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February 23, 2016

The Lord is wanting us to be really ready, guys. One of our prayer warriors had this dream/vision this morning that I'm going to share with you. She's very, very reliable. And several other people have had confirmations today, as well. She's not the only one. So, I'm going to share those with you very quickly.

Woman's vision begins:

Woman: Okay, I awakened - it was around 4:00 this morning, or maybe a little bit after. And I knew it was the Lord. I said, "Okay..." And He just wanted me to listen. He said, "Just listen." And He was SO intense, it was so intense. And He showed me. He said, "This...we are in the time, we are in the time of exactly how it was with Noah and how the people were and how the people acted around Noah's time. We're in that right now. There are SO MANY that need to be saved, that aren't saved."

And He showed me my family and I saw my two children, Stephen and Stephanie. I didn't even say anything, it was just in the thought, it was all thought transferred without speaking. And before I could even finish thinking about my kids, He said, "I've got them." He showed me with His hands are around them. He was touching both my kids. He said, "Don't worry. Don't worry about the kids - I've got them." And I said, "Okay."

He showed me that verse, where it says the whole household would be saved (Acts 16:31) - He showed me that. He said, "This is a very intense time right now." Intense, as though it were all held together by a string that's about to break - that's the only way I can show it to you, to explain it.

There's a lot going on in the Middle East right now. He didn't reveal it to me. He said, "I can't tell you everything because it will scare you too bad. There's things I can't tell you because it is too much, it's too much for you."

So, He's holding some things back from me, from us, you know, all of us. He showed me where His Father is preparing Him to take the Church. He's preparing Him to take His Church Home. He's in that process right now. I don't know how long that's gonna be, how long that's gonna take. We don't know. But it is REALLY SOON. I don't know the day or the hour, but it's very close.

He said the important thing - and He's given me instructions. I've ordered every book I could get from you and Ezekiel - I've ordered a whole bunch of books. He said the important thing for you to do is, don't concentrate so much on your DVD's ('cause I have a whole stack of them done). Now I want you to start getting things in writing, in case everything goes down and they can't use any of the equipment. And you (Clare) had just said that, but He reiterated it, what you said.

And I thought, 'I know, Lord. Clare said that.'

And He said, "You need to concentrate on nothing else. Don't worry about the artwork. Don't worry about ANYTHING. The main thing I want you to do right now is to get this stuff down on paper. Finish up the things you need to write."

It's like there's an intensity of getting everything done and ready.

And I said, "Okay." Don't even leave the house. And He said, Stay low. Stay out away from the world, separate yourself from the world now. It's time to..." He - how do I put it. He's gathering His baby, that's how He described it. His precious, precious babies. And He's gathering them and separating them from people who have to go through the Tribulation, because they don't get it, they don't listen. Those are the ones who have to go through the winepress.

For us? We just have to witness as much as we can to as many people as we can in this late hour. That's the most important thing, is witnessing and praying. Praying constantly. Praying and praying and praying and staying in the Word. Staying close to Him and walking with Him.

He showed me the Door. There's the Door of Mercy. He showed me the Door, but I'm not quite sure how much space is left 'till when the Door closes. I'm seeing the Door, and the Door's closing. It's almost closed, Clare - it's almost closed. If it's not closed completely. I'm not sure on that.

It's like He's tying...He's done! He's done. He's tying things up and He's done, He's done. That's why He's telling us, get ourselves in order, get ready. Be ready, be ready, be ready was the main thing.

When I saw the Father preparing the Son, I saw God the Father...He's so tender and so loving and...oh, the Love of Jesus. It's so much, Clare - there's just so much love, so much love!!

Clare: I know. I know!

Woman: Jesus WANTs to be with us so much more than we want to be with Him!! How can that be?? He wants us. He wants to take us Home, He's very, very excited and anxious - He's really excited about taking us Home. But at the same time, He's grieving. I saw... Grieving, like He's on His hands and knees, on a chair, His head on the chair - grieving. And the Father's comforting Him. I saw it so clear.

Clare: So, apart from her dream we've had two more people come forward with confirmations of what is about to take place.

One came to me in the form of an email, which was a confirmation of what we know is going to happen. Probably with the East coast and New York, that there's going to be a tremendous tsunami. A tsunami will occur commensurate with a nuclear attack.

And here is the dream that one of our other prayer warriors has had:

Judgment is coming.

While I was sleeping, I felt the Lord's mighty presence in my bedroom and I could feel my spirit rising out of my body cause the Lord wanted to show me something regarding the Judgment that is coming upon the land very soon.

What I saw was horrendous and so destructive.. First it began with me seeing a vision and it was dark. I could see waves and waves of the ocean moving really fast and rising very quickly.  Then, all of sudden, the Lord allowed me to see the water rising up to the top of high buildings and the buildings started crumbling and falling like dominoes. People were drowning, screaming calling for help, grabbing on to building debris which was everywhere you looked, dead bodies floating, floating cars, houses destroyed and looked like matchsticks , everything was being swallowed by huge and mighty high waves of water and strong winds.  

This unprecedented disaster happened so quickly without warning. It looked like the world was ending.  In the dream, I cried so much, seeing this happening before my eyes. It was so sad to witness, but the Lord wanted me to see it to share with others that Judgment is coming fast and furious and without warning.

Then in another scene of the dream, I looked up from witnessing this disaster and there was a bright light coming from the sky.

I was being pulled up and I saw ribbons of many colors just hanging down and as you grabbed a ribbon there were other Brides of Christ that had just arrived there and the Brides were beautiful in majesty and splendor, adorned and dressed exquisitely and there was such purity. My mother was there with the other Brides and I was so happy to see her.

End of Dream

Next vision:

Clare: Okay, go ahead. You felt in the spirit someone came and visited you.

Woman: Well, I was at the end of the Mercy Prayer, and I saw someone - in the spirit. I saw an angel come up. He came up to my left side. I asked him - is it all right to wait to get through the Mercy Prayer? And he said...he just stood there. And I said, "Okay." So I finished. And then he took a scroll and he handed it to the Lord. And the Lord was standing there with another angel, who I kind of recognize as my guardian angel. He took the scroll and He opened it up and looked at it, read it for a minute. And then He started, you know - pointing and giving orders know, just stuff was going on.

And the image that I got in my head, the analogy was General Robert E. Lee in his tent. A courier comes bustin' up, you know - clomping into the tent, hands him the orders and General sits there and looks at what's going on, and he goes flying into action - starts sending his corporals and all the other people out to do what they need to do.

I actually...well, I asked Sherry to pray over it, because the Lord kept nudging me, "Call Sherry. Call Sherry. Call Sherry."

I said, "Okay - I'll call her!" The Holy Spirit said that was exactly what was happening. He confirmed that that was exactly what was happening.

So, there you have it, guys. We have three different confirmations that the Lord is at the door, that the end HAS come. And I'm going to ask you to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet non-stop to hold that door open a little bit longer, while we get all of the materials distributed and out to where they need to go. Please, please pray for more Mercy and more time. Just a little more time and more Mercy.

Please, please pray that everything will be expedited and get out and into the hands of the right people, the left behind.

And as you'll remember last week, that I talked to you about the Lord was delaying the Rapture by increments - by tiny increments. Well, very interestingly, we got a confirmation on that. I want to read it to you.

Sister Clare,

I had a dream some weeks ago.

I saw I was in an exam hall, with the test paper in my hand and everyone was seated. I was surprised that it hadn't started yet. When I saw the clocks and saw the time was extended by microseconds!

And then again extended by one microsecond and then again.

I was really surprised and kept this dream to myself.

Your word about extension of time, in tiny increments, is a confirmation to me.

So, the Lord IS extending it. I think, possibly according to our prayers. So, please - pray that we'll have just a little more time left to get everything into the hands of the right people.

The Lord bless you, Heartdwellers. Thank you for being so faithful. Thank you for praying for us and for the whole world. Truly the Lord's heart is moved to pity right now, because of all the souls that will be lost. So, keep Him tender company and pray.