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December 25, 2015

The Lord is preparing our hearts, Heartdwellers.

But before I get into the message this Christmas Eve, I want to say thank you to all who made it a really special, special time for the poor children in Taos. I've sent Carol two pdf's which will be available on the website, where you can read the letters from the children and see some of the faces when they received their gifts - it's just really a tiny, tiny example of the children here in Taos that have benefitted from all the good you've done.

And I just want to let you know that, if we haven't answered you by email by now, you probably won't get an answer by email, because we have been absolutely covered up. But we are recovering ourselves.

And speaking of that, my 003 is working again. Just mysteriously, after I sent the request last night for my equipment, it just started working. So, who knows? It's the Lord's doing, I'm sure.

I wish I had a bright and shiny message for you this Christmas Eve, but I'm afraid the Lord is truly suffering and the message is far from being cheerful.

He was very present to me tonight in worship and we spent a long, long time together. As I had told you about a few days ago, I set my computer's music list on shuffle - that's allowing the Holy Spirit to lead as to which songs to play, when.

The Lord's love inflamed my heart, until I could hardly bear to be in His presence, and I know that when He strengthens me like that, it means there's a trial coming.

I noticed He was wearing black slacks, normal shoes and a white shirt with pleats, and a black bow-tie. Then I also saw Him in a full Tux.

I'll never be able to communicate the tenderness and glory that He imparted to me today. And I just want to tell you that anything the Lord does with me, is also for YOU - because I am merely one of His thousands of Brides and Queens. And He wants you to know the kind of treatment that you are going to get when He takes you into His Home in Heaven. So, He shares it with me. He gives me a glimpse of what's going to happen ahead of time, so I can tell you what to expect. There's nothing special about me. The only thing special about me is the Lord. And He is with you, too. And that makes you just as special.

So, when I read these things to you, I want you to understand - these are only for YOUR edification, because YOU'RE going to be doing these things with Him.

So, He gave me a beautiful red-velvet, royal cape with ermine trim, and we walked down this long aisle towards the Throne. He danced with me, holding me so tenderly. He was wearing His ermine-trimmed, red velvet cape and gold crown. And then He placed a gold crown on my head, also - a very ornate one and said, "A perfect fit!" And we lingered there together, forehead to forehead.

And now the Lord is sobbing.

He began:

"Oh, how I dread what I must do. Oh, how I dread it! All of humanity will be in shock and totally disoriented. All but the most remote, to answer your unspoken thought, My love."

I was thinking of those who live in the wilderness and don't ever get any news, and they're far away from the influence of people.

He continued, "This moment that must come to pass. The glory of having you in My presence for ever must first be preceded by this horrendous trial upon the Earth. No, it shall not come nigh your dwelling, but the terror and confusion all over the world will be inescapable. My sorrow and mourning for the lost - this will hang heavy upon the Earth, like a thick, dark mantle of agony. Tormented souls who cry out as their blood is shed will cover the Earth with their sobs, with no one to comfort them, as many descend into Hell.


"And My Bride? What shall she do? She shall behold the consequences of what has been done to ravage the Earth. But then she shall accompany Me into Glory, where every tear will be blotted out. Where we will celebrate her Homecoming.

"But before that moment, I must suffer My Passion, all over again, Clare. Remember in these moments in the Garden when all was revealed to Me, what I was about to suffer for. The physical suffering was and never could be comparable to the mental, emotional anguish of those screaming and crying out for mercy. Yet mercy will be denied them, because the hour of mercy has vanished. The time has come when My mercy must be swallowed up in judgment. And Oh, how bitter that is for Me!"

I wrapped my arms around the Lord and held Him tightly, hoping to bring Him comfort. Only a little drop in truly a vast ocean of misery. And He wept bitterly. My very little part was to hold Him, almost as if I were holding Him upright, because He was slumped over me in utter despondency.

"Yet I will have My way with this world." He continued. "Yes, suffering will abound, but Glory will follow. Once the Earth is purified, it will rise again out of the ashes. And those who inhabit it will be trained in the ways of holiness from sea to sea. Yet that kernel of evil must be forever purged from the Earth, and for that reason I will allow the Earth a time of rest."

Here He is referring to the 1,000 year reign.

"For those who are Hell-bent, I will give them time to rise up again until the Purification is complete. Yes, this second time of purifying will bring forth the evil and corrupt seeds of Satan, once and for all to be destroyed and stripped of their influence. And you shall stand by My side, and behold it with your own eyes, My Clare.

"Yes, the time is coming when evil shall no longer have a voice. Oh, the mysteries to be revealed! So many mysteries. And you will come to understand all things. No longer will you have any question. Rather you will be fully enlightened as to the "why" of everything.

"Do not despair. You've been strengthened. Stand strong! This is your time of vindication. It is at hand. No longer will they say, 'Where is your God?' No, rather, 'THIS is YOUR God?? The Mighty and Powerful One? No wonder you love Him!' Yet, they will not understand My love.

"Be prepared. Be strengthened. It is coming."