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September 30, 2014

Clare: I'm going to interview Ezekiel du Bois, (some of his music is on the internet) and he's had three rapture dreams. He's coming from a background, a spiritual/religious background, that the rapture wasn't really taught or discussed. So, these dreams were quite an eye-opener for him. And he's going to tell us about them.

So, tell me about the first  dream. You had a dream that shook you.

Ezekiel: Yeah, it kinda woke me up, so to speak.
Clare: Yeah, it shook me, too. But I'm going to wait for you to share your experience before I tell about mine.

Ezekiel: In the dream there was a small group of us and somehow we just knew  that the Lord was coming back NOW, like SOON, like IMMEDIATELY. And we couldn't wait - we just couldn't wait.

Clare: You didn't hear anything on the radio that He was in Israel or coming around the globe and...?

Ezekiel: No. No.

Clare: Nothing. You just had an inner unction that the Lord was coming.

Ezekiel: Yeah, we just had this real strong feeling that He was coming. And so much so, like a kid running to a Christmas tree on Christmas morning. You know, couldn't wait to see Him, so we just took off - on foot. We thought we were gonna get to Him somehow, meet Him, cut Him off at the pass.

Clare: How many people were with you?

Ezekiel: Oh, gosh, probably all of ten or twelve people to start with, maybe. Maybe less than that.

Clare: Did you recognize who they were?

Ezekiel: Just some friends and a couple of people from a little local prayer group/family. And we knew it was coming from the East, so we started East. I remember it took a few days to make this trip. We didn't know where we were going to meet Him. In our mind we thought He was going to come "down", like...

Clare: You were driving, or...?

Ezekiel: No, we were still on foot. We thought He was gonna come "down", like down to us somehow. And even though we're gonna be caught up to meet Him in the air, I understand that now, but I didn't know anything about it then. We just went over hill and dale. I remember us walking along the sides of highways, up through into Oklahoma, just constantly... parts of Texas, heading from where we are, northern New Mexico, heading East. I remember sleeping in schools, on cafeteria tables. We didn't want to eat, we didn't want to sleep.

We just were so excited to see the Lord, we just kept on going. I do remember that some in our group - and the group began to grow, probably to twenty or thirty people along the way - some people in the group started looking back. There'd be like a large shopping center or shopping malls or something off to the side and a few people started looking, "Oh, look at the mall - look at this - look at that". And we were so caught up, the rest of us, in the Lord and Him coming back, all we knew was just to keep going, face forward, you know. But the people that started looking to the side and looking back, they left the line. They walked off to the side from where we were going and just walked over and into whatever town it might happen to be and they went, literally, to the mall, to the store, wherever. And they left us, turned back, you know, they turned off to the side. And then...

Clare: Did they come back?

Ezekiel: No. No, that was it. I mean, they peeled off, just left the group. It was like when they took that first look - they were hooked, you know. They just got pulled off.

Clare: I can relate to that.

Ezekiel: Yeah, just the money and the world and the trinkets and all that stuff, the excitement, I guess. By that time, after a few days, maybe they got bored. But, boy, I tell you - I still couldn't eat, sleep, think, or drink anything but "the Lord coming". And most of us couldn't. But the group began to dwindle back down again. And it was interesting that a few people along the way would be at the parking lots or the little towns, or whatever. And they'd come across a field or something, across a highway and literally leave everything and join up with us.

Clare: Wow.

Ezekiel: Yeah, just a handful of people along the way like that would actually join us.

Clare: Maybe that's kind of an allegory for, as we get the word out more and more, more and more people are responding, and waiting for the Lord, and repenting and changing their lives?

Ezekiel: Well, it would have to be the Holy Spirit, to pull you out of something like that. And most of these people seemed like they were just... sick and tired of being sick and tired, you know. Kind of like I was when I came to the Lord. They were tired of it all and they knew we were headed for something big. And they left everything, literally just left everything.

So we went on and we continued eastward, going through the different states. We had just entered into Missouri, we were going across into Missouri and we saw this yellow-like, golden light descending. It grew larger and brighter, I mean, we knew it was Him. We just couldn't believe it, we were so excited!

Clare: What did it look like? Was it a ball of light? Or a bank of clouds? How did it look?

Ezekiel: It started out like kind of a ball of light in the clouds, kind of a roundish shape coming down. And it was larger and brighter, and it was coming toward us. And I mean, this was within minutes, at this point. It had been days, hours, days. And now it was just within minutes. We saw it. We were excited. This light was coming on. It seemed to come on really just slow and gradually. But literally, it was within minutes. We could see Jesus coming on the clouds, like miles off in the distance, but coming toward us. Obviously, we weren't sure, you know... we just didn't care what was gonna happen next. All we could see was Jesus.

And, at some point, we ended up in front of Jesus, whether that's being "caught up" or whatever, but it was almost like we were...Well, if He's coming on the clouds of Heaven, what we were standing on seemed pretty solid because it was like a knoll, a hill or something, but it was a cloud we were on.

But a friend of mine, an older man, Joe Graves, who has two daughters that he was separated from for years, at that point, and had been praying to be reunited with them - he came up beside me. And just like everyone else, he was enamored by the Lord. And his children, his two daughters were with him, one on the left, one on the right. Then his ex-wife was kind of off to the side. And I thought that was kind of peculiar, because she had left him and the church and everything years earlier. But Joe had this anguished feeling in his face, you know. He looked really hopefully at the Lord. The Lord just shook His head, and He said, "She's not ready. She's just not ready." And he looked kind of sad, but then he was encouraged by the Lord's brightness and beauty, and his girls were with him, and you know he just walked right on up to the Lord.

It was interesting, because even though we were meeting the Lord, He would address and kind of go around to different people, and welcome each one of them personally. It was really, really neat.

Clare: Very personal, then. It wasn't just like, this huge crowd was being lifted up. It was more like a personal encounter as well.

Ezekiel: Yeah, it was like a gathering - He was welcoming us. Later on, I'll talk about...just His eyes, and how kind and normal and natural He was, even though He was brilliant and all these other magnificent things.

So, anyway, Jesus brought us up to Him - we thought He was coming down to us. And then I woke up. And I had all kinds of questions!

Clare: We had some kind of a distant, shadowy knowledge of what the Rapture was, and we'd heard people talk about it. But since the Church didn't believe in it, and didn't teach it, we didn't take it real seriously.

Ezekiel: Well, we just weren't in the circles of people that it was a part of their reality. We just didn't know.

Clare: So, how did you know that the dream was from the Lord and not just a "pizza" dream?

Ezekiel: I had an inner witness. I woke up and it had a profound effect on me. It was one of those things where you wake up and it's still there. And three or four years later, it's just as strong with me as it was the night I had it.

Clare: Well, I remember you woke up and told me about the dream - and it just rattled my world. It just turned my world upside down, really. I thought, 'Oh my goodness, if THIS is the case!!' We had both planned on being martyred in the Tribulation, we knew that we were coming into that period. We had already settled that we were going to be martyred.

Ezekiel: Remember the "Bye Bye Boxes"?

Clare: Oh, yeah! For our children - two of them knew the Lord and two didn't. We made, in case they didn't get Raptured, we made these big Tupperware boxes with all kinds of materials and notebooks with instructions, gifts, encouragement. Something that....well, we called them the Bye Bye Boxes.

Ezekiel: Yes - "What happened, Why did it happen, Where were we?" answers to things like that.

Clare: "What's next? you know... What's next in the world?" It hit me profoundly, because I realized that at any moment there would be a decision whether the Lord would take me as His Bride. First I thought, being missionaries so to speak, in ministry and serving people, and leading a substantial prayer life, I thought, 'Well, I guess we're going to get Raptured.'

I remember asking, "Honey, was I in the dream?" And you said I was, so I felt better about it. But it did shake me up because I didn't feel real secure about my position of being able to be with the Lord. The Scriptures say, "Lord, we healed in your name and did this and did that in Your Name...but the Lord said, "I never knew you."

So, I wanted to be sure I was in a good place with Him, in good standing. And I knew there were some areas that I needed to change. I think understanding the Rapture, knowing that it could happen at any time, it really made me more seriously examine my conscience, examine my life and my behavior and get more serous about spots, wrinkles and blemishes.

Ezekiel: So, it wasn't like, "Oh, wow, cool - I'm just gonna get swept up and, swift click and slip - there I go and that's it."

Clare: Yeah, yeah...

Ezekiel: "I'm guaranteed and that's cool."

Clare: Well, and right after that time, right on the heels of that, I remember being in our little chapel and praying, and I was given a Scripture about the wise virgins - the 5 virgins that were ready and 5 weren't. And that really, really got my attention down deep in my spirit. I just felt that was addressed to me.

Ezekiel:'s interesting that the 5 that went to get the oil for their lamps and missed it. They showed up the first time, they were on schedule and on plan, and doing the right things. - but something changed and they still weren't ready.

Clare: Right - and I felt that. I felt like the Holy Spirit was telling me "you've got some work to do."

Ezekiel: Yeah. Me too.