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September 30, 2014

Clare: You said you had three (dreams) in total that you recall - actually I think it's four. Share the next one with us.

Ezekiel: Well, the second one, you were simply walking up to a freight train in a freight yard.

Clare: It was not a passenger train?

Ezekiel: No, it was like a freight train, what I could see. - I just saw a boxcar. You got into this boxcar somehow. It was almost like I was a cameraman behind you; I could see what was going on from behind you. You walked into this boxcar - it was dusty, with some boxes and things. But there was a door at the end of it that looked like it opened up into a coach car. Which for some of us old enough to remember, it's a regular doorway into a passenger car. You walked through that.

At first there was just seating. As soon as you walked through the door, though - from outside you could see that there were seats - but when you walked through the door, instantly it just opened up into this whole Adventure Candy-Land place. I mean seriously, it sounds a little silly, but it was kinda like the little Christmas time Candy Land. Lemon drop trees and gumdrop this, and chocolate and ice cream. Just a fairy tale fantasy land. Some places were kind of whitish and pure and bright and fluffy and soft - but it wasn't cold. And other places were springtime looking - green and all the pretty colors.

Clare: So, it became more than just a boxcar.

Ezekiel: Oh, yes - that totally vanished. That was just a segueway - you just walked through this door and Boom! there you were. And YOU were like a little girl.

Clare: Yes that's what I was going to say - the Lord always...well, much of the time, when He approaches me I see myself as a little girl in our communications together. And with God the Father, I remember getting up on His lap. Very often when I have a vision of Him, He invites me to come and cuddle with Him.

Ezekiel: You know, I'd never met anyone who even considered anything like that until you and I met. I didn't have any reality of being a child before the Lord. I had a real hard time with God the Father my first 20-something years. It's only been the last few years that I've gotten in touch with the Lord as a Father, because I had such an abusive, scary, hard father situation.

Clare: Yeah, you're childhood. When you first shared this with me, I knew it was about the Rapture. It had the signature of the Holy Spirit; I could feel it. I was a little disappointed, because I thought, "Candy Land??"

Ezekiel: (laughing) I'm sorry...He picks what He picks!

Clare: I mean, yeah, I like candy...but not THAT much!!

Ezekiel: I just found out today that you love lemon drops. I didn't know that...

Clare: Yeah, yeah I do. But the Candy Land image...well, on one hand I felt good that the Lord was saying I would be raptured. But on the other hand, I was a little disappointed about the Candy Land thing. But when I thought about it for a while, I think, very possibly it was an allegory for all of the wonder that is there for a child in Heaven - all the wonderful, beautiful things. The fresh life and everything - it's like a Candy Land, it's like walking into a candy store at six years old and all these different candies. I could relate to that after a while.

Ezekiel: I think there's a lot of healing for a lot of people when they go on to be with the Lord. When my older brother passed on, I kept having these kind of dreams, visions of him for sure, as a little boy - kind of like the little Debbie Kay girl on the box - they looked like his pictures as a little boy. I could see where the Lord could have taken him back to a time where things went off the tracks and made it difficult, where he had to be super responsible, grow up quick. Taking him back to a time where he could be a child again. That would be a beautiful thing for me; I'd love to be a kid again.

Clare: Yeah. Well, I think for us who've had difficult childhoods, that we were bent in the wrong direction by those incidents. And I believe the Lord is going to heal all those things. Not only by His Grace, helping us to get over certain behaviors that we have that are a result of trying to protect ourselves, but just because, when we're in Heaven, I believe He's going to, from the bottom up remake us.

Ezekiel: Yeah, He knows what's in each heart and everybody's whole makeup and I guess you could say, well, we're changed in an instant, and just like the Lord and perfect. And that's probably true in the Rapture and the situation. But, I think He knows and tailor-makes everyone's little particular place. He's already said He's made a mansion for each of us. He knows what you're going to want or like or need, Your desires - every desire is met.