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March 29, 2016

The Lord is with us, precious Heartdwellers.

I just wanted to give you an update on some things that are happening - we had a prophetic dream from one of our senior members that I want to share. And also a note from a young lady who lives in Vancouver. Things are moving along, guys. Things are progressing. The clouds are gathering on the horizon. If you remember the prophecy the Lord gave me, He talked about the entrance through Canada - how Canada would be cooperating with those who are sent to destroy our country.

She lives in Vancouver, and this is what she wrote to me:

I'm often out at night doing errands, and there's a huge influx of Syrian refugees here now. Almost none of them speak English, not even a basic, 5-word sentence. And they can get aggressive and rude. The atmosphere here is changing. A few weeks ago, I saw a Syrian refugee. There's a very distinctive look about them, and prior to them coming over, we hardly had any Middle-Eastern people in Vancouver.

But I saw this man shining what looked like a signal mirror, attached to his cell phone, into one of the upper windows of the Hudson Bay Company - a huge landmark on Grandville. And right above, one of the key sky train locations on the Grandville.

Standing outside and shining this signal mirror for at least 5 minutes.

And tonight, I saw a Syrian refugee aggressively beating his fists on our electrical utility box downtown, for at least 5 minutes - or closer to 10. And it was like a war drum. And then there were 20 crowded into a McDonald's - all men. Women and children seem much rarer. Some are aggressive and rude, and others are very polite. But Vancouver is not the same anymore. It is really changing.

And I want to add to this that, you know, if I were in the situation of being in a foreign country and not finding a place to sleep or having trouble getting food or whatever...I'd probably be beating my fists on something, too! So, I don't think that's any sign of malice. I think it's a sign of frustration more than anything else. And certainly, all of us can be rude when we're hungry and tired, so I definitely don't want to buttonhole the Syrian people that way. They are some of the most beautiful people I've ever met and very, very polite.

But I do think it's worth noting there's a change going on at our northern border, and there is an accumulation of possibly hostile people on our border.

So that said, to me that's just a sign of the times and what is soon to come.

Now, here is a dream that I was telling you about.

She began:

"I was in New York, staying in a high-rise hotel. I'm not sure what part of New York it was, but it was practically right on the water. I did remember that it was the highest building in the midst (middle) of the city where every building surrounding it was smaller and it was a shiny gold color. My husband and I went online and searched out high-rise hotels that would be very close to the water in New York and we found a picture that matched EXACT TO THE VERY "T" of the high-rise in my dream!"

Now, I want to say that I've seen this very same building, which I'm going to tell you about in a minute. And depending on the clouds, it can be golden or it can be grey or silver. It depends on the sky at the time.

Anyway, she continues:

"It was Trump Tower in New York! I was on the very top floor and was getting ready to just walk into this huge main office when I stopped to look out the windows at the water. The entire top floor of this main office area was entirely windows and the view of the water (ocean) was very spectacular. As I began to walk over to the windows I felt a "rumble" under my feet and the building swayed a little. I felt little nauseated."

That happened to me in Columbia. I started getting sick to my stomach and it was an earthquake.

"I turned my head and looked into an area of the office where there were two women and a man working at their desks. I asked them, 'Did any of you feel that? I think we just had an earthquake!' Then I looked up and there were hanging lights in the office and they were swinging back and forth and I said, 'Look at the lights!'

"Then I turned and saw a woman that was in the process of ending a phone call (it was weird, because she was using the old fashioned rotary-style phone ) and she looked up at me with complete terror in her face and a stunned look in her eyes as she laid the phone down and said, 'They said it was a "10" in Indonesia.' (I was made to know that this one happening was a bigger one in New York where we were) and earthquakes were beginning to erupt simultaneously all over the world. Everyone in the office just stood in shock unable to speak/frozen in total fear.

"Then I heard a Voice say, '...and their hearts will be failing them for fear' and I turned to look out the window and a wall of water rose up and rolled over the entire city and I stood there and watched all the buildings fall like dominoes. Then it hit the building we were in and it started wobbling back and forth, then it fell over and me and one of the women and the man were laying on the wall as the windows were breaking and the water was pouring in filling up the room.

"Then I remembered what the Voice had just said and I screamed out to the Lord and asked Him to help me remember anything and everything that I needed to repent of if there was anything else that I hadn't remembered (as my husband and I stay repented up all day long. We're always reminding each other about keeping our wedding gowns clean and without wrinkle, spot, stain or blemish).

"So then, back to the dream. I turned and looked at the man and woman laying on the wall beside me and knowing that we had only a few split seconds to live. I screamed out at them, 'YOU MUST SAY THE SINNERS PRAYER RIGHT THIS SECOND! YOU WON'T GO TO HEAVEN IF YOU AREN'T SAVED! YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN SO YOU WILL GO TO HEAVEN! I kept screaming, 'HURRY AND PRAY THE SINNER'S PRAYER WITH ME! PRAY WITH ME BEFORE WE'RE GONE OR YOU WILL NOT GO TO HEAVEN. YOU WILL BE IN HELL!'

"I knew they weren't saved. My heart broke in half for them as I watched them frozen in fear unable to speak. Then the water covered over us all, the building went down under thousands and thousands of layers of water and then it rolled under water towards the ocean and disappeared. I was choking and drowning in the water and I knew that I was going to be dead in moments but I also knew that Eternity with Jesus in Heaven was waiting for me and that I would be with Jesus forever - so a few moments of going through death compared to eternity was worth it.

"When I was screaming at the man and woman in the dream my husband was shaking me because my screams woke him up and scared him, but the screaming was coming out in struggled squeaks which probably sounded creepier to my poor husband. Sort of like when you're trying to run in a dream and you struggle because you can't run. The dream was so realistic and terrifying that I got up for a while and sat in my chair until I settled down enough to go back to sleep. My husband asked me, 'Honey, what in the world is going on with you lately?'

"The Lord began waking me up in 2009 and I have never been the same person. My whole personality has changed. My family wants nothing to do with me because they say I'm crazy. My sister told me that I needed medication and serious counseling. lol! The lukewarm church just doesn't 'get it' and it's just so frustrating. It makes me cry because no one will listen! Sometimes I just sob in my prayer closet   I see our Lord's Heart breaking and it breaks my heart! But He did say it would be exactly like the Days of Noah and here we are!

"So, I looked up the verse in my dream: Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. Luke 21:26

"Oh how I long to be home with the Lord and be rid of this place. NOTHING interests me here anymore. Do you feel this way, too?" 

And that was the end of her dream and message. Wow. That's amazing.

Well, people, we're getting closer to that time. And the Lord tells different people different things. He doesn't show us all the same things. But if we're unified as one, if we listen to one another and if we listen to what the Lord is saying through one another, we can put all the pieces together. It never was His wish for His Body to be divided. It has always been His purpose that we should work together and listen to one another, and understand more fully His inscrutable plans.

The Lord bless you, Heartdwellers. Let's stay repentant and in prayer.