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April 12, 2016

The peace that passes all understanding, the peace of Jesus be with all of you, Heartdwellers.

I want to share with all of you part of the reading He gave to me today, from The Rapture WAS Real?! book that we put out. The page I opened to was 205, which is under "The Great Revival After the Rapture, April 6, 2015."

"I will be seen during the Rapture. I will not set foot on the Earth. but I will be seen.

"Miami is no different than the WWII wars and rumors of wars. Because of the increase of knowledge the damage inflicted will be far beyond and more confusing, disorienting and devastating than ever before. FOR that reason, it will be an hour when I am least expected. You see with all the moons and feasts, I am expected. That should alert you right away that it can't be on a feast day, because you are expecting Me.

"Does it not say that when I am LEAST expected I will come? That was meant to be a hint."

"OK, now that contradicts what people say about knowing the appointed times."


"Oh Lord, you are indeed Sovereign."

"I will indeed do things at the appointed time, but I made it a point to exclude the Rapture, so why are you looking to appointed times?"

"Umm...I guess because it makes sense?"

"Exactly. And I already inferred that it would make no sense. So relax and stop trying to second-guess Me. I already gave you a very firm indicator, rest in this, Clare. Please do not sow confusion, hold to what I gave you years and years ago. Rest in this. Stop looking to guess what makes the most sense. You are all wearing yourselves out trying to resolve this issue using the stars and moon and the appointed times as your plumb line."

"Oh Lord...." I was just thinking at that point, 'Boy, I must really be a false prophet...'

He answered without me saying anything: "You are not a false prophet. I like what you call yourself - My Bride. And does not the Groom entrust His Lady with His secrets?"

After reading this, and during worship, I couldn't take the music - it was just too distracting and too noisy. And I felt that I must seek out His presence and comfort Him. I felt Him all day today, but I really especially wanted to really be with Him, with all of my attention focused on Him.

Ezekiel and I have been feeling snippets of sorrow from His heart and tonight all I cared to do was hold and comfort Him. There are times in our lives and the lives of others when words are not necessary. Just a hug and comfort is all that can be given.

Oh, Lord. Tonight I felt such sick pain in Your heart. And it occurred to me: You have said about the timing of the Rapture, You are extending the time in tiny increments and then You explained to me that that means by minutes. That being the case, at every moment You must re-evaluate and make a decision. Every moment of every soul on the face of the Earth, and make a decision in that moment, whether to go forward to the eventual death of millions - or whether to wait. Oh, how painful that must be!

Jesus began, "It is still My Father who makes the choice, Clare. He is the one Who must re-evaluate moment by moment, as I stand in the gap. But My heart is heavy with sorrow.

What you have seen glimpses of, in Pam's dream, by the ocean in California is the devastation of My heart when it finally all comes down."

And for those of you who don't know about that vision, here I believe, He's talking about the beach scene, where His heart was so crushed by all the deaths and the Father is comforting Him, there by His side. Oh, how shall we EVER understand these things? The Trinity is so immense, and yet SO personal!

The Lord continued, "I brought up the timing of the Rapture again, because it bears repeating - so that My Bride can stand steady as she goes. While this fight for lives is going on. You were correct in your observation, that I am trying to get as many saved as possibly can, before the horrendous events. So they will come to Me, and forever be in My presence. Although these events with ISIS have driven people from their homes, the devils could not foresee the movement of My Spirit in these camps to bring them to Me. It is, as always: what was meant for evil, I have turned to good.

"I know and feel the anxiety all My Brides are experiencing right now. I especially know the increase in pressure from evil forces. It is as though we are all walking on pins and needles, through a sea of darkness - and I am sorry it is this way for the time being. But even that you may offer to Me as a fast offering, for the souls yet numbered that I am drawing in.

"When it finally happens, it will be a surprise to all. My word on this will not fail, or return to Me void. What you in the Earth are now all experiencing are the birth pains. You are in labor with Me for My children. Events will happen in rapid-fire succession. The Dome of the Rock, the invasion of Israel, exchange of nuclear bombs, the invasion of America.

"The final straw will be Miami, and the other locations - mixing all of these together, plus the renewed efforts of CERN. All of this together will put the Earth in the path of this comet, which was foreseen by John. But because of the prayers of the faithful ones, up until this hour, it will glance off this planet and keep going.

"This you may share with all that prayed: you have moved on My heart and indeed our Father has heard and responded with Mercy. It was going to be much, much worse. That is an important bit of news for those who have been expecting the worst.

"This is the heart of My message tonight: Mercy has been shown.

"I give you My peace and My strength now, and I bless you My Bride and My children. Know that your prayers stir the heart of My Father and will bring yet more mercies. Continue to pray for the world."