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December 28, 2015

The Lord be with you, precious Heartdwellers.

Today's message has to do with a situation (I wanted to make it clear) in Brazil with a few groups that have started monitoring and following the teachings on Heartdwellers. And I guess there's been some confusion and some dissention, and it has really grieved the Lord. It's interesting, for the last week the Lord keeps quickening Scriptures to me about division, and...well, I'll share the Scriptures with you as I get into this. But this is a good teaching that He gave us to go along with any situation where there is gossip going on, or where there's accusation going on, that kind of thing.

He began:

"I truly am grieved by what Satan has managed to accomplish in this small, budding group. It started so pure, but you are not there to monitor the situation and one thing led to another. Rather than coming to you directly and asking, assumptions were made, conclusions were drawn and those who bore witness were divided against those who reacted without clarifying.

"I have given you My input. I am grieved that My Body, once again, is divided. When will it ever stop? When will men and women realize they are only men and women and not Me, that they should not go about judging others as if I had called them to take My place on the throne???"

Well, Lord, it was a matter of doctrine and you want us to examine and compare it to biblical truth?

"The problem is simply they are biased and do not know Scripture independent of men telling them what I said and how to interpret it. If they would submit their intellects to Holy Spirit, this kind of division would not even happen to begin with. But men insist on taking My place on the throne and making pronouncements based on half-truths and lies. Now is not the time to plow into this, My Love. I am merely telling you I am deeply grieved."

Then He quoted the Scripture from I Corinthian 3: " are still fleshly. For since there is jealousy and strife among you, are you not fleshly, and are you not walking like mere men? For when one says, 'I am of Paul,' and another, 'I am of Apollos,' are you not mere men? What then is Apollos? And what is Paul? Servants through whom you believed, even as the Lord gave opportunity to each one...."

And that's the Scripture, guys, that's He's been giving me for a week, and I had no idea where it applied until I got a letter from Brazil explaining the division.

"Little children, Satan has gained the mastery over you, I have called you to unity, yet you are accustomed to making judgments and pronouncements. This site is about living in Heaven now, in fulfillment of My command, 'Let it be on Earth as it is in Heaven.' Yes, there are all denominations in Heaven...does that surprise you?

"Well, it shouldn't. Is it not about the heart...the true Love of God and Love of Brother? All enter through the sheepfold. All enter through Me. I turn no one away because of their ignorance or error. And may I say, most of you are quite ignorant? Someday you will see that.

"But rather than pull the veil from your eyes, for it is not time..."

He paused at that point and gave me another Scripture, further on:

"And I, brethren, could not speak to you as to spiritual men, but as to men of flesh, as to infants in Christ. I gave you milk to drink, not solid food; for you were not yet able to receive it. Indeed, even now you are not yet able, for you are still fleshly. For since there is jealousy and strife among you, are you not fleshly, and are you not walking like mere men?..."

He continued here: "Precious ones, I want you to consider the fruits of your accusations and how you have divided My Body. What was meant to be a blessing has instead become a curse to you. So, I am asking you all to repent and beg forgiveness from one another, get back on the right track, let your sanctity remain intact and moving forward. For now you have lost all and those who fall into the pit with the Accuser of the Brethren, and wish to stay there, will not be taken in the Rapture. So be aware, mend your ways, mend the divisions and return to the sweetness of fellowship."

Another thing that we were given were readings from Rick Joyner's book. (The Final Quest) Sometimes I see a book, and I feel the anointing on it, I pick it up and pray and ask the Lord for something I need to hear. And this is what came up:

Here he (Rick Joyner) had been in the Judgment Hall in Heaven.

With each encounter, a veil is being removed so that you can see Him more clearly. You are not changed just by seeing His glory, but by seeing it with an unveiled face. Everyone who comes to the true judgments of God walks a corridor such as this to meet those who can help them remove whatever veils they are still wearing; veils that will distort their vision of Him.

I had already absorbed more understanding than I felt like my many years of study on Earth had given me. I then began to feel that all of my study and seeking on Earth had only led me forward at a snail's pace. How could many lifetimes prepare me for the Judgment? My life had already disqualified me more than all of those whom I had met, and they barely made it here!

Then another man emerged from the ranks. He had been a contemporary of mine, and I did not know that he had died. I had never met him on Earth, but he had a great ministry, which I respected very much. Through men that he had trained, thousands had been led to salvation, and many great churches had been raised up. He asked if he could just embrace me for a minute, and I agreed, feeling a bit awkward. When we embraced I felt such love coming from him that a great pain that was deep within me stopped hurting. I had become so used to the pain that I did not even notice it until it stopped. After he released me I told him that his embrace had healed me of something. His joy at this was profound. Then he began to tell me why he was in the lowest rank in Heaven.

"I became so arrogant near the end of my life that I could not imagine that the Lord would do anything of significance unless He did it through me. I began to touch the Lord's anointed, and do His prophets harm. I was selfishly proud when the Lord used one of my own disciples, and I became jealous when the Lord moved through anyone who was outside of my own ministry. I would search for anything that was wrong with them which I could attack. I did not know that every time I did this, I only demoted myself further."

"I never knew that you had done anything like that," Rick Joyner said, surprised.

He continued: "I incited men under me to investigate others and do my dirty work. I had them scour the Earth to find any error or sin in the life of others to expose them."

Now, my aside here is, mind you - this is MAN'S idea of an error. This is not necessarily God's idea of an error that he was looking for. So, it's like HIS opinion caused him to think certain things were error, but in fact, before God they may not have been error. But he found fault with them because they didn't agree with what HE believed.

Continuing on:

"I became the worst thing that a man can become on the Earth-a stumbling block who produced other stumbling blocks. We sowed fear and division throughout the church..."

Boy, I mean how many times does that happen? Fear and Division. I have seen it so many times, because someone is trying to correct what they call an error in someone else, and it causes everyone to freak out and they're all afraid now of all the good that that person did. Because of one man's opinion! I mean, this is just so common. And it's SO grievous to the Lord.

So, going back over that again,

"I became the worst thing that a man can become on the Earth - a stumbling block who produced other stumbling blocks." (God help us!) "We sowed fear and division throughout the church. in the name of protecting the truth. In my self-righteousness I was headed for perdition. In His great mercy the Lord allowed me to be struck by a disease that would bring about a slow and humiliating death. Just before I died, I came to my senses and repented. I am just thankful to be here at all. I may be one of the least of His here, but it is much more than I deserve. I just could not leave this room until I had a chance to apologize to those of you that I so wronged."

"But you never wronged me," Rick Joyner said.

"Oh, but I did indeed," he replied. "Many of the attacks that came against you were from those whom I had agitated and encouraged in their assaults on others. Even though I may not have personally carried the attacks out, the Lord holds me as responsible as those who did."

"I see." Rick Joyner said. "Certainly I forgive you."

I was already beginning to remember how I had done this same thing, even if on a smaller scale. I recalled how I had allowed disgruntled former members of a church to spread their poison about that church without stopping them. I knew that by just allowing them to do this without correcting them, I had encouraged them to continue. I remember thinking that this was justified because of the errors of that church. I then began to remember how I had even repeated many of their stories, justifying it by saying it was only to enlist prayer. Soon a great flood of other such incidents began to arise in my heart. Again, I was starting to be overwhelmed by the evil and darkness of my own soul.

"I, too, have been a stumbling block!" I wailed, dropping again to my knees. I knew that I deserved death, that I deserved the worst kind of hell. I had never seen such ruthlessness and cruelty as I was now seeing in my own heart.

"And we always comforted ourselves by actually thinking that we were doing God a favor when we attacked His own children," came the understanding voice of this man. "It is good for you to see this here, because you can go back. Please warn my disciples of their impending doom if they do not repent. Many of them are called to be kings here, but if they do not repent they will face the worst judgment of all - that of the stumbling blocks. My humbling disease was grace from God. When I stood before the throne, I asked the Lord to send such grace to my disciples. I cannot cross back over to them, but He has allowed me this time with you. Please forgive and release those who have attacked you. They really do not understand that they are doing the work of the Accuser."

Okay, so - I just want to insert here. The idea is that there were good things going on in that church, as well as maybe things that other people didn't agree with. But by viciously attacking that other church, it caused the good to be discounted and people to fall away. And God wanted them in that church. This was not God's will that that church should come under division. Certain people have to be taught in a certain way, and the Lord knows the path they have to take.

So, when someone else self-righteously says, "Well, that's not right, that's wrong." And then is convincing the people that are there that are innocent and have come for ministry are scandalized and they go running off. And who knows where they go. So, it's a terrible thing to divide the church, guys. It's a serious, serious offense to God.

Now, it's interesting, because a lady who I consider a very good prophet, Lana Vawser, put out a word today. And it confirms everything that I've been saying to you in this message so far, and everything the Lord has been drawing my attention to.

There is a move going on right now, from Satan, to cause division in the Body.

And here is what Lana had to say:


by lanavawser

This morning I heard the Lord say that the same murderous spirit that operated between Cain and Abel and Joseph and his brothers has been operating in the body of Christ in this season in a greater way to bring death, division and disunity because the enemy knows that the people of God are about to see inheritances taken in significant ways.

This is a crucial moment to be pressing into the heart of Papa God as greater revelations and impartations of His love are being released and He is purifying and cleansing, healing and restoring hearts. From that place, I believe He is calling us to be even more intentional in our love, honour and speaking life over one another.

Any issues of the heart, any offenses, hurts, unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred, as the people of God move forward in repentance and giving the Lord permission to bring healing and freedom, He is performing momentous healing and breakthrough.

I felt the Lord highlighting Proverbs 18:21

Words kill, words give life; they're either poison or fruit - you choose. (The Message)

I felt the Lord highlighting that this murderous spirit is causing false accusations, word curses and poison against many, but we are to move in the opposite spirit. Declare BLESSING, declare LIFE!

The Lord is moving powerfully in connecting His people, bringing greater unity, a further taking of inheritances and open doors to destiny. His LOVE in us and through us is going to disempower this murderous spirit as we move in the opposite spirit... His Spirit!

I felt this as a warning for us as the body of Christ today. The Lord is doing a deep purifying work in hearts and in the body of Christ and one thing that could bring delay is partnering with this spirit through word and action.

He is moving and working to bring us further into John 10:10...LIFE and life AMONGST US!!!

He is calling us to partner with Him! He is bringing freedom to any wounds and soul issues where this murderous spirit has landed.

He is bringing healing as we press in and He is bringing His people to a place of moving in celebration and declaring life over one another but we must CHOOSE to partner with Him in choosing to love, forgive, honour, restore and bless, especially those who curse you.

This murderous spirit is stirring up trouble and strife. This spirit is attempting to murder and abort, but greater is HE that is in us than He that is in the world (1 John 4:4) and as we partner with Him, He is bringing His people to a place of moving deeper and further forward into taking their inheritance and new levels of destiny.

"United we stand, divided we fall"... He is asking us to link arms in unity and love, honouring, blessing and embracing one another in the love of Christ even in our differences and uniqueness.

Yeah, I want to repeat that: "even in our differences and uniqueness." And my comment on that is simply, who are we to presume that we are absolutely right and they're absolutely wrong? Isn't that God's job?

She continues here:

I felt His heart wanting to bring reconciliation and restoration across the body of Christ. The choice is ours as to what we align ourselves in and what spirit we move in.

Let us partner with Him to see a greater move of unity, love, honour, blessing and restoration released across the Body of Christ.

In conclusion dear Heart that we know these things, blessed will we be if we do them. Knowledge of our sin makes us responsible to repent and fix the damage. Let's all put our hearts into unity and return the Lord's heart to joy...doesn't He suffer enough grief from the terrible things taking place in the world??

I love you all dearly. May His Blessing bring you Peace.