for occasions of sin and be ready to go into serious prayer when you are called.

"Many of you are extremely faithful and obedient in a timely way. You are so very important to Me. Through you I have stopped many serious things from occurring, as well as bringing many home to Me. I appreciate your watchfulness, My Bride.

"I appreciate your diligence and covering for My servant Bride, Clare and Ezekiel, because

they have become the target of many unsavory characters and those who are seriously committed to evil. Thank you for standing guard over them, your hope will not disappoint. They

are much hated and much ridiculed in certain circles. Both her and Ezekiel have been delivered

out of harm's way because of your faithfulness. Carol and her family, too, is a target.

"I know things are more intense for you all right now, but it won't be much longer 'till you are delivered from this corrupted and dark world. In the meantime, know that I am highly pleased

with you for your faithfulness to this, your generosity to the poor. Great is your reward in Heaven. Stay faithful.

"I STILL am coming soon."