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January 20, 2016

Well, beloved Heartdwelling family, this little delay in getting this message out to you is definitely been worth it! Because the Lord always seems to give me longer messages when I'm late.

So, the Lord be with you and bless you and keep your hearts steady, in His will and in His peace. Amen.

I want to share a really beautiful experience I had with the Lord last night. My husband very often sees Jesus waiting for me when I go to bed. Many times He'll be by a swing and I'm seen as a little girl, other times in a jungle hammock listening to the parrots. Well, last night he saw Jesus and I in one of those arctic snow personnel carriers with tracks. Normally, I'm too tired or skeptical to really latch onto the vision and go with it.

But last night was different! I soon found myself out on the arctic ice walking with Jesus to the edge where the ocean began. He called to a mother polar bear with two cubs that was out on a small iceberg. She swiftly jumped into the water, her cubs following and swam to us.

Now, what I was seeing was at night time, but for some reason the sky was light enough that I could actually see some details.

After a few moments of shaking the water off, she came up to us and greeted us with a sniff and a paw, pulling me closer. No sooner had she done that than her two cubs, probably weighing about 60 pounds each, attacked me with glee until I fell to the ground rolling around and giggling as they stuck their cold, wet snouts under my chin. We laughed and played roly-poly for a while. I looked back at Jesus with momma bear and she was up on her rear feet mimicking His movements as He danced back and forth. They were so cute together. He'd put His right hand up she'd put her left paw up. And then He'd put His left hand up, and she'd put her right paw up and they swayed back and forth together.

I didn't hear music, but I heard twinkling sounds and realized the sound was coming from above the Earth with the vibrant Northern lights shifting in curtains of colors. Oh it was mesmerizing! Now I remembered, as I was getting ready for bed, I thought to myself, "Lord, someday would you please let me go to the North Pole and see the northern lights? Oh, I know the rapture is soon and I won't get to see them now... but maybe later? I do so want to experience them." And that thought just sort of drifted off into my 'wish list' for later. I never expected Him to satisfy that life-long desire that very night!

Well, we ALL decided to cuddle up and watch the lights. Momma bear must have weighed a good 600 pounds or more as she spread herself out on the ice sideways, so we could all cuddle up into her belly. I was nearest her head, then a bear cub, then Jesus, then another bear cub snuggled up on His lap. The Lord had also accommodated my questioning about sitting on the bare ice with a very large and thick rug-like cushion with a quilted, foil top - that just appeared beneath us.

We all became very, very quiet, totally enthralled with Jesus' sweet presence, the dancing curtains of light and the tinkling sounds coming from above. As we nestled in, we saw a brilliant ball of light with somewhat of a tail going whooshing by us, only to disappear somewhere over Russia, I suppose.

I exclaimed, "WOW! Look how close it came to us, I've never seen anything like that before!"

The Lord said something about the atmosphere at the top of the world being thinner and making meteors more closely visible. We continued to snuggle up and watch the dancing curtains turn marvelous phosphorescent colors. After a while another meteor came shooting by us, headed the very same direction.

I wondered about it being cold, 'cause I wasn't feeling at all cold, but suddenly this blanket of white twinkles settled over us like a mist. It was beautiful to watch, sparkles popping off every few seconds...and the Lord made me to understand it was a blanket of warmth He created for us.

You know, this is the way it is in Heaven, guys. You think of something, and it's immediately done. It's just so amazing! I was thinking it was kind must be cold, even though I didn't feel anything - and the Lord accommodated my thought immediately by bringing this beautiful kind of quilted mist over us, with twinkling stars in it.

Then my mind shifted to angels...because I did see orbs of light in different places. I've never seen them with the naked eye, but the Lord has allowed me to capture them on film during important events in my life. The Orthodox Christians call them "uncreated light." They are usually perfectly round and very subtle in contrast to a background, but still clearly visible. I've seen them on photographs taken off the tip of a shofar that was being blown, during worship and even at an ordination.

But this time the Lord allowed me to see angels surrounding us. They were all sitting on the ground as far as the eye could see. And they, too, were resting with us, their wings gracefully folded.

So, I came to the end of this vision, and I said, "Lord, did you have anything to add?"

He said, "My dearest, you have worked very hard, this is something I've wanted to do with you for SO long. The wonders of My Creation are all around you, but your lives are so filled with activities, sometimes the most beautiful and subtle things I have created go right by you.

"Nonetheless, come unto Me all of you who are weary and I will give rest unto your souls, drawing you tenderly under My wings with the breath of My Spirit rustling your hair and coming to rest upon you, with renewed anointing.

"I understand well the tensions of this time and how little is being spoken about the looming events. Even that I have orchestrated. Yes, many will be totally taken off guard and surprised, but I will be there to catch them and reassure them of My Love and protection.

"Those who perish in these events will not even know what hit them. One moment they are on Earth struggling through their days, the next moment caught up with Me in the clouds. All is prepared and awaiting the trumpet blast...but much havoc will proceed the time of your great catching up.

"I wish for My faithful ones who are living at ground zero, My Breath will surround and sustain you in those moments and your only awareness will be the freedom from Earth you will suddenly experience, and then My presence, My comforting arms, My welcoming smile. Oh, you have waited all so very long for these days to arrive. You have prayed and cried, you have feared and released your fears into My hands. You have watched, waited and prepared, praying for others for so very long.

"Some of you will have many crowns for your faithfulness, all of you will have watchers crowns for your vigilance. Instantly you will be caught up into the heavenliness from a life of wearisome toil and delayed expectations.

"For those who are not at ground zero, do not allow yourselves to be terrorized by events occurring in other regions, for I will catch you up into My waiting arms lest you experience the torments of the evil ones responsible for theses weapons of mass destruction."

Lord, there has been talk of comets and they are in the Scriptures. How do they fit into this?

"What you speak of will be a tempest beyond your ability to understand. Fire raining down from the Heavens in such a powerful display there will be no place to hide. Everything will be set on fire, from skyscrapers to forests. The deluge of fire will burn the Earth as never before. Understand this will be a necessary purification from the contaminants man has despoiled the Earth with. These elements will blaze and burn away and from the new growth will spring what I would like to call a perpetual Eden, good for the next thousand years until Satan again rallies his forces against Me.

"But I am giving many men another chance. Do you understand, My Sweet Love? Many were simply ignorant of the evil one's doings in their lives...and ignorant of My true nature. So, some will be spared to be given another chance to live with their offspring and resist the draw of evil as Satan is loosed in the last of the thousand years of My reign."

Lord, when will these signs appear in the sky?

"Soon My Beloved, very, very soon. But I have made known to you, you will not be caught in these tempestuous events from the East. I will deliver you and set you on high long before that moment comes for your region. I cannot emphasize enough the prayers I want to go forth for the lost while there is yet time for them to repent."

At that point, guys, I started to doubt and rearrange thoughts in my head to suit what I know from before, especially about New York City, and the bomb, tsunamis and comets. Oh, my. So many different things have been said about that. But the Lord's only told me about a bomb. I repented and said, "Lord, in no way do I want to speak words that are not from You. Forgive me, I want only to be faithful to Your words."

Tears were welling up in His eyes and I saw fire falling from the heavens over the Earth through the reflection in His eyes.

He answered my unspoken question, "Things will happen simultaneously, Clare: nuclear war, holocaust, unprecedented natural disasters precipitated by man's foolishness. It will happen simultaneously. Remember what I told you about Miami? That will only be the tip of the iceberg, if even that."

I answered HIm, "But I don't see how anything could survive...pockets of technology, and that kind of thing."

"Some utilities will continue without logical explanation for My purposes, others will be non-existent."

Well, I was under the impression that there would be war and then the new world government with all it's regulations and controls.

"Yes, what is planned will precipitate that reign."

So, then much of technology must remain for that to function?

"There will be whole areas of the country that are uninhabitable, but people will be quickly rounded up into controlled areas and make-shift housing near where the devastation hits. Other areas of the country will continue to function almost as normal. Yet connections to the world will be greatly hindered because of the key points that are targeted, for they are in the center of communication networks."

Lord, why do I feel so disconnected from all of this?

"I have put a wedge of protection in your heart, Clare, lest you see, feel and crumble. But I will assure you of this, it will happen very quickly.

"There is no preparation for this, My People, but prayer. Yes, one can prepare and take measures for the body, but the impact on souls will be horrendous and without remedy. Nonetheless, My Mercy will be afoot and will not fail those who call out to Me.


"You see, many will shake their fists at Me and curse Me and My People. Others will fall to their knees and beg Mercy. For these I shall be the great Eagle that tucks them under My wings of mercy. For the rest, I will be as an acid rain falling on their beings. It is entirely a choice up to you People of the Earth, it is entirely your choice. I will abandon no one who calls upon Me. No not one soul will perish who puts their trust in Me.

"Do not be afraid, do not despair, keep your eyes on Me and the eastern horizon. I am coming for you, My people. I am coming."

I remember about 22 years ago, I was shown something like fireworks shooting up into Heaven. Bombs had gone off and these fireworks just shot straight up into Heaven. It was explained to me that they were the souls of those caught up to God in the conflagration. And even at that time, I was told they would not suffer.

Then the Lord added to this and said, "Clare, don't let the reports and prophecies of others confuse you. I have established you in the truth. You know Me, trust Me alone and none other. This is why I have asked you not to look into the prophecies of others, lest you be corrupted and thrown into confusion. You must be an example to your flock and not go searching for prophecies in other places, but rest peacefully in what I have given you. Your hope will NOT be disappointed."