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October 1, 2014

Clare: You had a third dream after that.

Ezekiel: I had an old bus dream. That's the best way I can describe it.

Clare: Like a city bus?

Ezekiel: Kind of like a renovated school bus. In fact, we traveled in this missionary bus across the states when our kids were small. So there were places to sit, and bunks and tables, also seating. So, there was a small group of us on the bus, and most of the people, including myself were kind of sickly and poor. But we were happy enough, we were on the bus, didn't know really where we were going, didn't care. All of a sudden, we noticed the bus was leaving the ground!

Clare: Wow...(laughing)

Ezekiel: Yeah, we were like, "What's up with that?" so we looked off to the side, and it was like in a jet, just going on up. We could see the ground leaving us. And I knew it was kind of a blustery day, but when we got up in the air it was really cloudy and cold outside. We were even bundled up inside of the bus.

Clare: Gee, Lord I wonder if that's a clue it's going to be a winter-time Rapture?

Ezekiel: Yeah, who knows? It's exactly what it felt like - one of those sleet/icy kind of days. So, we were banking up to the left, then veering to the right a little bit. And we looked off to the left, which at this point the bus had kind of veered going east towards southeast. We could look out the left window and we'd be looking straight East - and we see this far of light coming downward. And man, it was like the further up we went, the darker and the stormier the clouds got. Peals of thunder and lightening.

Clare: Was this during the daytime, or night?

Ezekiel: Probably early evening - in the winter it gets dark earlier, so maybe 5:00 or dusk. It got real dark and stormy but we could see that far-off light coming in. And all of a sudden out from behind this lit-up area in the clouds... The best way I can describe it was a sweeping comet like with a tail - only it wasn't a comet, it was a HUGE battle line. There was this vast, sweeping army that circled around and was coming down beyond the light and kind of off to our left - towards the southwest. But they were heading down toward the Earth.

Clare: When you say army, were they on horses, or vehicles? Or what did it look like?

Ezekiel: This thing was massive, like the Old Testament type guys... in some ways they almost looked like the Nordic type. Long hair, long beards...

Clare: Warriors!

Ezekiel: Warriors - that's exactly what they were. They were all men in warrior battle gear.

Clare: Mounted on horses or on foot.

Ezekiel: Mounted on horses, and they had all these weapons - the iron balls with the spikey things, they'd swing them around, spears, swords. It was interesting because this eerie reddish, orangish-reddish light - kind of glow began to appear off in the stormy clouds, off from this beautiful light that was coming from the back. And all these men and horses had a reddish, fiery glow to them. The whole thing just struck fear into you.

But they actually went past us and down from us, so we're ascending, and they're descending - they passed us, they just went around and below us and went straight down to the Earth at an angle. And then we noticed a large angel outside one of the windows that we could see out of at this point, out the left side of the bus. Here's this light getting closer, and there's this HUGE angel - it looked like he was just walking on air. Of course, WE were in the air, but he comes walking right around the bus and comes walking up into the bus door, literally. And I remember, he was so big he had to duck down to get in the door, to get in the bus.

Clare: Did he have wings?

Ezekiel: No, no he just had a simple white tunic and belt on, muscular, real beautiful copper-colored skin, blondish golden hair. But when he walked into the school bus, walked up the stairwell, and up to where you'd come down the center row. And I noticed back in the stairwell there were all these packages. They were just plain, white, tissue, tied with kind of a tannish off-colored string, very plain.

Clare: They were like presents?

Ezekiel: I didn't know what they were, they were just these packages. I thought maybe they were pillows or something.

Clare: Okay, about the size of a pillow.

Ezekiel: Yeah, about the size of a pillow, some kind of a duffle or something. So, he walks straight back to the middle of the bus, then he turns around and goes back towards the front. And there was a little old lady sitting in the front, front seat. He went to her first, and he got down, squatted down and looked up into her face with these big, beautiful eyes.

Clare: Awwww

Ezekiel: Kinda held her face in his hands, reassured her. Then he said, "Come on! Let's go!" And he walked her back to the middle of the bus, and a doorway - like a lot of older busses would have a doorway in the top...

Clare: A hatch?

Ezekiel: A hatch, yes, you could climb through.

Clare: Going right straight to the roof.

Ezekiel: That's exactly right. And he lifted her up through the roof and there were two other angels up on top - you could barely see. They were helping her up - they were already on top of the bus.

And it was like, "Whoa! What is THIS?" Just before he lifted her up, he said, "Wait, just a second." And he took a couple steps back, reached down into the stairwell, got a package, brought it back and gave it to her. "Be sure and take this with you." She said, "okay". They lifted her up through the hatch, she had her package with her.

I didn't know what was going on past that. Somebody else came up, and then somebody else. And he'd go to each one, reassure them, kind of welcome them and tell them, "Come on! We're gonna go!" And these again, keep in mind, a small group - they were, all of us were at least in our 50's or older, kind of middle aged. Maybe some of them a little younger. All poor, simple, plain, very simple, very humble souls. He'd give each one of them this plain wrapper bundle package to go up through. I thought, 'I guess this is it - I guess we're going up to Heaven from here.'

Well, when it was my turn, first of all, I remember as I got closer, and it was getting to be my turn, I heard this voice, I heard the Lord's voice and I couldn't believe it. I got goose bumps. It was so soft and sounded like a young man in his 30's. Maybe in his early 30's. Just a soft, masculine, kind, gentle, beautiful voice. I couldn't even understand what He was saying exactly, but they were words of welcome to the people, some interchange going on.

So then it really IS my turn, and I'm thinking, 'Man this is IT! This is IT!!' I just kept thinking. 'This is IT!!' So the angel said, 'Are you ready? And I said, 'Yes!" - so he lifts me up under each arm and these two huge angels are up on top. They lift me up and you know, when you're kinda sickly, kinda achy and in pain, it's cold and everything...

Clare: Fibromyalgia...

Ezekiel: Yeah! And I wasn't in pain or anything at that point. They lift me up and out and in the background, off to the sides it all looked stormy. But as soon as I turn around...Man! Here's Jesus on a throne. I couldn't believe it - my knees buckled, my legs gave way and I almost fell back in the hatch! One of my legs slipped, and they're catching me, and I'm thinking, 'Oh no, I've messed up, and I've fallen, I'm gonna go back down and they're not going to let me go ...'

No, they picked me up and motioned to me (he'd given me one of the packages) they motioned to put my package to the right where there were these packages the other people brought. They set them down. It was almost like a simple, little Christmas-like setting. Because, here were these little plain packages off to the right, against a fir tree type of thing...there was some kind of setting there.

And here's this throne and although He was absolutely King Jesus - stunning!! He's sitting on this very beautiful but simple, approachable throne. It looked like a captain's chair that you'd go up and see your Dad or Grandfather rather, or great Uncle. And yet with all the wisdom of the ages and everything else you could see in His face, and His hair seemed as white as snow.

Coming out from that was this persona was that of this beautiful Jesus with His chestnut colored hair and His youthful face. And He was so kind and so gentle and so welcoming. The throne was right in front of this hearth, almost a cozy fireplace setting, which I didn't expect at all. Wow. It totally took my breath away, so much so that my whole being just poured out with all the strength that I had left, that I could muster. Which wasn't anything, I was so taken by this whole thing.

Jesus! God! Jesus, My God, My Lord is right in front of me!! I remember pouring out His name from deep inside of me...JESUS!! And I woke up.

Clare: Whoo! That was quite a dream!

Ezekiel: You mentioned one other dream that I had a couple weeks ago.

Clare: Yeah - that's right. It was very, very short but it really got your attention and it had the signature of the Holy Spirit. We both felt the anointing on it.

Ezekiel: Let me mention here that we base everything, every move we make on the Scriptures. And if the Lord doesn't give us a second and third witness from the Scriptures, we don't make a move. And I know that I went to the Lord prayerfully, asking Him to give some kind of rhema or rhemas, some confirming words from Scripture. I've had dreams that weren't from Him, and I've gotten things about lying, and all kinds of yucky junk.

And then these dreams, one by one by one, I've gotten beautiful Scriptures about joy and Heaven and fulfillment, just the love of the Lord. And I'd just know. Sometimes it would be smack-on Scriptures of Holy Spirit, so I just knew it was from Him. Plus that deep, deep inner witness, and that strong feeling and sense that you're so moved with that it just lasts for years. It never goes away.