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March 20, 2016

The Lord is with us and His kind heart is watching over us, Heartdwellers. And He's been giving me some head's up on some things, so I'm going to share that with you in just a moment.

But first, I wanted to include a little dialogue for you...a conversation with the Lord before I share the message. You know how taken up I've been with 'doing' for the Lord - getting thumb drives and things together. And my prayer time has suffered substantially. I've had this experience many times throughout my life, when I get on a project. And it's always hard getting back into prayer, because you lose that fine tuned connection with Him when you don't spend that much time. I'm only now beginning to take the time I really need with Him.

And my precious assistant bought me a Tiramisu cake for my birthday. Well, you can put two and two together; all I can say is that it's been delicious. But now is the time to abstain. I am loosing ground spiritually by indulging myself. He brought this up tonight.

I also am struggling with unbelief about the Rapture again. Forgive me Family, I am so human. Remember, I told you in the beginning, if you've been with us for a while, the Lord chose me for this job because I was the worst candidate He could no one has an excuse. If He could use me, He can absolutely and positively use you. So, here is our little conversation. I was at that time struggling with the Rapture.

Oh Lord, You must truly be disappointed with me. I'm struggling with unbelief, AGAIN!!!

He answered me, "Did I not know beforehand, you are human?"

"Human" has almost become a dirty word to me, Lord.

"Well, don't let it. You are formed in My Image. 'Male and female He made them.' You also have an unseen and sometimes unheard enemy translating words into subtle messages, that subliminally penetrate into your mind and before you know it you are dealing with unbelief. Your enemies are many."

And I asked Him at that point, 'cause I was thinking of human enemies, and I said, "Please Lord, bless my enemies with a knowledge of Your Love for them."

He continued, "This is a continuing effort for Me, however I do not bless the demons."

And at that point, my curiosity got hold of me, and I said, "Did they ever repent for falling? Did any of them ever repent?"

He answered me, "They were given many opportunities to do so very long ago. These are the ones who have chosen Hell as their final destination and are giving it all they've got.

"But back to the point, I know what you are struggling with. I am not without compassion Dear One, and I forgive you. As I said, your enemies are many. Some things they accomplish subliminally and that makes it most difficult to detect until it is strongly implanted in your consciousness."

Oh, Jesus, help Me.

"Come here My Bride, let Me hold you, Clare. You have been too far away from Me for too long and now your tuning device...well, it needs a tune up. If you want this intimacy with Me, you will have to fight for it, with fasting and rededication to prayer."

And here I just wanted to mention that when He said "fasting" He means abstinence from delicate foods.

Lord, since I was doing this all for You, can You not make an exception and restore these faculties to me without having to wait?

He answered, "No."

Oh Lord, this doesn't feel like My compassionate Jesus!

"Now you are trying human tactics on Me...did you really think that would work?"


"Silly girl."

Then He changed the subject and began the message.

"There are many tactics planned to toy with emotions and get you all sidetracked by your feelings. Be particularly vigilant with relatives and friends that may not be sensitive to what you are feeling or going through. They aren't always hostile you know, many times it's an arrangement of demons pulling different strings to set each of you off in your own ways.

"You will be greatly strengthened by keeping in mind that it is not always deliberate on their part, (the relatives' part, that is) but rather it is deliberate on the enemy's part. If you see that clearly, you can stay clear of emotional traps by not taking it personally. This will greatly frustrate the demons, but keep you free from emotional entanglements.

"I know you are all facing great challenges right now and I am with each and every one of you. Only stay in the spirit and don't give place to your flesh. If you feel that beginning to happen, escape to a private place and pray, asking Me to help you abstain from venting, which will only make everything much worse for you.

"What I am trying to do here is cutoff confrontations before they happen and create a mess for you. If you know these things, you can remind yourself every morning and be on the look out for volatile situations, praying to sidestep them and being meek and humble in all your dealings."

After He gave me part of this message, I was really, really missing Him and remembering what He said about abstaining and rededicating my prayer time. In short I was missing His tender arms so much! I put the song "Draw me Close to You" back on, and decided to just meditate on Him for a couple of minutes. So, the song went through two different cycles, and He began speaking and said, "You're here, I'm here, we are together. I do rejoice over you with singing, I just need you to reach a little further and honor Me by abstaining. Oh Clare, I love to hold you ever so close. I miss you, too, My sweet Clare. I really, really do."

And that was really comforting for me, guys. I got my connection back with Him, because I saw Him and felt Him very, very clearly. And I DID see Him singing over me with that song.

So, He continued on with the message, "How pleased I am that all of you Heartdwellers take My messages to heart. I saw today where many of you went out of your way to supply people with links. I cannot stress the importance of that enough.

"You see this channel has become a fish gate I can trust with baby Christians. They have not had the benefit of My messages, so they are still very confused about who I am and how to please Me, what I yearn for and how far I am willing to go to rescue a straying lamb.

"When you point them in the right direction and give them solid food, you are actually evangelizing and forming these souls. That is the beauty of having so many resources to draw upon. Not only are you refreshed in the things that are important, but they are brought to living waters to drink, and even partake of full meals.

"They will grow quickly on this kind of nourishment and you will be responsible for many who had no one to care for them. That's why I am encouraging you to do this. In addition to that, the human mind is prone to forget." And He chided me, " matter how much Ginkgo you take."


"All of you who have been here for a long time and absorbed and put to use what you have learned are now qualified to teach others. That's why I am bringing new Christians here. They will be loved and formed without manipulative agendas or constraints to fit into any denomination.

"There are many teachers on the net who fail to love and show tenderness to new souls. They are concerned with conformity and sin before a soul has time to realize their life is now totally different. This is a movement of My Spirit; it is called Loving Them Into the Kingdom. Here you combine truth, gentleness and love to invite them into the fullness of the Faith.

"Do you understand? When you are harsh and condemnatory you bring forth other souls who will in turn be that way. 'Radical' doesn't mean harsh and demanding. It means being a laid-down lover of Christ, as Heidi puts it. (He's referring to Heidi Baker there.) It means giving up your own agenda, abandoning yourself into My arms, not the arms of men, but into My arms. Along with deep abiding trust, because the soul recognizes My love and that I can be trusted.

"It is always My Love that leads to a deeper commitment to break from sin. Moves that are made because of legalisms and threats only beget more legalisms and in the end disenfranchise souls and alienate them, because the standards demanded are often broken by the very ones demanding them. It doesn't work that way, My People.

"It is My kindness that leads to repentance. That kindness wins over the heart and the heart makes changes in the soul's priorities and behavior. How beautiful! It is Love that makes the difference. Love is so much more difficult than reading Scriptures and demanding that they conform. Love reveals My true nature and helps them to grasp My character and eventually fall head-over-heels in love with Me.

"I ask you: which would you rather be - a soul threatened with punishment who takes every step with fear of losing their salvation or the Rapture? Or a soul deeply in love that cannot imagine anything better than making Me happy? Do you see the difference?

"So, what I am saying here is that you who have loved much and learned the lessons shared here, are qualified to bring others into the Kingdom, the RIGHT way, with love. I don't say avoid confronting sins, but I do say when you have to deal with sin, be understanding - but firm - that sin is death and you, too, were in the clutches of death. But by My Spirit and grace, you were delivered - and they, too, can be.

"Well, that is enough for now. I am with you, Heartdwellers, and I am very, very proud of those who have taken steps to change their lives according to what I have taught here."

And that was the end of His message.

I just wanted to mention to you all, that I've been a bit lazy about gathering videos in my bookmarks to refer people to. So, today I took a good hour and made a bookmark folder in the toolbar. And that folder said "Videos." Then I made several folders inside that one, that say things like The Rapture, Getting a Word from the Lord, Intimate Prayer, Healing, Prophecy, Discernment, Condemnation, Marriage and so on.

And by the way, I also made a folder labeled "Meditationals" for the longer teachings that have music behind them and help people to meditate on a certain subject and to picture the Lord with them. Those come in very handy in different places, especially Forgiveness.

Then I placed each one of my bookmarked videos into the proper folder. So now, when I share a link with anyone, all I have to do is open the right folder and pull it out. Before I would sit here for 5 or 10 minutes going up and down, back and forth, looking for that one video a person needed. What a waste of time!

So, if you want to make life a little easier and more convenient, take some time to find your favorite videos that deal with different issues and compartmentalize them on your browser's toolbar under one folder, Videos.

The Lord's greatest blessings of wisdom and love be with you all Heartdwellers. Thank you for mothering the souls who come here lost and hurting. Thank you so much for being here.