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March 14, 2016

The blessing and the Hope of our Lord Jesus be with us today, Heartdwellers.

I asked the Lord, what was on His mind, what was on His heart for this day?

He said, "You are always on My heart, everyday, all the time and the sweet partnership we have - how I rejoice in that. How I long for that with all My Brides...whether they carry prayer burdens, do the dishes and prepare meals, visit the sick. The fact that they have Me always on their minds is such a comfort.

"You have been pushing it for so long, you've almost forgotten how to rest in Me."

I know, Lord. I know.

"That's what this day is all about. Rest. Much needed rest. You cannot keep pushing and pushing and pushing and expect to stay tuned into My frequency."

He mentioned this being a day of rest, and I've had a hard time waking up today. I think I've had to take 3 naps! I must just be exhausted from all the weeks of getting things done.

"But here we are together now and it is good. Especially if you will believe Me."

I was having a little bit of a problem tuning in - it's been a strange day. I'm not really connecting with the Lord like I normally do. There's a little bit of a distance there. Sometimes He allows this as a suffering, and I'm aware of that. But I know it's Him. It's just not that kind of warm, cuddly feeling, you know? Kinda where He has His arm around you. It's more of a thing where He's just speaking to you and kind of preoccupied with something else.

Then I heard:

"No weapon formed against you will prosper.

"It means that you will be engaged in battle, but will overcome. It does not mean you will never be tempted. The moment you are no longer tempted, is the moment your spiritual strength begins to decline. Just like one who never walks, eventually loses their muscle mass and strength in their legs, one who is never tempted becomes a spiritual weakling.

"Most are prone to thinking that when they are attacked or tempted it is a punishment, when it is in fact an opportunity for you to strengthen your spiritual muscle mass. As bigger and bigger trials and temptations come, you grow in virtue until you are mature and complete, not lacking anything, as it is written:"

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1:3-4

The Lord continued, "I will allow the temptations, but I will never leave you on your own with them. Either I or My Spirit or your guardian angel will assist and alert you to the tactics of the enemy. Where this fails is when self-will is stronger than self-sacrifice. This is at the very root of your existence. This is the place where a man interfaces with his spirit, this is also the seat of consciousness of the body, thus there is a struggle for supremacy. One who is able to keep his body under control is one who has mastered himself. What abides in this place is the tongue, the desire nature, pleasures of all kinds: food, sex, entertainment, leisure. All these things pander to the body and this is where the struggle begins.

"Even at a young age, these things wrestle with children, pulling them into sinful patterns of behavior that will eventually be their downfall. That is why it is so important to train a child up in the way he should go. Without this training he will most likely go the way of the flesh.

"The whole heart of this message, My Love, is that I never allow temptations that I do not accompany with My graces to pass through without sin. Yet there are some who have been beaten down so badly, morally, that they are beyond weak and cannot rise to defend themselves or do what is right. These are those who are spiraling down a tunnel of desperation and with each new fall, hate themselves more and more. Such as these are the prey of Satan. He takes them under his counsel, offering them all kinds of recognition and benefits, when in fact he has entrapped them for the rest of their lives as well as eternity. Until, that is... until I come and offer them new hope.

"This is why there is such brutality in the world. It begins in the hopelessness of poverty and abuse and culminates in torture and murder. These are the poor I have come to rescue. For too long Satan has had them subservient in fear to himself. I want to raise them up from this dung heap to dwell with Me in Heavenly places. This is My heart for every soul on Earth."

Let the sinner turn from his way, and the one who does not know God, turn from his thoughts. Let him turn to the Lord and He will have loving pity on him. Let him turn to our God for He will surely forgive all his sins. Isaiah 55:7

For the Lord your God is kind and loving. He will not turn His face away from you if you return to Him. 2 Chronicles 30:9

"I am speaking now to you lost ones: you do not have to live in terror of your enemies. When you give your life to Me, I protect you. I assign angels to care for you. I meet with you everyday and instruct you...if you give Me that time. I watch over you in all your ways and plan surprises for you, good surprises, callings and giftings you never knew you had. Things that will be a source of unending fulfillment and joy. Things the enemy kept you from by throwing you into despair and a violent lifestyle.

"This lifestyle, while it gives you a very fleeting impression of importance, is empty and without eternal rewards. It begets more violence, sickness, bitterness and death. It can never satisfy your need for Love, the genuine article.

"Yes, I know all about you and I still love you, I still want you in Heaven with Me. Yes, I know how cruel and dark your life has been, but I am promising you a home in Me. Yes - living with Me, where every new day is full of opportunities, every month full of growth, every year yields greater and greater happiness.

"Yet, you must turn from the wicked ways you have followed all your life, turn your back on them, come to Me and give Me your life. I will take you by the hand and lead you to victory. You will overcome what always overcame you before. You will be filled with meaning and purpose, where in the past you had only disappointment, incarceration, oppression, and darkness to embrace you day after day.

"Yes, I have come to rescue you, My child. I have come to break the yoke of bondage you've been living under. I have come to heal the wounds without number your heart is stricken with. I know what it is like to be despised and hated. I know what it feels like to be beaten almost to death. I know what it feels like to be kicked in the face by those you meant only good for. I have lived through all those extremes of life and conquered them with Love. And I will empower you to conquer and be empowered by Love.

"I will remove the bitterness and condemnation of the past and run to place a coat upon your back and a ring upon your finger. I have come to give back to you the very life that was stollen from you when you were born. Yes, I will restore you to someone you never knew you could be. Yes, I will set you free! Yes, I will protect you and bring you to Heaven with Me.

"All you need to do is turn to My loving arms and say 'Yes, Lord. Today I give You my life, such as it is; today I surrender my soul to You. Forgive me for the wicked life I have led, forgive me for what I have done to others and help me forgive what they have done to me. Come into my heart, Jesus, take over this mess I call my life. I surrender it to you.'

"Say this, My child, from the heart and I will embrace you and bring you into a glorious new future. Yes, I make this promise to you: give Me your life and I will give you My hope. The scales of blindness, the knives of bitterness still in your heart, I will remove. I will heal these wounds and set you on high above your enemies. You will conquer and overcome the devils of the past and their terror will terrify no more.

"Come, place your hand in Mine. Come, you are Mine now. Let us together walk out of this prison of the past and into the glorious light of a new day. Come."