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March 29, 2016

The Wisdom and Instruction of the Lord be with us all, Heartdwellers.

Well, my beloved Family, forgive my absence, I've been recovering from all my activity, enjoying our family and fighting slimy monsters. But thanks to all of your prayers and our prayer warriors, they are defeated, and we are moving on.

The Lord and I were dancing to one of Terry MacAlmon's worship songs. He was holding me to His heart, so very happy to have me back from all my distractions. As you know, I've been working on albums, thumb drives and also some survival equipment for those left behind and had just finished.

As He held me I noticed I was wearing black and a black veil. We were hovering somewhere over southern Pennsylvania, facing New York City, as a tsunami came thrusting through Long Island and Manhattan onto the mainland. Oh, the terrible things yet to come to America. The very next morning a confirmation of the vision came through one of our elder prayer warriors who has moved in the gift of dreams and visions. I will be sharing that along with other information brought to me in a day or so.

But first, I asked the Lord, "Jesus, what do you have to say?

And He began, "Welcome back?"

Oh Lord, it's so good to be back, but I need some kind of serious, spiritual shower to clean all these busy-work tasks off of me.

"More time in My Presence, in the stillness of the night and in My Word would help you tremendously."

I know, Lord. That's what I want to do. Help me to persevere. I am so hungry for Your thoughts. What is on Your heart tonight?

"In these last days, the enemy is making every attempt to divide and conquer. Not just your group or channel, but every single church that is true to My Word. Every single minister that is faithfully Mine is coming under monumental attack. Mostly by very inexperienced and unsuspecting Christians that have not yet learned to rule over their pride. They pride themselves on clever retorts but are much lacking in humility and experience. And so, those who are floating on the surface, and not diving deep for the Pearl of Great Price, are easily conquered by the enemy and used to divide and conquer others.

"Some have grudges, some bitterness and unforgiveness. Others want to fit in and be popular. So, they take sides with whichever group is in the winning position. And some just go the easy route and do not bother to discern for themselves, so they parrot what they have heard. This does irreparable damage to others, and separates them from their place of grace.

"Each of you, My children, has an appointed place of grace, a place where you will flourish and come into a deeper relationship with Me. But unless you recognize this place, you can be easily fooled and led astray and the intimacy and maturity I had planned for you is lost. You fall back into the popular crowd in the safest position, convincing yourselves that I am pleased with that."

Lord, do they really think that will please YOU?

"Indeed they do. Because they did not have depth, they are easily drawn away. Clare, I give every soul a chance to go deeper with Me, but most are taken up with the world and their minds are terribly fragmented. Their affections for people and things cause them to doubt Me. When someone leaves your channel, it's not about you, it's about their failure to make the best use of the graces I imparted to them. They didn't grow deeper, and when they don't grow deeper, the enemy picks them off.

"I allow this to make way for other souls who will take Me more seriously and dive deeply into the rich waters of My Grace. Souls that will persevere until they find the Pearl of Great Price. Don't get Me wrong, there are souls that are not meant to be here, and I move them on because they will grow in the area most important to them under another minister.

"I am speaking of those souls who come here and know My voice. They begin to grow and as they do, I allow temptations and challenges to bring them up higher. If they don't want to go higher, they grow lax and begin to question My voice. Then they begin to hearken to lies and calumny until they have an excuse to leave. The answer is simple. _I presented them with a hurdle in their natures. They didn't want to take the chance, or make the effort or the sacrifice, so they find fault with you and with Me.

"I know you've seen this before in your own life. You've said, 'I'm not willing to give that up.' And so, you find fault with those that ARE willing to 'give that up'. Fortunately, you do come back to Me and follow My Spirit so we can try it again and again, until you do come to that place of making the hurdle.

"I love these souls with an everlasting and deep affection, so I give them a less challenging teacher until they are hungry for more of Me and are willing to go deeper and make those life sacrifices. Of course, there are others who are already in the place with Me that you are drawing others to. They come because they enjoy My voice and the new things I am doing. But ultimately, they come more for fellowship rather than instruction and here they find an encouraging environment, a safe haven from the storm. And at some point, I may call them elsewhere, but there is always a fondness for this channel.

"My concern, My grief, is the dividing of the Body. It is the fault of shallow discernment that people make pronouncements on this church and that church. All of the churches have serious faults: adultery, entertainment instead of worship, materialism instead of simplicity, social status rather than anointing. Every single church has fallen to Satan's wiles in some way, at some time or another. The integrity of the minister is what gets them back on course, one who's willing to cooperate with Me. So many have opinions that seem right in their own eyes, but are an abomination to Me. Simply put, anyone who divides My Body is in serious error."

But Lord, what about the innocent people that think that perhaps I'm hearing from a familiar spirit or find fault with what I'm teaching based on their understanding of the Scriptures?

"When they act in an immature way, pulling the wheat up with the tares, they do inestimable damage not only to the anointed minister, but to the little sprouts, the newcomers, the immature. They are not examining the fruits before they make their allegations, they are just finding fault and they hurt Me. You have seen Me bruised, torn and bloody, wearing that crown. This is what those who criticize this channel, with no regard to the fruit it is producing, are doing to Me. They are crucifying Me all over again.

"My children, every time you attack one of My anointed ministers, you are shedding innocent blood. My Blood. Do you understand? My anointed servants have My Blood running through their veins. When you hurt them, you hurt Me. Doubtless you will say this is but another instance of a familiar spirit defending itself. But in those quiet moments, when you find serious disorder in your lives, when things that should have succeeded fail. When there's accident or sickness. When others speak badly of you, when your marriage deteriorates, and your relationship with people at work or church are falling apart - remember these words. Remember: you have sought to destroy others and I have allowed the door to remain open to the enemy to bring you to your senses."

And then the Lord quoted this Scripture:

"He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me, scatters.

Luke 11:23

"Some of you were in a very good place with Me not long ago. But you hearkened to lies and calumny and stopped gathering with Me. To you I say, I am coming to separate the sheep from the goats."

And the Lord reminded me of Matthew 25 "But when the Son of Man comes in His glory, (it talks about the timing of the Millennium here) He will separate them from one another, as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; and He will put the sheep on His right, and the goats on the left. Matthew 25:31-34

The Lord continued here, "This is not only at the Millennium, but now, as the Day is about to dawn, I am coming for My Bride. I am coming to provide for My remnant. Even as the young Hebrew boy (Nathan) said, 'I can smell holiness and sincerity.' I can also smell corruption. And some of you that were to be taken, because you butted the sheep and injured the innocent, will be left behind - not to be punished, but to learn how to love.

"Some of you, who have presented yourselves as shepherds, delight yourselves in criticism of those who are feeding My sheep and in no way are you providing for My flock. You are not strengthening the weak, but strengthening rancor and division in My Body. You are not healing the sick, but provoking them to sickness of soul and isolation. You are not binding up the injured, rather you are teaching them to injure and divide. You have not brought the strays to Me, rather you have picked them off from Me. You have not sought the lost, you have separated and divided until they are without a shepherd and vulnerable to wild animals.

"I ask you, My people, to examine your ways. This is not the time of scattering. It is the time of gathering. I am asking you to repent of your divisive ways and take the net in hand. Help Me to gather in, rather than cutting the net and scattering. Yes. Yes, indeed I want to see the Harvest. But as long as self-appointed teachers divide and scatter, the nets remain torn and I am without My catch, which I have labored long and hard for.

"But never mind that. You will not hearken to My voice to stop dividing, and I will come soon to take My portion of the Harvest with Me. And you will be left behind to learn the value of every believing soul, no matter what church they come from. You will learn to love all and stop wounding and dividing. Yes, you will learn how to love and how to draw the net in without breaking it. You could learn this now, but you will stiffen your necks at this message and despise it.

"How I long to embrace you and fill you with good things, but until the corruption is cleansed there is no place for My graces to fill.

"And to the rest of you, I say: I have made a home here for the lonely. I have lead you out into prosperity and health of soul. Guard what I have given to you. Don't let anyone steal it from you. I am coming soon."

And I would like to add to what the Lord has given us here: to those of you who have been finding fault and attacking our channel, I forgive you. And we pray continually for you, especially the words of our Lord in John 17: that they may all be one; even as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be in Us, so that the world may believe that You sent Me. The glory which You have given Me I have given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one. John 17:21

And that is our prayer for all of you. I encourage everyone on this channel to be praying that for those who don't understand us, or for those who've attacked us. Be praying this, that we might be brought together in unity and glorify the Lord. Please, be praying this.