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February 19, 2016

The Lord is calling us to greater compassion and meekness today. So I'm going to go ahead and talk a little bit about my prayer time tonight.

We spent some time dancing together and just being very close and just appreciating one another. I've been running around like a one-armed paperhanger lately, not being able to spend the kind of time that I normally spend with the Lord in intimate fellowship. And it's been very painful.

Our conversation began after 3 songs, He wanted to speak with me, which is normally...3 songs Normally we spend 45 minutes to an hour together first. But it is late and I am off my schedule and He really wanted to get this message across.

So, I complied and I said, "I know it's late, Lord, but I miss being with You! Please, can You help me back to that sweet space where I am really able to worship You? And rest in Your presence? I really miss You..."

He began, "I know how you feel, Clare. But you're doing a necessary work, and I'd rather you do that than enjoy my company in this moment. When you're finished, if you ever finish before I come for you - then you can rest and pray."

Are You serious, Lord??

"I would rather you give all you have to give and leave nothing out. Who knows what will touch the souls who listen to this CD? I guarantee you, all of those songs are from Me and My words will not return to you void. They shall accomplish their purpose.

"Did I not tell you that you would be giving all that gave you and that your purpose would be completed on this Earth? That there would be no song unsung, that you would finish the work I've given you to do? Did I not tell you this months ago? But I am keeping a close eye on you, and drawing you to My heart frequently.

"Clare, this will be over soon enough. Work while you have the Light. Please don't try to second guess Me about having sufficient time for this or for that, whether banking will go on or not. Whether the albums will be delivered or not. That is not your call or your concern. Your only concern is obedience, and you are directly in the center of My will.

"Yes, Beloved, carry on - without scruples, please? I have given you this timeframe for a very good reason, but your curiosity should not seek for answers beyond what I have given you. That is a flaw in faith and trust in Me. All you need to know is to have things together this month. The rest is in My hands, to dispose of according to My will. This should give you some measure of peace, My Love.

"Dear Brides, this applies to you as well. Consider: had I allowed the Rapture in June of last year, how many of you would have been left behind? How well would you have prepared your left behind materials for others? Do you see the wisdom in these delays of the past? Because of it, much, much more has been done and thousands of more Muslims have come to me and been saved. How beautiful is the economy of God. I put it on the hearts of Australians to intercede, to bring a stay of execution and judgment on Earth. And because they obeyed, look at the fruit!

"Those who have fallen away because of this delay I cannot account for. It was their own free will that made the choice to not believe anymore, to stop hoping, to stop preparing. And now, in these days, I've raised up many of My hand-picked servants, who have done even more to ready My Bride.

"My ways are inscrutable, so please - don't try to figure Me out. Just finish all your preparations this month and leave the rest to Me. I understand the tone of judgment that is being proclaimed by many. But may I remind them, that had I acted earlier, before THEIR conversions, they too would have been with those left to suffer the consequences of this sinful world.

"What am I saying here? Do not hold bitterness, rancor or judgment against those who have transgressed My laws and continue to transgress them. This is not My heart. Yes, there is judgment. Yes, there is a sentence to be given and punishment to be meted out. But only the self-righteous raise themselves up to the Father's stature and proclaim their disgust with these souls.

"Do you see Me clearly? What am I doing? Am I railing on the sinners - or am I weeping for them? Do you understand? Do you feel it? Judgment is Mine, says the Lord. But more than that, My heart of Love is breaking. And to point the finger and declare judgment is NOT My way. Unless, of course, you're talking about the manipulative, religious Pharisees of your day. Still, it is not your call to make.

"Blessed are the meek. It is the meek that most resemble Me. Not the fire-and-brimstone, old testament prophets. You must not put on that cloak. Rather, call for repentance, that I may turn and negate what has been prepared, and be compassionate with the sinful so they may coming running to the foot of the Cross. And not turn around and point the finger at you who are railing at them, and say, 'I told you so! Those Christians are just a bunch of religious hypocrites!'

"You see, it is My love that leads to repentance, and judgment only leads to self-righteousness of the one who is judging. And self-righteousness comes from Pride and the declaration that you are above others, and you have the right to declare their guilt. This kind of behavior opens the door for a fall.

"So, My Bride. I am asking you: do not enter into judgment with your brothers. Keep your head low. Weep over his sins as you weep over your own. You ARE weeping over yours...are you not? This is the great balancing weight. You see, you've been given much, much more grace than many of these. Much more opportunity. Much more ministry.

"So, when you overspend, for instance - it is just a serious as those who steal. Though the money is in your control, it should be looked at as Mine, since you are My stewards. Therefore, the man who runs out of the 7-11 with a six pack of beer, because of his addiction and the way he was formed by his non-existent parents is less guilty than you who spend the money on luxuries, when you could have supported and orphan with it.

"Do you understand?? There is NONE that is just, not even one. And those to whom much has been given, much shall be required.

"Now, you're not to go overboard with this teaching and start beating your breast and complaining it is too harsh, or you are doomed! Please, don't do that! Just cease from entering in to judgment with others who are proclaiming the coming chastisement as if they were innocent and the rest of the world was guilty. Don't DO that!

"Humble yourselves and see that your little faults are much more serious than their big faults, because they did not know My Mercy. Refrain from this.

"So, what should you do? Fall to your knees. Beg Mercy and repent for them. With this I will be well pleased. THIS is My heart for YOU. This is My will for you. This I will bless with fruit, the fruits of conversion in the little time left to us.

"I bless you all now with tenderness of heart and profound meekness. Go and do likewise to your brother."