The resources section has ideas/links for left behind packages

March 23, 2016

Well, Heartdwellers, at long last we have finished the download for the thumb drive. And what this simply means is if you get from Walmart or wherever a 15 gigabyte thumb drive that plugs into a USB port on your computer - if you get that you can download the complete contents for the left behind. The Tethered Album and everything else, all the teachings, music and everything. You can download that onto your computer and then upload it to the thumb drive and give it to whoever you want to give it to, or leave it behind for.

So, the way to do it would be to go ahead and get to the link, which will be shown in the description box underneath this video. Go ahead and click on that link, click on "download". It would be wise to download it into Documents or something other than your desktop, because it's going to be big files, and it can really slow your computer down when it's on the desktop. So, download it somewhere into your hard drive and then when it's done, and by the way, they put it into pieces for you, to make it easier, 'cause it's a huge download. Less you get impatient, it's broken down into Art, Photos, Books, Faith building Jesus teachings, Music and Movies. So, it's broken down to make it easier for you to take little bites at a time, because the whole download might take 20 minutes or so, or maybe more, depending on your internet connection.

So, that's the good news! And the Tethered album is still being mastered, it should be ready pretty soon and when it is we will add that to the thumb drive download page. We really thought about it for a long time, and I really put my heart into the selection of the contents. Tad and Paul and Carol all helped with it, and our intercessors backed this up with prayer. It's got some wonderful things for those who are going to be left behind, which all they really will need is a tablet or possibly a cell phone with a certain kind of connection and they'll be able to connect that thumb drive and go through it and use it, if they are in a situation where there's hardly any electricity or they're on their own or whatever.

So, we picked the selection of things to really help in a time of extreme, dire need.

The Lord bless you all, and I hope you really enjoy this!