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December 31, 2015

Well, my precious Heartdwellers, the Lord is truly with us and still instructing us. I guess there've been a few prayers put up for longer messages, because He kept me longer tonight.

Just to give you a little background on this message - have you ever had something that was real special and useful, and it broke down and you couldn't use it anymore? And you wanted to get it fixed and restored to full working order?

Yep - well, that's my situation right now with my recording interface. I know the anointing is more important on the message, but it is a little hard for me not having my recording program and I worked all day today trying to work the bugs out of this no avail...

So, I came into prayer very, very sad and frustrated.

I said:

Oh Lord is there any hope? (tears, frustration, deep deep frustration over ProTools not working.)

He replied, "Use what you've got, My Love."

But, Lord - it's so frustrating!

"It won't be long, things will get resolved. But for now, use what you have, leave the rest for Me. You know I can do all things, even re-arrange neurons."

Mine or the machine's?

"How about both? Is there anything too difficult for God?"

Not hardly.

"That's right. Where is your faith?"

Oh, stuck somewhere between a firewire and a microphone.

"Very funny."

Well, if I don't laugh I will cry.

"Don't cry, help is on the way."

I know it's partly artistic snobbery.


OK, more than partly.

"Okay, more than partly. And isn't that the part I'd like to kill off in you...and don't you want it dead, too?"

Now that you ask, it is a pain.

"A pain I can fix."

Oh, Jesus, I am totally leaning on You.

"You know the part I like?"

Ummm let me guess...Oh yea...when I do an Abraham and Isaac?

"Good guess. Very, very good guess. You're getting better at reading My thoughts all the time."

You've given me your Mind, Jesus.

"Yes, I have. But you don't always listen to Me. That is more the source of your frustration than the technical issues themselves."

Well, I think I've made a mountain out of a molehill.

"You can say that again."

I've made a mountain out of a molehill?

"Indeed you have. What did I say about the faith of a mustard seed?"

Ok, I'll try.

"Try? Ugh...stand strong and you will yet see the deliverance of your God."

Thank you, Jesus.

"I love you, Clare. I only allow these things to test and try you and find out if you truly will yield to My wisdom. You've got a very strong head about you, Child."

All the more to love You steadfastly, Jesus.

"True...but a real challenge to deal with. My Blessed one, come here and let Me hold you, I know you are hurting."

I cried and I said, "I'm my own worst enemy."

"Hush now, just receive My comfort, Clare." He held me tightly over His heart, my eyes and nose were red from crying, I didn't realize what a toll all this had taken on me.

He responded, "Give it up Clare, give it to Me. There is a fix in the works. Just be a little patient with Me, please? A wedding present, remember?"

I responded to the Lord when He told us that He wanted us to give Him wedding presents, to make sacrifices to Him for our wedding day. And I said, "You mean you will give me my 003 back?" That's my recording interface.

He said, "In a little time, I will. I enjoy it, too, you know."

You do?

"Yes. But you must understand the anointing is on the message as well, and for now, what you have will do."

(Deep sigh.)

"Now, about the message. I have heard the prayers for a longer message...they are so eager to listen to Me. So will you wait on Me just a little longer?"

Oh yes Lord. I will.

"Well...tonight I want to talk about My words, 'Deliver us from evil.' The evil of the enemy, the evil of self will, the evils of this world. This is one prayer you can say immediately, and I will respond. You remember the UFO and how quickly it was escorted out of sight?"

"Yes, Lord - I really remember that. How could I forget it?" It was a night when I was resting and watching the night-time sky, as I often do in between prayer, just to wake up a little bit. I saw this object off in the eastern sky and I knew immediately what it was, because it would move erratically, but then it came to rest in certain place. And just bubbling up and out of me, not even realizing what I was saying, I said, "Deliver us from evil." And immediately this object disappeared. I mean, it was GONE. I've never forgotten that. So, yes that's a powerful prayer! Very powerful.

"I do remember that, Lord. It was truly amazing."

Jesus answered me, and He said, "Yes, that prayer is amazing. I taught it to you and it carries great power when spoken in faith to Me, especially by a soul who truly knows Me. The beauty of this prayer is that it addresses the evil on all fronts; the evil in your own soul, the evil of the enemy and the evil in the world. It's not like you are praying against a demon, you are ultimately pulling yourself back in alignment with My Holy intentions for your life. It gives Me permission to adjust those things in you which are not pleasing to Me and counterproductive to personal holiness.

"Yes, I like this prayer very much, and I wish for My Bride to use it in utter faith, more often. It addresses the evil of the moment, whereas the binding prayer addresses the entire day."

So, the binding prayer is good for 24 hours?

"Well, except when more demons arrive on the scene...then you need to pray it again with strong intention. When your mind wanders during the prayer, repeat that part of the prayer again. Intention is everything in all prayers, but especially when opposing the enemy. There is an energy in your prayers against evil. There is actually a force field that goes out from within you and throws up a hedge against it. And yes, the warring angels stand to attention.

"You see, many times they watch you, to see if you will recognize what is going on in the spirit and if you will rise up to fight it off. They respond in obedience when called to action, but they wait for you to arise, as well. Well, not strictly speaking, they also act on their own when given instructions to do so. Yes, you can instruct them, that others say you cannot instruct them is not true. When they have been assigned, you may instruct them, or call for their assistance. 'Holy angels, will you help me? Holy angels, will you escort that ambulance and help those people?'"

There are those who will refute that, Lord.

"Have I not said, "And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28: 18-20"

But that doesn't mention angels.

"These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, and are not these demons the fallen ones? And My angels, "Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation?" Hebrews 1:13

"They are sent out and assigned and you may indeed enlist their assistance. As I was saying, many times they wait for you to perceive and act on the evils surrounding you. I have given you My authority, My Name and My Blood. There is nothing that will not yield to this. However, it is true there are times of more focused prayer and self-denial, when that's appropriate.

"In all things spiritual, you are to respect the powers of the air, but never fear them. Oh, how they hate those who quote Scripture to them and based on that authority demand that they cease and desist.

"Yet, I have not taken My Spirit from you. I am forever present to you, and also diligent in watching your responses when confronted with evil. Clare, you can feel evil in a room. But most, including yourself, do not take the time to perceive it. However this is a skill you can cultivate, as long as it does not lead to pride. You are so very used to being in My Little Cocoon, and blocking out the exterior doings of spirits, you really don't make the effort. I understand your single mindedness and focus, but being sensitive to those who would create more trouble for you and others is not always the best practice.

"There is yet so much for you to learn. And learn you will. Yes, I Myself am your teacher, and I shall acquaint you with these dynamics if you ask."

Lord, I only want to know what you want me to know. I don't wish to know much beyond that, even though I do have a hunger for knowledge on other levels. I know what it is like to feel puffed up and I hate it.

"Well, you are continually walking in a war zone and you know when a negative thought or feeling comes your way, that's the time to take authority. It means you are in the presence of evil which has been assigned to cause you and others harm. Be alert, My Doves. Be watchful, your enemy is truly like a prowling lion and you are his next meal.

"I am with you. Exercise your gifts in My Name and I shall deliver you."