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April 2, 2015

The Lord bless you with His sweet presence, Youtube family.

The Lord's message to me tonight was, well...what can I say? Stretching my vocabulary? He used some expressions and some words that I'd never heard before. So, it was a little bit of a challenge - I had to stop and use Wikipedia several times just to understand what He was trying to tell me. Of course, I could have ASKED Him what He was trying to tell me, but I thought that it would be neat to get the definition out of Wiki and then be able to read it to you.

I was worshipping to Terry MacAlmon's song, "How long? How long 'till we are like You, 'till we awake in Your likeness?" (song: "How Long?") which is really about the Rapture. And it's a beautiful, passionate song. I used it to pray for US, for this beautiful Youtube family that is waiting for the Lord so ardently. And it was a really beautiful way to pray. And then there was another song about the Rapture, "Even So." It's about the Bride, and taking the Bride away.

I noticed that the Lord - this was after a couple hours of worship - the Lord was to my right, where He always is. And in the Scriptures, even, it talks about 'the Lord is at my right hand' in several places. But He was at my right, and He was pointing to His right. I looked, and I saw a long row...a long wave, I guess I could say. A sweeping army of warriors looking very much like Roman soldiers, I mean completely decked out and equipped for war. And they were galloping towards the Earth from space. He, our Lord, was astride a white horse, but He was stationary beside me, showing it to me.

He said, "I'm coming, I'm on My way."

"There is a turn-key event, that is what we are waiting for." They seemed to be between the Moon and the Earth when He said this. And they were at a stop.

'Turnkey. I wonder what that means.' Turn. Key. It seems like it would be fairly simple. But, I decided to look it up.

Turnkey: The word references a product that is completely ready. All you have to do is turn the key to make it operational.

"As you can see, we are all equipped and ready for the battle. Clare, there is just one event pending, that is the turn-key. Everything is already prepared and ready. In order for it to begin, the key must be turned. Be patient, My Love. We are so very, very close. Hope will not disappoint, be patient.

"I know you are trying. I know you are also being buffeted and you know I will use your suffering for your children's conversions."

"Yes, what one of my children said to me... well it really surprised me and encouraged."

"She's been thinking about this for a long time. The only problem is that it will be too late, she will have to stay behind. However, that could change. There is yet a narrow window of time, but it is so narrow and short."

"This brings up the topic of another revival. I'm getting questions about another revival before You come. And that's really hard for me, because it seems You've already answered me on this question."

"I am very sorry but that is wishful thinking. Please don't wobble, this expresses doubt and unbelief on your part."

"I'm sorry. It's been hounding me, Jesus."

"It's been hounding everyone. These doubts come in waves and sweep over everyone who is waiting for me. You can be sure that what you are experiencing is universal to those who are earnestly waiting for My coming. In other words, you are not alone in this. This is why when I give you a post, immediately it soothes the hearts of so many.

"These things are broadcast so to speak. Sent out at large, 'in the air'."

"What is their source?"

"Need you ask?"

"I mean human or demonic."

"Either way it is what is behind it, but to answer you, demonic. Although mood alterations are also applied by man through electronic devices to sow confusion, anger and depression. This is why communing with Me is so important. This is why so much effort was put into developing a technology that would modify the brain in such a way that the person would lose interest in all things spiritual. This has been a benchmark breakthrough."

There He goes again - giving me one of those words I have no idea what they mean. So, I Wiki-ed that and the best that I could tell, in the context of what He was saying, is a benchmark is a point of reference, as in surveying. Wiki said that: "Benchmarking is a powerful method for breakthrough thinking, innovation, and improvement, and for delivering exceptional bottom-line results."

So, I kind of played around with those words for a minute, and I finally came up with this sentence:

"In other words, this technology breakthrough will deliver the bottom line results of dulling or even destroying man's desire for God."

Then I heard: "Simulated intelligence," another word I didn't know. When I Wiki-ed it and got directed to Artificial Intelligence, which I've heard some things about, but I haven't gotten into very deeply - I don't have time.

"My Love, that is the science that developed this evil technology. It is commonly thought to be good for religious fanatics, terrorists, etc. But as usual, man found a more evil and practical application in mind control."

"Lord, once a person is infected with this will you over-ride it?"

"In some situations, yes. But generally speaking if it is received voluntarily with full understanding of the result produced, most likely, no, I will not over-ride it. This is the technology to be used in the 'mark.' Although, it has been distributed widely through other programs, unknown to those who have been victimized. In these cases especially, I will interrupt the device's ability to turn the mind away from Me.

"It is so treacherous, Clare, so very treacherous and widespread as inoculations have been carriers even to children in schools. But I would like to move on."

I was thinking for a moment (I was getting a little ditzy - I mean, it's 5:17 in the morning, it's getting to be that time to get to bed...) "Lord, can you do something with my mind so I can receive Your thoughts more easily?"

"I already have."

"Can you do even more?"

"There are some thoughts you wouldn't want to receive, My Love."

"OK. Never mind.... But... couldn't you filter them, Lord?" (I wasn't about to give up on that one!)

"I love your sense of curiosity and your desire to be pleasing to Me. And yes, I will clarify My thoughts even more in the short time left to you on Earth, but you must promise Me that you will pay more attention when I am speaking to you in My thoughts."

"Okay. With Your help, I will try."


"As you are waiting for this turn-key event, I want you to encourage everyone to maintain their vigil time with Me apart from all worldly preoccupations and entertainments. We are getting SO close. There is the tendency to relax vigilance - and please, please dear Brides, don't relax your vigilance.

"In your dealings with others, bend over backwards to show mercy, clemency and charity. These are the attributes of My dear ones. Some of you have the resources to alleviate the sufferings of those whose paths you come across. When I send you someone, or arrange a situation where you are passing them by, stop and give aid as your resources allow. Then you will be like My Father in Heaven who rains upon the land of the just and unjust alike, but Who especially looks after those who cannot look after themselves. Kindness preaches volumes to the unsaved and lifts the spirits of those without hope.

"Yes, do tell others that I am coming, but guard your heart with those who have scorn and contempt for Me. I do not want you to be discouraged. If you become discouraged, how will you encourage others? The enemy would like to place ugly situations in your way - be on the look-out for opportunities to denigrate you or Me."

And be careful, when you get involved with people, to understand where they are coming from. Be careful in the situations that you're in, with relatives or whatever, to guard your words and guard your heart. Don't just throw it all out there so you end up getting resistance and contempt. Guard your heart. Be careful who you share these things with.

"Watching is by no means an easy occupation, it demands a very high level of faith and hope. These I impart to you in our times together. I will use every means to touch you, My Beloved Ones, even bumper stickers and traffic jams. There is not one moment of the day that I am not bringing some encouragement across your path, because I know your frame and for those of you that must be involved in the world, little telltale signs of My love abound. When the clock reads 3:11 or 11:13, or 555 the number of my wounds, or 444 the number of the Gospels, or 3:33, or even 1:11. All of these are little nudges that I am with you. Seems silly, doesn't it?"

"Not at all, Lord, we cherish those little signs from You! I even enjoy it when you put my birth month and year on the clock, I kind of chuckle to myself, 'He's thinking of me."'

"Yes, and even love songs you hear, more often than not I am singing them in My heart to you. Or you can sing them in your heart to Me. I love it when you do."

"Really? I wasn't sure about that."

You know, when He said that I realized, when I'm in the grocery store - usually on the Baking Aisle...the sugar and the chocolate chips and the things that I just love - even when I'm there, I'll hear a song that's a love song and think to myself, 'Lord? Did You play that just for me? Are You singing that to me?' And I'll assume that He has, because He's omnipresent, and of course He knows that love song is playing, and He knows how He feels about me. And I know how I feel about Him, so I just turn it around and sing it to Him in my heart.

"A sign or exclamation of love from My Bride goes right to the core of My Being and brings Me deep joy. I love it, Clare, when you sing those songs to Me.

"Pay attention!" (I was getting a little droopy...)

"Pay attention! I know you're tired, but I'm trying to make a point here. Truly, Clare. I love that, I am so touched.

"These are lovers games: leaving flowers behind, drawing a heart in the sand or on your windshield or back car window - I see it, it touches My heart and I will leave you little heart shapes, especially when you are preparing food. Look for them and acknowledge Me. I am so happy when you are grateful for My marks of affection to you. I'm so grateful when you recognize them!"

"So many souls go right by them, and it never reaches or touches them."

"Well, I can see you won't last much longer...try to come to Me earlier in the evening and expect Me to begin speaking to you in this way. Earlier in the evening. OK?"

"OK, Lord. You know about my short-term memory loss. Remind me, please?"

"I will."

"Sleep in My arms, dear Brides. I am ALWAYS with you, ALWAYS."

I have to say, when I lay down to take a nap, or I go to sleep - I see Him there very quickly. That's one time I just don't have any problem seeing Him. I sleep next to the wall, and I see Him even closer to the wall, not laying down totally, but kind of laying back and smiling at me. And He always reaches out for my hand, and holds my hand. Sometimes He sends one of my cats with a paw, and they take my finger and they curl their little paws around my finger to pull it closer to their heart, and it is so sweet to see that. I just know it's a sign of love from the Lord's creation and ultimately He's behind it.

Well, I hope these things encourage you in our watching and our waiting and vigils. My prayers are for you, and I really encourage you to find that song by Terry MacAlmon, "Even So" and use it for your prayer times. It's so beautiful, and so "right on" for right now, so on target.

"Even So" Terry MacAlmon

Even so
Come Lord Jesus come
Even so
Take your bride away
How my soul
Longs to be with you my Lord
Even so
Even so
Come Lord Jesus come